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structure analysis and design considerations of led panel light

With the development of LED lamps and lanterns, as the LED flat-panel lamp derived from LED backlight, the light is uniform, glare-free, exquisite structure, has been a lot of people’s favorite, the author of 2 years of flat lamp design and development, Flat light structure design and precautions, we hope to help.

Surface light source structure mainly has the following materials:

1. Aluminum frame

The appearance of the structure, and LED cooling main structure – the general use AL6063, aluminum extrusion, low initial investment costs, surface treatment beautiful, good heat dissipation, a few days ago to see the exhibition also found that manufacturers have begun to do die casting framework, Can do a little higher, and seal light better, the overall appearance, but the higher cost of pre-investment mold.

2. Diffuser plate

The light guide plate light evenly shed, and play the role of blocking the network – diffusion plate generally use acrylic 2.0 sheet or PC material, the lower the cost of acrylic and light transmittance slightly higher than the PC, acrylic brittle anti-aging Performance is weak, the price of PC is slightly expensive, but strong anti-aging properties. Diffusion board can not be seen after the installation of outlets, and the transmittance to 90%. Acrylic light transmittance of 92%, PC 88%. We can according to the needs of the diffusion plate material selection, the general will use the acrylic material.

3. Light guide plate

The side of the LED light through the network point of refraction to change the angle of light shed – light guide plate is the heart of flat lamp, network design is very important, network design is not good, see the overall light efficiency is poor, generally appear 1. Middle light, Both sides of the dark 2. into the light side with bright side, the middle of the dark 3. standing on different angles, the overall brightness is inconsistent 4. local dark area obvious. The light effect of the light guide plate is very large in the design of the network, followed by the choice of sheet, but the blind pursuit of the brand sheet is wrong, because many brands such as Mitsubishi, most of its good sheet are People order well, a lot of market out of more than some of the Mitsubishi sheet scrap, the low light transmission is not as good as their own production of high-plate, so the choice of sheet metal plate manufacturers do not necessarily depend on, as long as the test light transmission efficiency OK, In fact, on it.

4. Reflective paper

The light guide plate to reflect the back side of the light – usually RW250.

5. Rear cover

lithonia led troffer

Sealed lamp body – AL AL ​​in general, the overall texture is strong, and can play a little heat effect.

6. LED light source

General use of 3528 and some people use 5630 and 5050,5630 and 5050 luminous efficiency is not high and network design difficulties, versatility is poor, but low cost. 3528 optical efficiency High-point versatility, generally just started to do directly to buy a home light guide plate, do not need to re-proofing design.

7. Drive power

Lamp drive – there are two kinds of power supply mode 1. Directly use the cross-flow power (this mode high efficiency, PF value of 0.95, cost-effective) 2. Constant pressure with cross-flow mode (stable performance, but low efficiency, high cost) This model is designed for customers who require certification, because the lamps are 24V input low-voltage lamps, do not need to do safety regulations, the direct use of a power supply can be shipped to various countries.

In the design and production process should pay attention to the problem

1. Thermal plastic to be as thin as possible, it is best to use self-adhesive thermal plastic, or will affect the thermal conductivity.

2. Diffuser selection, and now the market will do a lot of flat-panel lamps will generally choose smooth surface with matte diffuser, the diffusion plate has a drawback, static, easy to produce in the production process ash highlights, and Long-term use of dust through a variety of ways into the lamp body, will result in intensive lighting highlights. In the early use of double-sided diffusion of diffusion plate, the diffuser plate light guide effect is good, static is small, to avoid the dust into the body of the bright spot effect, but this diffuser plate low transmittance of only 85-88% , Whether to choose it depends on the meaning of our own design.

3.LED lamp selection, try to use high efficiency lamps, because the side-emitting flat-panel lamps in the cooling and luminous flux output has limitations, power will have a large cooling effect, and low luminous efficiency.

4. into the smooth surface in the sticky reflective paper as far as possible not to glue, glue will absorb light, and prone to bright side into the bright side, but a large area of ​​light guide plate will need to stick a little, otherwise there will be shadow, because the reflective paper did not Tight, loose in the lamp body warpage will appear this situation.

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