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straight down led flat panel light elegant debut

With the continuous integration of Chinese and Western culture, the style of the office environment is also slowly moving toward the internationalization and trend. How to design a public are satisfied with the office environment has become a major problem. This is not only a test of the professional standards of designers, the demand for office lighting products are more stringent.

Office space design standards are increasingly high, for the impact of space every aspect of the designer is the focus of consideration, and as a common office lighting LED flat panel lights, in addition to function to meet, but also both beautiful, and Office space as a whole harmony.

Op commercial lighting design team is to see this, launched an elegant office environment lighting products – LaVision III straight down LED flat panel light.

lowes fluorescent ceiling light panels

Both power versions provide a better lighting ambience

Direct-type LED flat-panel light, with 82 that light beads, not only provide better color reproduction, also provides two power versions. Low-power version of the lamp performance to 80lm W, high-power version of the lamp performance increased to 88-92lm W, L70 life expectancy increased to 30,000 hours. Will meet the diverse needs of different groups of lighting.

Strength and then upgrade, installation more convenient

Interior lighting design must take into account the overall design of the aesthetics and safety of users, direct type LED flat lamp “back frame using high-quality cold-rolled steel DC01, 0.3mm, strength enhancement, so that the back of the lamp body more flat and reduce the deformation rate. And the lamp body light board adopts the card structure, the installation is more convenient, the border stitching is more compact.

Installation, a variety of options

To meet the lighting needs of different office space, straight down LED flat lamp “has three sizes, four installation methods, respectively, T-keel installation, integrated ceiling installation, gypsum board embedded installation and hanging line installation.

Commercial lighting direct type LED flat lamp, with its efficient, long-term, convenient, security and other characteristics, to create a better office environment for commercial use of light to provide more professional services.

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