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new darling of led flat panel lights against the road is not simple

LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps, the development process can be regarded as a typical “counter-attack.” Simple shape, a single style, relying on “not rely on the value of color, by meaning” strength, with cloth light uniformity, less glare, energy and other advantages in commercial lighting and kitchen integrated ceiling plate “dependency” gradually developed into a single product lead .

From the dependency position to the new darling of the industry

Since 2009, home improvement area from the transformation of the common Yuba integrated ceiling, the flat lamp naturally become the new darling of the industry. On the one hand due to the progress and maturity of LED technology, the popularity of flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss play a vital role in promoting; the other hand, LED panel lights manufacturers benefit from its image and market positioning of publicity.

It is understood that, LED flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps products include side light and straight light, frame materials are aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, cold rolled steel + PC, etc., in the packaging has also been focused, side light plate light quality Thin, easy installation and transportation advantages, the disadvantage is easy to light uneven. Straight down flat lamp has the advantage of uniform light, brightness sufficient; disadvantage is heavy, relatively inconvenient transportation and installation.

LED flat lamp structure diagram

Development so far, the traditional kitchen lights have been basically replaced by LED flat light, the future of many traditional lighting lamps may be replaced by flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss to use. Because there are many home decoration is the whole house to do the ceiling, supporting integrated ceiling, wall and roof are all pinch; some villas also designed into two top, three top, hanging out the effect is quite good, and easy to install , And no pollution, flat lamp is very suitable.

Has not yet appeared absolutely leading brand

The current lighting market, high-end brands are occupied by the international market, Philips, Osram, GE and other international companies, wood Linsen, Foshan lighting occupy the distribution channels, Op, NVC sit home lighting, commercial lighting category hills, only office lighting competition has not been Completely seize the huge market capacity and there is no absolute leader in the brand.

LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps market share in the year-on-year growth. According to statistics, the global LED industrial and commercial lighting market is expected to 30.8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR) from 12.92 billion US dollars in 2012 to 2019 860.8 billion US dollars.

According to local reporters stationed back to the front line of information that, LED flat light in the regional market reputation of good brands are: Op, NVC, three male Aurora, Teyou Shi, Panasonic and other major brands, and wholesale and engineering Dealers are more inclined to cost-effective brands, such as: sun Op, European camp, backgammon, huge ho, snow Wright, Lang Shi, home, Darwin, designers, three Ling, Acer lighting.

As large and small brands eyeing for this huge “cake”, even if the brand enterprises will quickly cut through the foundry. Reporters visited the town of Ruifeng accessories found, sales of flat panel lights and finished products accounted for 30% of stores, and according to industry sources, Zhongshan, Jiangmen region involved in this category more than the number of hundreds of factories, and in The domestic channel has a reputation and brand image of less than 5%

lowes drop ceiling panels

The author found that the product technology uneven, serious product counterfeiting and brand marketing costs caused by high cohabitation, price, quality vary widely, leading to dealers operating a variety of confusion. According to the survey, dealers are often faced with the difficulties of the top three were: operating flat-panel lights too many businesses, too much competition, product counterfeiting is too serious, quality, but hard. So many businesses by reducing the library charge, increase the frequency of order method to deal with.

Cost-effective product sales Selling Well

According to business reflects the future of flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps market prospects, increased market demand for sales, use more widely. Whether it is downstream distributors or end-customers on the understanding of LED flat-panel lights in the increase, and gradually occupied part of the lamp and kitchen and toilet lamp market, and will be more cost-effective product sales more popular. In addition the future of flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss will be linear, line and personalized direction to adapt to changing and rich variety of building skin.

With the increasingly fierce competition in LED lighting, the final performance is not only the product of competition, there are segments of the competition. Many people in the industry believe that flat light as home and office lighting, one of the important areas of segmentation is bound to become the future of a single product mainstream.

Flatbed lamps for household use

At the same time, with the entry of more and more brands, the whole market has become more and more homogeneous, brand and brand is difficult to distinguish, how to achieve differentiation is particularly critical. This also deserves the manufacturer to make the long-term strategic layout.

Future Outlook

In the course of business, the owners and first-line sales staff more difficult to familiar with a variety of LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps installation. In view of this situation, I Division on the one hand to provide detailed training, on the other hand technical support staff from the project directly to the end of the project directly to the service. The future of flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss will be linear, personalized lines and the direction of development to adapt to changing and rich variety of building skin.

– He Youwei, Chief Operating Officer, Teyou Shi Optoelectronics Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd

The company cut into the LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps market late. Before the production of some side-emitting flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss, but because of its lack of brightness, low production threshold led to poor market efficiency. So the company decided to study the market environment in the doldrums quickly occupied the market outlets, for the next step to build the industry brand has laid a good foundation. So that consumers really enjoy the high quality low-cost products.

– Zhongshan City, thousands of Chinese lighting sales director Deng Suwen

LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps to replace the grille is a kind of trend, the market is not enough to understand the flat lamp, its installation, installation and structural performance, often with the grille lights are not the same effect, resulting in difficult to understand. The future of the company will continue to do a good job in the market areas, precise positioning, to the difference, the direction of specialization, product development and strengthening of the production line management.

– Guangdong base lighting (Group) Co., Ltd. General Manager Chen Longfei

At present, the lights are lamp manufacturing capacity matures, and now the biggest problem is how to change the marketing model, integration of resources Baotuan share, so that consumers want to buy a more affordable good lights. In 2016 our main plan is to lay a solid foundation, in the overall situation is not optimistic, so that the existing dealers are really making money.

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