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united arab emirates led lighting market was strong growth trend ceiling light tongdeng panel lights demand

As the economic leader in the Middle East, the UAE has trade relations with 179 countries and regions, enjoying the reputation of “economic engine” in the Gulf region. Foreign trade occupies an important position in the economy. In recent years, China’s exports to the UAE’s merchandise growth momentum. According to statistics, China’s accession to the WTO for more than a decade, exports to Afghanistan increased by nearly seven times, much faster than China’s growth in exports to other countries in the Middle East.

After several years of real estate bubble crisis, the UAE’s construction industry has entered a stage of full recovery. In a large number of projects launched on the occasion, the lighting market is full of spring. At the same time, the United Arab Emirates began to pay attention to environmental protection products because of the increasing population and the rapid development of urbanization, in order to control carbon dioxide emissions and save energy.

LED market analysis

According to GSC Research monitoring data, in 2012, the UAE LED light market size of about 46 million US dollars to 54 million US dollars, equivalent to sales of 100 million units -120 million units in 2013, the United Arab Emirates LED lighting share of about 60 million US dollars to 68 million US dollars in 2014, the UAE LED lighting market size compared to the previous year increased by 23%, LED lighting market share of about 78 million US dollars to 82 million US dollars. Some companies such as Philips, General Lighting Co., GE Lighting and Osram maintain their respective leading positions, with more than 60% market share in 2014.

The first quarter of 2015, China’s exports to the UAE’s LED lighting total of about 70.916 million US dollars, accounting for China’s total exports in the first quarter of 1.9%, the United Arab Emirates main products accounted for the top three are ceiling lights, LED downlights, LED panels Lamp, accounting for 23.8%, respectively, 19.7%, 17.6%.

UAE LED market is showing a strong growth, is expected to 2019 market size of about 224 million US dollars, 2014-2019 year compound annual growth rate will reach 20%. Philips continues to dominate the UAE LED lighting market, followed by General Lighting Co., GE Lighting and Osram.

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LED products related policies

For the UAE’s LED market demand, the Government which have positive measures to promote?

1. The Government of the United Arab Emirates declares energy conservation regulations for lighting products to prohibit the sale of inefficient bulbs and to ensure the promotion and use of energy-efficient, safe and high-quality light bulbs. This rule is effective July 1, 2014.

2, the United Arab Emirates Standardization and Meteorology Agency (ESMA): ① ESMA lighting products have been identified in the United Arab Emirates certification and registration requirements. The relevant parameters of lighting products have been identified, including electrical safety, energy efficiency, functional and safe disposal. ③ All lighting product packaging will display the energy logo to show the details of the energy efficiency rating. ④ Illumination products that do not comply with the regulations do not allow entry into the UAE market.

3, the new law provides since July 1, 2014 began to phase out inefficient lighting, and standardize the implementation of the recovery and disposal methods. The UAE led the entire Middle East lighting standards and regulations to implement. In accordance with the United Arab Emirates Standardization and Metrology Authority (ESMA) directive, December 31, 2014 officially ban the sale of standard incandescent bulbs in the UAE.

Market potential is great

UAE’s LED lighting solutions sales are expected to increase significantly due to restrictions on the use of the UAE’s new regulations for the import and sale of incandescent lamps in residential areas. The implementation of the new regulations is expected to save energy bills nearly $ 200 million a year, reducing carbon emissions equivalent to 165,000 vehicles on the road each year. At the same time can also be seen, the UAE’s LED market potential is still great. Dubai, the United Arab Emirates in 2020 will host the World Expo, for the LED industry to bring sustained growth in the size of the huge demand. With the implementation of the “one country, one road” strategy, the relationship between China and the United Arab Emirates will become more and more close, and more and more cooperation on infrastructure will also be reached.

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