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Policy trends to promote the market

LED flat lamp is an important feature is to have a thin thickness, which provides designers with the space to play. Although the LED flat light started relatively late, the current use in the market is not particularly large, but it itself has the advantages of light and less glare, so the future space should be great. And now in the field of designers, lighting for the personalized design requirements are getting higher and higher. In foreign countries, indirect lighting is no longer a problem. Indirect lighting needs to hide the lamp beads, through the intelligent control of the luminous color and brightness, gives the feeling more comfortable.

LED flat lamp advantage is obvious, a large part of the indirect lighting is also used, with the rise of indirect lighting in the country, LED flat light will have more room for development.

In recent years, from the central to the local, due to high conversion rate of electro-optical, in line with energy-saving emission reduction requirements, LED lighting more and more favored by the government, so in recent years for LED support policies continue to introduce, enhance the LED product penetration, Effectively promote the LED industry chain mature, and accelerate the promotion of LED product applications.

At present, driven by the national policy, with the LED lighting products prices continue to decline, and then out of the cost of lighting consumption considerations, more and more businesses began to take the initiative to replace and use LED lighting products. Insiders told reporters that this year the domestic LED fluorescent tube shipments growth rate is expected to exceed 100%, and from the next 5 years, LED lamp sales growth rate will remain at 33% or more, the market sales scale growth rate Will remain at 20% or more, to 2017, LED lamp market sales will reach 44.5 billion yuan.

lowes 2x4 ceiling light panels

Some domestic leading enterprises, the use of existing market channels and brand advantage full LED flat lamp This lighting products market penetration is hierarchical, hierarchical grading depends mainly on the user’s price sensitivity, energy urgency and so on. In general, from the lighting application market segments, long office lighting, commercial lighting demand is always the first outbreak, the rapid application of local lighting applications, and ultimately gradually to the family lighting.

August 27 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “on the work to increase efforts to ensure that the goal of achieving energy and emission reduction targets 2013 notice”, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Housing and Urban jointly responsible for promoting the implementation of green lighting projects, the implementation of semiconductor lighting (LED) Industrial planning, continue to implement energy-saving products Huimin project to promote efficient lighting products 130 million only. August, 2013 financial subsidies to promote efficient lighting products (energy-saving lamps) tender work started. August 15, Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin presided over the executive meeting of the municipal government to consider and in principle through the “public institutions in Shenzhen City,” second five “energy-saving three-year action program (2013-2015)”. August 11, the State Council issued a “on accelerating the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry views”, the views of the future LED and other energy-saving products, the market outlook pointed out the road, the enterprise product sales is essential. The introduction of the New Deal, LED lighting industry is undoubtedly the front of a bright light. Perhaps 2013-2018 will be LED flat lamp lighting gold five years. So companies must seize the opportunity to open up the domestic market innovation.

Patterns improve the market to stabilize

According to industry reports show that this year’s LED flat panel industry compared with the past is still a big change, the most obvious is the reshuffle of the industry, a number of LED business failures, including the annual turnover of 100 million yuan of listed companies , On the current development situation, China’s lighting industry in this industry is facing a significant change in the critical period. The following simple explanation of the changes in the pattern of lighting industry.

First, the market demand for LED flat lamp gave birth to a large number of enterprises rise. In the early development of LED flat lights, lighting companies less investment, quick and so on to make more private capital into the industry, short-term to attract a lot of money, the development of the law from the industry, it is easy to suffer the market out.

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