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Light is the most attractive bedroom flirtist?

Some designers said: “The lamp is the most attractive room flirtist.”

Indeed, different shapes, colors, materials, and sizes of lights can create different light and shadow effects for different living rooms and show different room expressions. Therefore, may wish to pick a few personalized creative lamp, used to embellish their new home.

Flat lighting: appearance indifference, inner hot

When we feel “glare” on the bright light source in the living room or room, the “Acrylic” flat panel cover makes us no longer feel “cold” with glare, and a wide variety of lighting styles, long or square, Or round, or wide style, sleek and beautiful fashion appearance, always make people know how to enjoy the lives of people.

“Stony” Lighting: good mountain stream pleasant

Place a piece of stone lamp made of natural stone with “Thousands of Thousands and Delivered Mountains” in study, leisure time, study, writing, or tea, or invite a friend to learn about chess art. In the meantime, Stone ‘s “history” lines, or listen to like the mountain streams of cantans, which is how carefree.

“Sheepskin” lighting “: my gentle you know best

The “sheepskin” lamp is not a lamp made of real “sheep’s clothing.” It is made of a paper that has been treated with a special process. Because it has the texture of a sheepskin, it is called a “sheepskin” lamp.

Lamp made of this kind of “sheepskin” is quite tasteful, either on the round or square “sheepskin” lampshade, or the printing and dyeing of ancient and modern masters of calligraphy and painting, or printing and dyeing of folk art paper-cut, and then through the soft yellow light A retro taste arises spontaneously. Hanging in the study such a lamp, “Ya” mood instantly flooded the corner of the room.

PVC Lighting: illuminate your colorful space

Of all the popular lighting, PVC lighting is the most able to reflect the “color”, or yellow, or orange, or red … matched with fashion, avant-garde style, the colors of life beautifully. If you feel stylish enough, avant-garde, you can also buy PVC lighting materials, DIY one. Mix and match with your favorite color, and design cool enough.

Crystal Lighting: pure wizard

led light panels home depot

Since people compared the crystal as “fairy sprinkle tears” from the moment, the crystal is doomed to be “the world’s elixir”.

The crystal lighting, it is to use this pure and beautiful “stunner”, to live in impetuous breath of the people to bring unlimited reverie and longing. Crystal lighting is often a combination of stylish elements and the traditional retro styling, a glance, it makes people breathlessly. Crystal beads into a chandelier, like a shower, like a rain curtain, like ice hanging … no matter where the place will “shine” out of life will never fade romantic!

Fabric lighting: soft stunning

When a cloth lighting lit in front of you, the moment of “stunning” makes some “dizzy”, but after the amazing, reveal more warm.

Lighting cloth layout in uniform folds, as in ancient times shy girl hand Luo Luo, light lotus feet; arranged soft and dense silk, delicate workmanship delicacy, people have a heart beat from the bottom … … At this moment, do not You do not know where to put such a lamp?

Tengbian Lighting: Pastoral style

The tenderness of the vine and the fragrant linen blend into the room, it seems that all of a sudden the pine forests of the original forest, the fragrance of the black land into the corner of the room.

Now people will rattan, linen around the tenderness also into the lighting which, when you dragged one tired home, see the rattan and linen in the light of the unbridled look, such as the fresh field of the wind blowing impetuous Heart, let your tired and irritable go with the wind.

Wood lighting: the original simple charm

Only because of the glamorous stainless steel, with a lot of fashion styling stunning interpretation, only those who chase fashion people will be regarded as “love”, but for any one who loves nature, respected natural life, you There is no reason to refuse the choice of wood lighting.

Never rusty material, the original ecological like the lines of wood, natural and not made of wood color … … If you dream of indoors in the bucket room and have the original pastoral style, then the lighting is undoubtedly your first choice.

Different styles of lighting, creating a different style of home environment, the light not only illuminates the night, but also a way to convey love, more than 8 kinds of lights flirt freestyle, there is no tease you?

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