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Why your LED flat panel lamp quality and great difference from other home?

With the LED light efficiency, packaging technology continues to improve, as well as the development of LED lamps cooling technology, LED light source in the field of lighting expanded rapidly, LED panel lamp industry boom.

LED panel light with a uniform light, low glare, easy installation and many other advantages, the market prospects for the development of good, leading the modern fashion interior lighting new trend. However, the quality of the LED panel light on the market is mixed at present. Some manufacturers ignore the quality of their products and blindly lower their prices for vicious competition, seriously affecting the healthy development of the industry.

As LED flat lamps have not yet promulgated national standards, in 2014 the China Electronics Industry Standardization Technology Association and China Poly Industry Common Standards Promotion Foundation jointly announced the common standard for the two sides of the Taiwan GT004-2012 “indoor general lighting LED flat lamps”, the LED panel light Made the safety and performance requirements, regulate the quality requirements of LED panel light, as a reference for the production of flat panel lamp manufacturers, but also makes the market management can have a law to follow. Reference to common standards across the Taiwan Strait, the following on how to control the quality of LED panel light to explore.

1, structural characteristics

Compared with other lamps and lanterns, the structure of LED panel light is unique. It mainly consists of light source, light guide plate, diffusion plate, reflective paper, driving power supply, etc. More than other lamps and lanterns, such as light guide plate, diffusion plate, Product structure.

(1) LED light source

LED panel light manufacturers in the use of LED light source are basically SMD series, such as 3528,3014 and so on. LED flat panel lamp manufacturers face the market is dynamic, manufacturers will be based on the actual needs of customers to choose to meet the design requirements of the light source. The choice of LED light source is extremely crucial to product performance improvement and is one of the important factors to improve the quality of LED panel light.

(2) Light guide plate

The function of the light guide plate is to convert the light emitted by the LED point light source into a surface light source through optical technology, and the side LED light is refracted through the halftone dot to make the light be uniformly led out from the front. At present, the main form of light guide plate printing, light guide plate will directly affect the quality of the product brightness and uniformity, requires a good light transmission.

Light guide plate LED panel light quality control of the key points, the network design is not good, the overall light efficiency is poor, the light is uneven, there will be bright on both sides of the middle of the dark, light at the Department of light with visible dark areas, different Angle inconsistencies and so on. Light guide plate to improve the light efficiency mainly by the network design, followed by the quality of the plate, should choose a high transmittance of qualified plate.

(3) diffuser

The main function of the diffuser is to guide the light from the light guide plate evenly, so that the light distribution is more even. When the light reaches the diffusion point, the reflected light will diffuse to all angles, and then emerge from the front of the light guide plate. The light guide plate is uniformly illuminated by various diffusion points of different density and density to improve the brightness of the light guide plate. Can also play a fuzzy network role.

Diffusers generally use acrylic 2.0 plate or PC material, almost the PS material. Acrylic costs are lower and light transmittance is slightly higher than PC, anti-aging performance is weak; PC is a little expensive, but anti-aging performance. Diffusers can not be seen after installed outlets, and transmittance of about 90%. Acrylic transmittance of 92%, PC is about 90%, PS is about 88%, manufacturers can choose according to the needs of diffusion plate material selection, the current majority of manufacturers are using acrylic material.

(4) reflective paper

Reflective paper is the role of the light guide plate under the total reflection of light, making full use of the light emitted by the LED, as far as possible the use of reflectivity close to 100% reflective paper, to maximize the use of light to improve the output brightness LED flat lamp, general RW250.

(5) rear cover

The main role is to seal the LED panel light, the general use of aluminum, but also play a cooling role.

(6) Drive power

There are currently two kinds of LED driver power supply, one is the use of constant current power supply, this mode is high efficiency, PF value up to 0.95, cost-effective; Second, the use of constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost, This power is mainly for export, the other has certification requirements. In fact, it is safe to use the constant current power supply in the home, because the user has hard access to the power supply, and the lamp itself uses a safe low voltage.

2, improve efficiency

Performance level is to evaluate the performance of LED panel light an important indicator. Luminousefficacy is the ratio of the luminous flux emitted by a light source to the electrical power it consumes, in lm / W. Luminaireefficacy Luminaireefficacy is the ratio of the initial total luminous flux emitted by a luminaire to the power consumed by the luminaire in lm / W.

“Light Efficacy” is used to evaluate the LED light source. “Light Efficacy” is used to evaluate the efficiency of LED lamps, LED light source and LED light fixture, which all represent the conversion of electric energy into light energy, which is an index to describe the energy-saving characteristics of lighting products. Is different. According to GT004-2012 “Indoor General Lighting LED Panel Light” standard, the measurement should be carried out in an airless convection environment with the relative humidity not exceeding 65% and the temperature of 25 ℃ ± 1 ℃, and the LED flat panel light should be in stable working condition .

LED light source light efficiency luminous flux refers to the bare light source (not yet loaded into the state of the lamp) issued by the luminous flux. Luminous efficiency of LED lamps in the molecular luminous flux is the light source into the lamp, while using the required LED control device or LED control device power, the luminous flux emitted by the lamp. LED light source power consumption is less than the LED lamp power consumption.

LED light source efficiency is far greater than the lamp performance. One is because the LED enters the lamp, the color temperature increases, the light output decreases; the second because the light into the lamp, the use of LED control device or power loss after the existence of the system; the third is the loss of light through the lamp optical system, the above Factors will result in reduced lighting efficiency. GT004-2012 “Indoor General Lighting LED Panel Light” standard specifies the performance level of different color temperature lamps (the following table).

led garage lights lowes

LED flat panel lamp test found that to improve performance must do the following two points: First, to choose high-efficiency, high brightness LED, both to improve performance, but also can reduce costs, more importantly, improve the quality of LED panel light. Second, the light emitted by the LED to make full use of, if only concerned about the brightness of the LED, but failed to improve the design of the optical path, effectively improve the utilization of light, LED lighting effect is not effective.

From the LED light source to the light guide plate, reflector, until the last LED flat panel display output of the entire process, the utilization of light from the brightness index will be reduced by about 30%, LED panel light from the light guide plate to the final utilization of less than 70%. To improve light utilization, you need to select good quality light guide plate, reflective paper and other materials, not only to meet the LED flat panel lamp design technical performance indicators, but also in the size of the specifications with each other. As the direct type of thicker module does not meet the trend of thin and beautiful, therefore, the current mostly to side light.

The function of the light guide plate is to guide the light scattering direction, which is used to improve the brightness of the panel and ensure the brightness uniformity of the panel. Now the application of the light guide plate thinner and thinner, the quality of its great impact on the quality LED flat lamp, light guide plate light transmittance and optical uniformity of the merits of side-lit LED flat lamp performance improvement is the key.

Light guide plate is the use of injection molding method of acrylic pressed into smooth surface plate, or the use of ready-made acrylic plate, the light transmittance of more than 90%; then with a high reflection and does not absorb the material, the light guide plate The bottom of the screen printed with the way the proliferation of points, reflective paper will overflow the bottom of the light total reflection back to the light guide plate, used to improve the efficiency of light and the front of the brightness. After laboratory tests, the results show LED professional LED flat panel lamp manufacturers in the 5500K color temperature can reach 110lm / W, but to achieve the level of efficacy of the manufacturers are not many.

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