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Marketing new model innovation

Second, the market competition led to the integration. The increase in the number of enterprises to the market space gradually saturated in the fierce competition in the market enterprises in order to maintain the competitive advantage of the market to expand the scale of production in order to win the price is commonly used means to integrate the industry to become an important way of market development.

Third, the terminal needs to change. LED lighting products frequently appear poor reports, so that more consumers gradually pay attention to the needs of brand products, so that the market for LED lighting products have a fundamental change in awareness, and promote the integration of upstream and downstream lighting products.

In Xiaoyan LED China Kyushu City held LED lighting industry exchange meeting, the Guangdong Provincial Lighting Association Deputy Secretary-General, Guangdong Guangya Lighting Research Institute Director Liu Jun, to attend the meeting of more than 40 LED flat panel lighting business owners, Take “exhibition trade + traditional channels + e-commerce” three-pronged marketing model to develop new domestic market.

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This year, by the international and domestic economic situation, the domestic LED industry there is a more obvious overcapacity, Zhongshan, many LED lighting companies are also in business difficulties. Faced with the current difficulties in the LED lighting industry, LED lighting business how to break through the bottleneck of industry development? Liu Jun believes that enterprises in addition to improving the supply chain system, speed up product development, reduce production costs, improve the degree of mechanization, and marketing staff of professional, high quality and other means to effectively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, but also innovation Marketing model, the exhibition trade, e-commerce and traditional sales channels together.

“In recent years, the domestic LED exhibition trade, such as mushrooming, Zhongshan Xiaoyan LED Kyushu City, Guangzhou Guanggu Gucheng, Shenzhen, South China City, Chengdu, China Plastic International, these LED exhibition products show, experience, trade, procurement , Regional distribution, branch offices or offices or headquarters, after – sales service and technical hosting center, warehousing logistics, technology research and development incubation and other functions in one, the development of LED flat panel lighting industry will play an incredible role in promoting.

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