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led flat panel lights why become the new darling of the industry

LED flat panel lighting will soon become the mainstream of the future lighting, analysis pointed out that “2020 LED indoor lighting products market share or 50%”, LED interior lighting applications more and more widely, the overall replacement rate gradually increased. LED interior lighting products prices in the gradual decline in market demand and sales are gradually increasing. LED flat lamp is a high-grade indoor lighting, in recent years a fiery, much consumers of all ages and praise.

Technological innovation and economic development, unknowingly change people’s lives. LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps using a unique SMD patch as a light source, coupled with light guide plate and (or) diffusion plate, LED flat-panel light design not only to provide lighting, and add artistic beauty. At present, the main use of LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss are office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, hotel lighting.

As the LED panel light manufacturers, the use of existing market channels and brand differentiation at different levels of market penetration, the level of classification also depends on the user’s price sensitivity, energy urgency. Lighting applications from the market segment, a long time office lighting, commercial lighting demand is always the first outbreak, the rapid penetration of local lighting applications, and ultimately gradually to the family lighting. Residential lighting is the world’s largest application of the market, LED flat panel lighting, rapid entry into the residential lighting market, replacing the traditional lighting.

LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps market share in the year-on-year growth. According to statistics, the global LED industrial and commercial lighting market is expected to 30.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 12.92 billion US dollars in 2012 to 2019 860.8 billion US dollars.

At the same time, flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss also face many challenges. Previously, because the price war smoke everywhere, chaos clusters. Many LED panel light companies began to cut corners, shoddy, fake goods and fake flooding, product quality is uneven. Into this year, many companies on the LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss in the position of the indoor lighting cautiously optimistic attitude, not as in the price on the deal, but will focus on the development of high-end market, trying to do product quality.

Enterprises want to enter the flat lamp market, adhere to technological innovation to improve product market competitiveness is the key. From the dependency position to the new darling of the industry, LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps counterattack road is not simple! Current evaluation, Aladdin evaluation room from the photoelectric properties, light guide plate performance, uniformity and other aspects of light panel panel lights reveal the strength.

In this review, the parameters and performance of the samples were tested by Water Testing Technology Services (Foshan).

First, product information

This product is divided into different power with the color temperature range, color temperature can be selected between 3000-6500K, this sample is selected partial neutral 4000K samples.

Product packaging box shows that the implementation of the national electrical safety standards GB7000.1 and GB7000.202, namely:

GB7000.1 lamps – Part 1: General requirements and tests;

Lamps – Part 2-2: Particular requirements for embedded luminaires.

Therefore, the product is embedded in the installation of LED lamps, according to the standard of the product appearance and nameplate, installation instructions for some simple analysis and evaluation.

1, appearance and nameplate

1) packaging intact, open the outer box, you can see a transparent plastic bag wrapped products, four sides have white pearl cotton as a protection. The box with external power supply flat lamp 1, installation accessories 1 package, manual 1 copies.

2) The product dimensions conform to declared value. Light weight thin, smooth and bright appearance, no sharp corners, the product frame with no gaps.

Using a seamless aluminum frame design, modeling is more elegant and beautiful.

3) Nameplate: The number letter height is greater than 2mm, can not be covered by insulation liner or similar material. The height of the mark is greater than 25mm, other mark height is greater than 5mm, accord with the standard. The markup content meets the standard requirements.

2, installation instructions

In general, the instructions have detailed installation and wiring diagram, there are also relevant standards to comply with the warning statement.

In addition, this product is available in both ceiling mounted and ceiling mounted versions (supplied separately). From the standard definition, these two installation methods belong to another standard GB7000.201 lamps Part 2-1: special requirements of the fixed range of general-purpose lamps.

Second, the basic parameters of optical testing

1, the basic parameters

The above data is provided by Water Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Foshan).

From the measured parameters, the product power is slightly lower than the rated power, but does not exceed the standard provisions of ± 10% range. It is worth mentioning that, in the case of slightly lower measured power, the sample light efficiency is still exceeded the rated power of the nominal 95lm w, to 101.43lm w, lamp efficiency 100%, indicating that the measured light efficiency than the nominal Higher luminous efficiency, to meet the nominal lumen of the case, more energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly.

Lighting light effect, that is known as the brightness, a greater impact on the visual. The lower the efficiency of the lamp, the darker the environment is, the more likely to feel fatigue, in the need for a long time lighting of the premises, such as office lighting efficiency is conducive to alleviating people’s fatigue.

2, with light curve

The above data is provided by Water Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Foshan).

A complete lighting fixture must meet the application requirements of the lighting optics, so the optical design of the light source becomes particularly important, light distribution curve is the light in all directions of light intensity distribution.

As can be seen from the above figure, the luminous intensity of the lamps is axisymmetric light distribution, the C0 180 plane is 113.0 degrees, the C90 270 plane is 112.9 degrees and the average beam angle is 112.9 degrees. From the light distribution curve view, Light is installed in the C90 270 longitudinal direction of the edge of the lamp; C90 270 surface curve is more smooth, indicating that the light guide plate The illuminance distribution of 10m to 50m and the distance of 34m (C0 plane) under the lamp is investigated.

3, the average effective illumination map

The above data is provided by Water Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Foshan).

Effective average illumination map, the response is the luminous flux emitted in the corresponding angle, you can also see the corresponding position within the scope of the illumination value, lighting designers can calculate the lamp installation angle reasonable distribution, in order to obtain the required illumination. General office work surface requirements of illumination is 300lx, office desktop height is generally 70cm, can be drawn from the flat lamp installation height of 2 meters to 3 meters to obtain more reasonable and reasonable illumination.

Third, the color parameters

Note: electrical parameters: V = 230.0V, I = 0.1390A, P = 30.98W, PF = 0.9691

The above data is provided by Water Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Foshan).

Evaluation of the quality of lighting is mainly based on comfort, color parameters are important parameters affect the lighting comfort. Color rendering index reflects the light emitted by the lamp on the actual lighting of the true color of the object to restore the degree, the greater the value of color rendering index, the greater the degree of real color. The following table shows the different color values:

OSRAM LEDVANCE flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps depth evaluation: and Op three male and other brands than the advantages of where?

Sample measured color temperature of 3901K, warm white, commonly known as neutral light, people in this color contrast without obvious visual psychological effects, it is easy to produce comfort and pleasure;

The color-rendering index of the sample is 82.8, which can be used in places where the color needs to be judged correctly.

Special display R9 is 8, said the red display capability, high reduction. In particular, as the main force of this section to the ultra-lighting panel lights, R9 value is also an advantage. The study found that only Ra and R9 at the same time have a higher value can guarantee the high color LED.

In addition, the color rendering index to a certain extent, limit the level of light efficiency, in general, the higher the color rendering index, light efficiency will be relatively low. This combination of light efficiency and color rendering index of the performance of enterprises in the production process in order to make the cost of this panel light is optimized, a moderate balance of color and light efficiency of performance, in ensuring the basic comfort of the premise Under the enhanced energy saving effect, is ideal for office and business environment.

Fourth, stroboscopic test

OSRAM LEDVANCE flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps depth evaluation: and Op three male and other brands than the advantages of where?

The above data is provided by Water Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Foshan).

Measurement Results (Intercept Waveform)

OSRAM LEDVANCE flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps depth evaluation: and Op three male and other brands than the advantages of where?

Stroboscopic lighting is actually a stimulus to the eye perception, the human eye on the light source strobe perception is mainly dependent on the brightness of light source amplitude and frequency.

According to the survey, the stroboscopic light source has attracted wide attention in the field of lighting. In recent years, the relevant organizations of IEEE have issued recommendations to evaluate the stroboscopic hazards. Meanwhile, ENERGYSTAR and CaliforniaTitle are calling for Product performance parameters reported in the strobe characteristics, and indicate the criteria used. In addition, in the lighting manufacturing, many businesses have the strobe light design as a priority.

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Can be seen from the measured data, this section of the flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps flicker index of 0.31%, flashing ratio of 1.14%, the index is much lower than 10%, flashing light or cause visible stroboscopic effect rarely.

5, light guide plate test

OSRAM LEDVANCE flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps depth evaluation: and Op three male and other brands than the advantages of where?

The above data is provided by Water Testing Technology Service Co., Ltd. (Foshan).

Light guide plate is the heart of flat lamp, this sample is known as precision control up to 0.3mm. During the test, by comparing the optical parameters before and after disassembling, the luminous flux and luminous efficiency of the sample are obviously decreased after disassembling and reassembling, which also highlights the superb splicing and installation of this light guide plate Process.

Dust-free assembly is a highlight of this product. Some of the relatively poor assembly process manufacturers in the production of panels and other processes, there may be dust into the interior lighting; and in some applications, or a longer period of time after the lamps, there will be dust into the interior lamps, thus affecting the lamps Normal light.

OSRAM LEDVANCE flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps depth evaluation: and Op three male and other brands than the advantages of where?

In the process of demolition of light guide plate, we also manually to the interior of the lamp by a number of dust, from the figure can be seen, sprinkle the dust re-installed light guide panel lights, has a very obvious spot. This also shows that clean assembly for panel light quality, has a very important role. Accurate and sealed assembly process, to ensure that the panel light-emitting light quality.


From the test results, this panel light in the structural design has many bright spots, ultra-thin, personalized, integrated design, precise assembly process, to meet practical needs and large limits to play the premise of light energy efficiency, quite Light, less glare, energy and other advantages can be gradually developed into a single product lead, which also indicates that the future will be in the general office lighting and commercial lighting market in a place in the world.

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