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Price “is no longer a problem

Reporters visited several major lighting city in Shenzhen City found that in many LED lighting stores, LED bulb, spotlights, lamp dominate the location. The LED flat lights, although in some stores also have, but are sporadic, and did not account for the mainstream, and some stores do not even sell LED flat lights.

Reporters survey found that the price difference on the market LED plate lights are very large, there are seven or eighty yuan, there are thousands of dollars, but the average price is generally concentrated in 300 yuan. The LED bulb, lamp prices are relatively much lower.

And the price difference to a certain extent also reflects the uneven quality of the product. According to the survey, the price of LED panel lights is declining, like a 36W flat lamp, before the price is more than three hundred, slowly down to now more than two hundred, each year can maintain a 15% decline. And 36-watt panel lighting efficiency is twice that of energy-saving lamps, three times the fluorescent lamp, ten times the incandescent, energy-saving effect is very obvious.

LED flat lights in the technology there are some flaws. However, from the individual manufacturers to provide the flat light with light curve, LED flat light as the main lighting is not ideal, if in order to ensure uniform illumination of the area, it is necessary to increase the number of lamps to improve its lighting power density.

Personalization needs to add features

The future direction of the development of flat light lamp panels tend to be ultra-thin in the design, even worse when the need to do when the light source is not the time is the ceiling is the curtain wall is wallpaper.

With the improvement of living standards, people are increasingly demanding for indoor lighting, lighting lamps need not only need to function, but also need fashion personality, can reflect the owner’s own unique taste. This development situation, the product design is a lot of designers to consider an important factor.

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LED flat lamp is an important feature is to have a thin thickness, which provides designers with the space to play. Although the LED flat light started relatively late, the current use in the market is not particularly large, but it itself has the advantages of light and less glare, so the future space should be great. And now in the field of designers, lighting for the personalized design requirements are getting higher and higher. In foreign countries, indirect lighting is no longer a problem. Indirect lighting needs to hide the lamp beads, through the intelligent control of the luminous color and brightness, gives the feeling more comfortable.

LED flat lamp advantage is obvious, a large part of the indirect lighting is also used, with the rise of indirect lighting in the country, LED flat light will have more room for development.

Policy trends to promote the market

In recent years, from the central to the local, due to high conversion rate of electro-optical, in line with energy-saving emission reduction requirements, LED lighting more and more favored by the government, so in recent years for LED support policies continue to introduce, enhance the LED product penetration, Effectively promote the LED industry chain mature, and accelerate the promotion of LED product applications.

At present, driven by the national policy, with the LED lighting products prices continue to decline, and then out of the cost of lighting consumption considerations, more and more businesses began to take the initiative to replace and use LED lighting products. Insiders told reporters that this year the domestic LED fluorescent tube shipments growth rate is expected to exceed 100%, and from the next 5 years, LED lamp sales growth rate will remain at 33% or more, the market sales scale growth rate Will remain at 20% or more, to 2017, LED lamp market sales will reach 44.5 billion yuan.

Some domestic leading enterprises, the use of existing market channels and brand advantage full LED flat lamp This lighting products market penetration is hierarchical, hierarchical grading depends mainly on the user’s price sensitivity, energy urgency and so on. In general, from the lighting application market segments, long office lighting, commercial lighting demand is always the first outbreak, the rapid application of local lighting applications, and ultimately gradually to the family lighting.

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