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The United States and the United States to promote new products to lead the new trend of quality

Gold nine silver ten, the season to start, “the new standard of quality and create a future – the United States lighting tour dealers conference and new products will be” one after another more than 30 cities across the country. The tour will be held in July following the start of the new headquarters in Shunde, the United States in front of the national lighting dealers in a collective debut, but also shows the beauty of the lighting market and the determination of the national market attaches great importance.

To meet the ever-changing market demand, lighting companies with market research, channel combing, product research and development of various views, launched nearly 200 covers home, business, electrical, light a series of new products. The new listing in the rich and optimize the existing product structure at the same time, in the product material, etc. also have a new attempt to improve the terminal competitiveness.

Electrician new products to change the conventional plastic frame, in the material, style, product positioning to re-planning: the material to increase the different types of metal wire drawing panel, product positioning added in the high-end series, compared with the previous electrical products have a qualitative breakthrough. Home new products to low-pressure flat-panel lights as the leading, together with the Iron, wood, supporting series of listed, decorated fashion, to meet the overall needs of the home. Commercial products to a full range of LED products touch the industry before the market, covering downlights, spotlights, panel lights, mining lamps, commercial light source products. These new products with high cost, exquisite appearance, high quality materials and other advantages, deeply attracted the national dealer.

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Business according to LED products

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Home low-pressure flat light series

The tour promotion, cooperation and win-win situation as the starting point to create the beauty of the lighting channel value chain. Through the new listing of the series of promotion and preferential policies, cost-effective product support, quality marketing team support, great efforts to market resources for the United States and the lighting partners to provide a strong guarantee. Li Deyi, general manager of domestic marketing company to participate in part of the regional meeting to share the future of the United States in the lighting support, brand investment, product development on the operational development strategy, while the lighting industry and lighting products, the competitiveness of the full analysis, The beauty of the lighting confidence doubled.

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Hebei meeting outstanding dealer awarded ceremony

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Sichuan conference dealers visit the product exhibition

Following the success of the new products in July, the dealer was enthusiastic response, 2013 is the United States and the lighting is a new beginning, after the integration of resources, the United States and strive to focus on product quality lighting to higher prices for better quality products, Leaving the blank market, leaving no sales blind spots, and constantly improve the channel system.

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