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overall matching and process anatomy of led panel light

From a technical perspective, LED flat panel lights are essentially lighting electronic products, in addition to the choice of materials, devices, the need for professional rigorous research and development design, experimental verification, production control, aging detection system measures to ensure product eligibility and stability.

The first is the lamp beads and the power of a reasonable match design. Such as improper configuration, or the current or voltage is too high, easy to burn lines, burn LED light source; or more than the power load, the temperature in use, the light source even strobes the power burned; the same time, flat light aluminum frame Body, can not be effective insulation protection, so the use of low-voltage safety voltage is necessary.

LED light source and power supply matching, the need to fully understand and understand the LED and electronic technology, safety requirements of the senior electronic engineers to complete. Then the cooling structure design, LED light source in the course of the use of considerable heat, if not timely cooling, resulting in LED light source junction temperature is too high, will accelerate the aging of the LED light source decay, and even dead lights.

Again with the structural design, LED light source as an electronic device, but also a light body, the need for device protection, light guide light, etc. rigorous structural design, and is equipped with sophisticated production technology to protect the design implementation.

At present, integrated ceiling industry, are generally unprofessional design of poor quality parts, small workshops like cabbage shop on the roadside as free to buy the use of such structural parts can easily lead to assembly and production in the process of transport to LED Encapsulated colloid crushed broken, the use of a short period of time there will be broken light source blue light escape, LED flat panel lights will appear blue one, white one, the quality of colorful problems. At the same time, such shoddy parts, poor precision, the light offset, the material absorbs light, resulting in great optical loss, greatly reducing the efficiency of the entire lamp, the product is far below the required illumination, completely lost the energy-saving advantages of LED .

Another example of the structural design of the obvious, the current LED flat-panel lights to use more of a DC plug. This DC connector for the weak electronics industry, such as headphones and other aspects of signal transmission, the poor power, not suitable for general-purpose LED flat-panel light of different specifications of the wire connection, and its plug and wire connection is used Solder connection, poor product has not been fixed, so that in the assembly, packaging, transportation, installation and other environments, easily lead to plug welding off, a large proportion of the line barrier, can not light, and the market can not repair Of the serious problems.

Fourth, the production process quality control status

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LED flat-panel lamp as a lighting electronic products, the need for strict, rigorous quality management tools and facilities to ensure the quality of the reliability, including the merits of the performance, the use of stability, life support and so on.

In general, from the R & D to production and shipments, need to go through the photoelectric design, structural design, optical design, industrial design, process design and other aspects of design, and then through the prototype test photoelectric parameter test, temperature test, life test and the After the experiment, the experiment was carried out repeatedly after the trial production to ensure the reliability and stability and then put into mass production. In the mass production, but also need to include LED light source, electronic components, light board and various types of optical materials, structural materials, and so on the production of various materials and physical and chemical properties of testing to ensure material eligibility and consistency, and in the The production process also need to carry out rigorous on-line testing, at any time to control the quality of the manufacturing process variation.

At the same time, each product after the completion of the final assembly, but also the need for high temperature and pressure, alternating high and low voltage switch and a series of stringent aging test to ensure that each LED lighting products can adapt to the market a variety of changes in the use of the environment. However, the current workshop enterprises in the industry, there is no design and quality control concepts and practical operation, patchwork, rough assembly to complete, light about dumping to the market, so that a large number of low-performance, poor quality “products” Flow to the market.

Fifth, the overall industrial design and process requirements

LED lighting products as a product of modern technology, whether it is energy-saving environmental protection or technology fashion, or its lighting applications bring the customer’s visual experience, has been increasingly deepening respect for the consumer market. LED flat-panel lights currently in the ceiling industry, there are structure is not rigorous, sloppy process, the production of rough defects, such as solder joints exposed, Hu Pinchuan Min and other phenomena, a serious blow to the minds of consumers LED lighting should have a “tall” image .

In summary, the integrated ceiling industry as the main areas of LED flat-panel lamp applications, I appeal to practitioners to deal with the application of LED in the industry to give a clear understanding of the status quo and face up to let us resist shoddy, the release of positive energy, Leading the healthy development of the industry.

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