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ultra thin flat panel lamp favored by the european market

Fujian-based LED maker Fujian Wanban Electronic announced in the first quarter of 2015 earnings in 5 13. The company’s first quarter revenue of 3.502 billion yuan (NT, the same, equivalent to about 708 million yuan), quarter by 5%, annual increase of about 8.6%, cost reduction, gross margin increased to 15.29% Nearly 2.8 percentage points, operating profit of 187 million yuan (equivalent to about 37.8114 million yuan), an increase of 2.5 times, after-tax net profit of 163 million yuan (equivalent to about 32.95 million yuan), annual increase of 5 times earnings per share of about 0.26 yuan , Compared with the same period last year (0.05 yuan) significantly improved.

lithonia flat panel led

Looking forward to the second quarter, the second quarter is expected to continue the moderate growth trend. In backlighting applications, the company successfully introduced Flip Chip CSP, which has been successfully mass-produced in the first quarter. The second quarter is expected to boost the growth of large-size TV applications.

Lighting applications, Lunda LED lamp in addition to continuing shipments, ultra-thin flat-panel lamps are also popular with European brand customers. At the same time, the company actively explore the US market this year, a series of UL certification of the light bulb products will be available to the North American brand customers.

In addition, Ronda’s lighting components this year, a substantial increase in SMD and COB package luminous efficiency of products, help customers to achieve the same number of LED lights the same brightness, reduce lamp costs. As for the AC direct drive light engine module (AC Direct Drive DOB) is the use of Lunda electronic high pressure seal (HV LED), this year’s lighting components is one of the highlights products.

Recalling the first quarter of this year, Lunda Zhang Bo, deputy general manager of electronic finance, said that despite the traditional off-season and the number of days to reduce the number of restrictions, but the LED industry slowly back to warm, making the first quarter revenue compared with the previous quarter and the same period last year Growth, the main growth momentum from the LED lighting products, due to the end of the international customer stock to ideal, order back, so the lighting components and finished products are signs of temperature.

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