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nvc to enter the industrial lighting to provide one stop solution

Recently, the Shanghai International Petroleum Exhibition in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall grand opening. NVC lighting industrial lighting products lineup debut exhibition, held at the same time in the exhibition, “NVC industrial lighting new conference,” declared NVC lighting officially entered the field of industrial lighting.

NVC lighting products are high-end products, not only in quality, design safety and reliability, but also with new, efficient, energy-saving features. There are three main categories: The first category is a professional fixed products. Such as floodlight metal halide lamp, high ceiling lamp, LED flat panel drop ceiling lamp and so on. The second category is explosion-proof fixed lighting products. This is the most abundant and complete product series exhibited by NVC, mainly for petroleum, petrochemical and natural gas industries. These products are mainly explosion-proof floodlights, explosion-proof LED lights, explosion-proof fluorescent lamps (LED lamp), explosion-proof floodlight metal halide lamps, explosion-proof junction box explosion-proof electrical appliances. The third category is the explosion-proof mobile convenience products, such as explosion-proof flashlight, explosion-proof searchlight and with a gasoline engine, mobile lighting equipment.

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At present, domestic production of industrial lighting products, many companies, but mostly for the production of mining lamps only in the small and medium-sized processing and assembly enterprises, and NVC for industrial customers with “one-stop” lighting solutions. First, from the lighting program design, product development and production, installation and installation of lighting products and rapid response to the after-sales service that the full four major aspects of view, NVC can meet all the needs of industrial customers in all aspects; Not only for industrial customers with the production of lighting products and services to better meet the industrial park office lighting, lighting and living environment of the park lighting the integrity of the demand. NV Industrial Lighting General Manager Ji Hairong said.

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