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teach you how to find a breakthrough in the led product line integration

From the industrial point of view, the new material innovation will inevitably bring about subversive change. At present, led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp in product development on the continuous innovation.

Yao Tao Huaiju, chairman of Zhuhai Taowei Flat Panel Lighting Co., Ltd. admitted to reporters: “LED flat-panel lamps from the beginning in 2010 to gradually expand sales in the country.Early flat-panel lamps and now, compared to the weight of a single appearance, ex-factory price generally 300 yuan After more than a few years of development and improvement, now flat light weight lighter, thinner, lower cost, 100 yuan flat lamp has been popularized.The latest flat lamp technology, light efficiency, color Index and industrial design have a breakthrough, and the future LED flat-panel lights will also continue to break in these directions.

To this end, Xiaobian special interview with led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp market, technical experts, analysis of its technology, forecasting technology trends.

1, material: quality and price of the game

At present, the most important led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp components are the core light source, lighting films, heat sinks and drivers. The quality of any of these components, but customs may affect the lamp life, and choose a better material means higher production costs, a penny goods truth in the field of LED flat-panel lamp reflected incisively and vividly.

Through the expert’s detailed introduction, we understand that, in the flat light source, a small lamp beads are also great articles, materials and processes, the effect is very different. To the more popular SMD3014 and SMD4014 lamp beads, for example, even if the same model, different materials, the quality will vary widely. For example, wire with a high melting point of long gold wire or lower melting point easier to break the copper wire, phosphor with high significant formula or low significant formula, stent with higher thermal conductivity of copper or lower iron and so on.

The light guide plate as a test surface light-emitting LED flat-panel lamp an important component of its material and processing technology directly affect the light effect. From the composite acrylic, ordinary acrylic to import acrylic, different light transmittance, light guide effect varies, the current recognized good material is imported acrylic board. While the processing technology on the light uniformity and the brightness of the lamp also has some influence. It is understood that the current commonly used processing technology are laser dot and screen printing two, compared to screen printing, high precision laser dot production of light guide plate in the use of better results.

LED lights have the heart of the drive power, it is directly related to the lamp life. Currently on the market, LED drive power has the following three categories:

1. RC capacity power supply: the program is simple, fewer devices, low cost, not constant current. The main application of 3W and below LED lamp configuration, and there is the risk of breakdown caused by leakage of light board, it requires the lamp body structure of the shell must be insulated;

2. Non-isolated power supply: the cost is moderate, IC constant current, but there is also the risk of breakdown caused by leakage of light board, and therefore also require the lamp body structure shell must be insulated;

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3. Constant current isolation power supply: high cost, IC constant current, good security.

As the current market for LED plate lights to ensure the cooling effect, usually non-insulating material as a lamp body, so from the safety and performance considerations, constant current isolation power supply more in line with requirements.

Lamp body heat sink material, but also related to the life of led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp. High-quality LED flat-panel light, aluminum alloy body is generally anti-oxidation material, in any humid environment can be used to prevent rust leakage and so on. The poor quality of some of the LED flat-panel lamps, is used in iron body, very easy to rust, in the wet environment may also be the risk of leakage.

2, process: matching design is the key

Choose high-quality materials and accessories for the product is important, but in the assembly process, the appropriate is the best. Through the professional matching design, the overall effect of optimization, in order to achieve the effect of 1 +1> 2.

According to reports, match the design of the lamp beads and power supply is a reasonable match, if not properly configured, easy to burn the light source or the light strobe. Second, structural matching design must ensure that the accessories can be the most effective protection and the light effect to achieve the best.

3, quality control: repeated testing, experiment

From R & D to production, a LED flat-panel light products need to undergo a rigorous performance testing to ensure that the safety, performance, both qualified to mass production. So the early photoelectric parameter test, temperature test, life test and a variety of stability experiments is particularly important. Only after the standards have reached the standard to enter the pilot phase, and repeated after the pilot test the test to ensure stability. For even the basic test equipment are not the production enterprises, the quality and reliability can be imagined.

to sum up

Simple appearance of the LED flat-panel lights in the technical process is not simple, consumers can not see through the water inside the depth of it is normal. But with the growing popularity of LED lighting products, consumers of high-quality lighting will make good products come to the fore, shoddy factories will gradually be naturally eliminated. Another LED lighting products mature technology will also lead to industry standards and regulatory more perfect.

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