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Office lighting program Edison Optoelectronics introduced PLCC lamp

LED package maker Edison Optoelectronics recently introduced the PLCC linear light bar module, which can be used for both flat panel and fluorescent tubes. The modular product also has design flexibility and can be derived from a variety of lamp designer needs Different lighting applications.

Due to the advantages of environmental protection, energy saving, long life and other advantages, LED has been gradually popularized in various lighting fields in recent years. The use of LED lighting for office buildings has not only saved considerable electricity bills for enterprises but also greatly reduced Lamp replacement and maintenance costs of materials.
Edison Optoelectronic PLCC linear light bar module (pictures from Edison Optoelectronics)

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Edison introduced PLCC linear light bar module with high brightness SMD LED, at the same time have the characteristics of energy saving and high luminous efficiency, are currently available in two sizes (flat panel lamp modules and lamp modules) The flat panel lamp module adopts PLCC 3014 components and achieves the cooling brightness of 1100 lumens under the operation of 13 watts. The flat panel lamp module has the advantages of light weight, uniform light distribution and high brightness, and can be applied to fashion design Lamps, used as office lighting.

There are two models of lamp modules to choose from, using models PLCC 3014 components, operating at 11.5 watts, the brightness of the cold white up to 1050 lumens, the other models are used PLCC 5630 components in the same tile (11.5W), this model can achieve a cool white brightness of 1200 lumens (equivalent to 105lm / W). It can directly replace traditional fluorescent lamps for T8 lamps and can achieve energy saving, high brightness and no flash frequency High-quality lighting effects.

PLCC linear light bar modules are slim, light-weight and easy to assemble, and the modular products reduce the time and effort of lighting designers to develop, design and accelerate their products into the market. Therefore, the applications of the PLCC linear light modules are quite wide, such as office lighting , Home lighting, parking lot lighting, even in the narrow interior space is also applicable.

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