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policy induced led flat light is no longer subject to neglect

With the LED industry to accelerate the development of traditional lighting companies in recent years have begun to focus on the development of LED, the emerging LED business is also actively layout, look forward to seize the market. However, relative to the LED manufacturing enterprises in full swing, the public for the LED technology has been on the flaws of concern.

LED has energy saving, environmental protection and other obvious advantages, but the glare problem has been LED manufacturing enterprises headache. How to solve the problem of LED glare for consumers to create a comfortable lighting environment has always been the focus of R & D-oriented enterprises. In this context, led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights has obvious advantages.

As a relatively new type of lights, LED flat-panel lights have begun to replace the common grille lights, is suitable for high-end hotels, offices, viewing balcony, corridors and other places.

led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights using LED patch as a light source, plus light guide plate or diffuser plate, can effectively disperse the direct light, making the light soft and not dazzling, and uniform illumination, high brightness. The led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights relative to other categories of light, the obvious advantages, the current range of applications are constantly increasing.

Take LED lamp, the current market, almost all LED lamps are used in LED flat panel lights. Because the LED lamp for eye protection requirements are very high, and LED flat-panel lamp just to meet this demand, it is widely used among them.

Home lighting market broke out

With the expansion of the scope of LED applications, indoor lighting is the focus of many enterprises. According to statistics, in 2012 LED flat panel lighting in the architectural lighting market penetration up to 56%, but also because the market tends to mature, growth has slowed down. Outdoor lighting is to benefit from the government to create market demand, making LED flat-panel lighting applications slow growth in 2012, LED flat panel lighting applications in industrial lighting penetration rate of only about 6%.

LED flat-panel lamp lighting in commercial lighting applications, the Department of early functional lighting, and gradually turned to the main lighting applications, because commercial lighting high turnover rate, long use, making LED flat panel lighting penetration and market size growth, Year LED flat panel lighting in the commercial lighting market penetration has reached 15%.

Residential lighting is the world’s largest application of the market, LED flat-panel light bulb to quickly cut into the residential lighting market, replacing the traditional light bulb, but because consumers are highly sensitive to price, so 2012 LED flat panel lighting in the residential lighting market penetration Rate of about 13%, to be improved.

Office lighting to energy-saving demands, LED flat-panel lighting is to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp-based appeal, cut into the office lighting market, but the LED lamp must also face T5 fluorescent lamp price competition, 2012 permeability Only about 11%, there is still much room for growth.

Such a big temptation to make more interest in the production target will turn to home lighting. With the improvement of people’s spending power, many people are willing to choose LED lighting, and the current purchase of the main body is 80, 90 young generation, their recognition of LED or pricey, the future home lighting market should be competing for all enterprises Focus.

This led to LED flat panel lighting prices continue to fall, the rapid expansion of the number of scale, ITRI Industrial Economics and Trends Research Center, Lin Zhixun energy research group leader pointed out that the global LED flat-panel lighting market in 2013 to maintain the growth rate of 30% Period, in 2020 the global LED flat panel lighting output value of 65.8 billion US dollars point of view. From this, LED flat-panel lamp more and more widely used, the growth rate is much higher than other categories, more and more LED companies hope that the LED panel lights in this market segment.

More important is the current home interior lighting applications or the most LED flat light, because it is soft light, creating a comfortable, warm environment is very popular with consumers. , And LED flat lamp design, light body simple and elegant, you can play the role of decorative interior decoration. LED panel lights of the three primary colors can also achieve brightness, gray, color, continuous conversion, so as to meet the different needs of consumers in different atmospheres of light.

“Price” is no longer a problem

Reporter visited several major lighting in Shenzhen City, found that in many LED lighting stores, LED bulb, spotlights, lamp dominated position. The LED flat-panel lights, although there are some stores, but there are sporadic, did not account for the mainstream, and some stores do not even sell LED flat-panel lights.

Reporters survey found that the market price of LED flat-panel lamps are very different, there are seven or eight yuan, there are thousands of dollars, but the average price is generally concentrated in the 300 yuan. The LED bulb, lamp price is relatively much lower.

And the price difference to some extent also reflects the uneven quality of products. According to the survey, LED panel lights prices are falling, like a 36W flat-panel lights, before the price is more than three hundred, slowly down to now more than two hundred per year to maintain a 15% decline. And 36-watt panel light efficiency is twice the energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamp three times, ten times the incandescent lamp, energy saving effect is very obvious.

LED flat-panel lamp in the technology there are some shortcomings. But from the individual manufacturers to provide flat light distribution curve, LED flat lamp as the main lighting is not ideal, if in order to ensure uniform illumination according to the region, is bound to increase the number of lamps to improve its lighting power density.

Personalized need to add characteristics

The future development of flat-panel lamp light plate tends to be ultra-thin in the design of ultra-thin, even more so when the need is light, no time is the ceiling is the wall is the wallpaper.

With the improvement of living standards, people increasingly demanding indoor lighting, lighting not only need to have lighting features, but also need fashion personality, can reflect the owner’s own unique taste. This development, the product design is a lot of designers to consider an important factor.

LED flat lamp is an important feature is the thickness of the ultra-thin, which provides space for designers to play. Although the LED flat-panel lamp started relatively late, at present, the use of the market is not particularly large, but it itself has the advantage of light less glare, so the future space should be great. At present in the field of designers, for the lighting of the individual design requirements are getting higher and higher. In foreign countries, indirect lighting is not a problem. Indirect lighting need to hide the lamp beads, through the intelligent control of the color and brightness of light, giving the feeling of more comfortable.

LED flat-panel lamp has obvious advantages, most of which is also used as indirect lighting, with the rise of indirect lighting in the country, LED flat-panel lamp will have more room for development.

Policy trends to promote the market

In recent years from the central to local, due to the high conversion rate of electro-optical, in line with energy-saving emission reduction requirements, LED lighting more and more favored by the Government, so in recent years for the LED support policies introduced to enhance the LED product penetration, Effectively promoted the maturity of the LED industry chain, and accelerate the application of LED products.

At present, driven by national policy, with the LED lighting products prices continued to decline, and then out of the lighting cost considerations, more and more businesses began to take the initiative to replace and use LED lighting products. Insiders told reporters that this year the domestic LED fluorescent tube shipments growth rate is expected to more than 100%, and from the next 5 years to see, LED lamp sales growth rate will remain at 33% or more, the size of market sales growth rate Will remain at 20% or more, to 2017, LED lamp market sales will reach 44.5 billion yuan.

Some of the leading domestic enterprises, the use of existing market channels and brand advantages of full led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights market penetration of this lighting products are hierarchical, hierarchical and mainly depends on the price sensitivity of the user, the degree of energy urgency. In general, from the lighting application market segments, a long time office lighting, commercial lighting demand is always the first outbreak, the rapid penetration of local lighting applications, and ultimately gradually to home lighting.

August 27 this year, the National Development and Reform Commission issued “on intensifying efforts to ensure the realization of energy-saving emission reduction targets in 2013 tasks notice”, Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Housing and Urban jointly responsible for promoting the implementation of green lighting projects, the implementation of semiconductor lighting Industrial planning, energy-saving products continue to implement the project to promote efficient lighting products 130 million. August, 2013 annual financial subsidies to promote efficient lighting products (energy-saving lamps) tender work started. August 15, Shenzhen Mayor Xu Qin hosted the executive meeting of the municipal government to consider and in principle through the “Shenzhen public institutions” second five “three-year energy-saving work program (2013-2015).” August 11, the State Council issued a “speed up the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry views,” comments on the future of LED energy-saving products such as market prospects indicate the road to the enterprise product sales is essential. The introduction of the New Deal, is undoubtedly the LED lighting industry, anterior light up a lamp. Perhaps from 2013 to 2018 will be the LED flat-panel lamp lighting gold five years. Therefore, enterprises must seize the opportunity to develop innovative domestic market.

Pattern to improve the market tends to be stable

cree led panel

According to industry reports, this year’s led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights industry compared with the past or have a great change, the most obvious is the industry reshuffle, a number of LED business failures, including the annual turnover of 100 million yuan of listed companies , On the current development of China’s lighting industry in this industry is facing a significant change in the pattern of the critical period. The following brief explanation of the lighting industry pattern changes.

First, the market demand for the birth of a large number of LED flat-panel lamp business rise. In the early stage of the development of LED flat-panel lamps, the lighting business investment, quick and other characteristics make more private capital into the industry, to attract large amounts of money in the short term, the development from the industry law, it is vulnerable to the market out.

Second, the market competition led to the integration. The increase of the number of enterprises makes the market space saturated gradually. In order to maintain the competitive advantage, the enterprises expand the scale of production and win the price. The integrated industry has become the important way of the market development in the fierce market competition.

Third, changes in terminal demand. LED lighting products frequently poor report, so that more consumers pay more attention to the needs of brand products, so that the market for LED lighting products have a fundamental change in understanding, and promote the integration of lighting products upstream and downstream resources.

Innovation of new marketing model

LED Lighting Industry Association held in Guangzhou, Jiuzhou City, LED Lighting Industry Association, Guangdong Province, Deputy Secretary-General Lighting Association, Guangdong Guangya Lighting Research Institute Director Liu Jun, to the participating more than 40 LED flat panel lighting business owners advice, Take the “Exhibition Trade City + traditional channels + e-commerce” three-pronged marketing model to develop the domestic market.

This year, by the international and domestic economic situation, the domestic LED industry appeared more obvious overcapacity, Zhongshan, a lot of LED lighting business in business difficulties. In the face of the current LED lighting industry, many difficulties, LED lighting enterprises how to break the bottleneck of industry development? Liu Jun believes that companies in addition to improving the supply chain system to speed up product development, reduce production costs, improve the degree of mechanization, and marketing professional , High-quality and other means to effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also innovative marketing model, the exhibition Trade City, e-commerce and traditional sales channels together.

“In recent years, domestic LED Trade City springing up, Zhongshan Xiaolan LED Kyushu City, Guangzhou Optical Valley City, Shenzhen, South China City, Chengdu, China Plastic International, these LED Trade Exhibition set of products, experience, , Regional distribution, branch or office or headquarters, after – sales service and technical hosting center, warehousing logistics, technology research and development incubator and other functions in one, LED flat – panel lighting industry will play an immeasurable impetus.

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