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Why attract the attention of LED lighting business?

Analysis on the Present Situation and Prospect of Domestic Subway Lighting

Since the world’s first subway in 1863 in London, London was opened to sign the birth of urban rail transit mode. In different countries, different stages of development, where the economically developed countries and cities have a subway, the subway has become a national comprehensive national strength, urban economic strength, people’s living standards and an important symbol of modernization. At present, the global energy crisis is increasing day by day, and the problem of environmental pollution is becoming more and more serious. Energy saving and consumption are very important for subway transportation, and LED is the best choice for energy saving and saving of subway lighting. Therefore, the subway lighting this attractive market cake to attract a lot of lighting manufacturers eye. Whether it is Philips, three male Aurora and other veteran lights, or Shanghai think twice, Sony Light, Hongyan and other LED companies are competing to seize the subway lighting market.

Recently, the Shanghai think twice traffic LED business through months of careful preparation and hard negotiations, from a number of competitors in the breakout, successful bid for Hangzhou, Guiyang Metro LED lighting two heavyweight projects. Up to now, Shanghai Sisu subway LED lighting covers Shenzhen, Dongguan, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guiyang, Nanjing, Ningbo, Wuxi, Chengdu, Xi’an, Zhengzhou and other second-tier cities and more than 20 lines, occupy the subway LED Lighting 50% of the market share, become the largest subway LED lighting market share, the most complete product champion.

In addition, in Hangzhou Metro Line 4, the southern part of the project cargo LED lighting (including light) procurement project bid results recently announced, Hangzhou Hongyan Electric Co., Ltd. successfully won the successful products, including flat lights, downlights, three lights, And other LED lighting products, the winning amount of 12.45 million yuan. It is understood that Hongyan products used in the rail transit is not a case, Hainan East Railway, Suzhou high-speed railway station, Hefei subway station, Xiamen Metro Zhoushan terminal, Harbin subway station, Qingdao subway station and other projects can be seen Hongyan products figure.

Why attract the attention of LED lighting business? Analysis on the Present Situation and Prospect of Domestic Subway Lighting

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Current status of domestic subway lighting

First, the current market is huge. In recent years, China’s urban rail transit has developed by leaps and bounds, line length, locomotive quantity, passenger volume and other indicators have increased significantly, China has become the world’s largest urban rail transit construction market, stable economic development and strong government support, making China’s track Traffic construction scale gradually expanded. Can predict that the next five years, China’s rail transit industry will usher in the construction of the peak, “second Five-Year Plan” during the national urban rail transit construction mileage will be more than 3,000 km, the total investment will be more than 1.5 trillion yuan, subway lighting The market is huge.

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Second, supplemented by policy incentives. In 2011, the relevant state departments issued a “subway lighting with LED lighting technology specifications,” detailed details of the subway LED lighting procurement specifications for the subway LED lighting opened the road to standardization. And taking into account the diversity of subway lighting needs, LED is undoubtedly the best choice for subway lighting, both in terms of energy saving, stability or durability have the incomparable advantages of traditional lamps, in addition, LED seismic strength is also strong to protect the subway The choice of operating environment.

The prospect of subway lighting is optimistic

Since the reform and opening up, with the continuous development of the national economy, China’s urbanization process has been accelerating. Urban traffic pressure is growing, the subway this power, do not take the ground on the road traffic facilities have become the best choice to solve the urban traffic, subway LED lighting market has been fully open up.

Guangzhou, as an example, Guangzhou Metro Line 2 ternary, the railway station, Yuexiu Park, Memorial Hall, Park before, Haizhu Square, City Nangong, Jiangnan West, Zhongda, Lujiang, off the village, grinding sand, Newport East, Pazhou a total of 14 stations in the public area lighting systems and other fields, has been the use of energy-saving LED lamps, the number of modified lamps is very impressive.

With the development of rail transit semiconductor lighting technology and the improvement of urbanization level, LED in the field of rail transportation applications continue to widen, from LED lighting to LED lights, LED display applications such as expansion. City operators are not only concerned about the safety factor of the rail traffic LED products, the basic functionality of the product comfort, scene, design and decorative needs will continue to improve.

The next few years, with the accelerated process of urbanization, LED penetration rate, the focus of urban subway, tram and other LED lighting renovation project will usher in a climax, LED products will be applied to the second and third tier cities in depth. And the wisdom of urban construction to promote the upgrading of rail transit communications, rail traffic LED products continue to intelligent control development, LED communication technology in the field of rail transportation applications is expected, in addition, “subway lighting with LED lighting technology specifications” , But also details of the subway LED lighting procurement standards for the subway LED lighting to open the standardization of the road, LED lighting applications in the subway will be more extensive.

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