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Led Panel 30X30

Led Panel 30X30

SKU: led-panel-30x30

led panel flat led lights drop ceiling lighting led troffer
led panel 60×60 led panel 120×30 led panel 120×60 led panel 30×60 led panel 60×30 led panel 60×120
.Led Panels Drop Ceiling Flat Lights Fixtures
.Top Latest TCOB CSP Packaging Technology
.Super bright 125-135lm per watt by edge-lighting with high quality light-guide plate
.Power Consumption: 32w, 36w, 42w, 45w, 52w, 72w
.Color Temp: 2,700K – 6,500K
.LED Type: csp tcob light sources
.CRI: Ra80+
.Dimmable: No (optional for 0~10V dimmable)
.Voltage Input: 100~277V ac
.Net Weight: 3 kg
.Ultra-slim and low-profile, thickness is less than 1/2
.Energy efficient and long lasting 50,000hrs
.May be installed in drop ceiling or hung as a pendant (hanging hardware not included)
.Aluminum frame; no UV or hazardous materials
.VDE, CE, ROHS certificated.
.Test Report, IES files and Datas best prices are offered by direct manufcaturers

  • Description

    Product Description

    Parking Lots Led panels drop ceiling flat lights fixtures Replacement Edge Lit wholesalers distributors suppliers manufacturers glare-free CSP TCOB Technology super brightest ultra thin

    TCOB CSP in Wanban Ultra Slim LED panels are thin optical acrylic sheets with high output csp tcob LEDs embedded along the edge of their aluminum frames. The LED arrangement is optimized for each specific panel size to ensure uniform and bright illumination over the face of the panel. With their minimal power consumption, long lifespan, uniform, bright illumination and thin, lightweight characteristics, Wanban Ultra Slim LED panel lights are ideal to replace traditional fluorescent troffers.


    .95% energy Saving in comparison to conventional lighting flat panels.
    .No UV & IR zero emission
    .Environmentally friendly ¨C fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials
    .Simple and convenient installation
    .Durable with life span of over 50,000 hours.
    .LED panel light Bulbs have a Longer Lifespan than other conventional fluorescent panels
    .Direct Replacement of the standard Light panel ceiling
    .LED Lighting source csp tcob is most Efficient. Energy Savings upto 90% – 98%
    .Mercury Free
    .Low Voltage
    .Eco Friendly

    Technial Data

    Light Source: TCOB CSP MCOB light source chips
    Power Comsumption: 2×2,4×2,1×1,4×1,1×2,2×1,2×4,4×4 ft; 12″x24″,12″x48″,12″x12″,24″x24″,24″x12″,24″x48″,24″x48″24″x12″inch
    Available Color Temperatures: White 5000-6500K | Neutral White 4000-4500K | Warm White 3000-3400K
    Light Output Efficacy (lumen): 135lm per watt | 125lm per watt| 115-120lm per watt
    CRI: 80+
    Beam Angle: 210?
    Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    Operation Temp: -40~ 40¡ã C (-40~104¡ã F)
    Application: Indoor Interior Only
    Installation: Suspension, Wall Mount, Recessed, Ceiling Mount
    Safety Certificate: UL, CE, C-tick, PSE, VDE
    Energy Saving Qualification: DLC
    Life Span: 50,000 hours
    Warranty: 3-5 years
    Dimmable: yes, optional
    Trim Color: Silver, White
    IP Rating: IP20
    Operational Humidity Range: 95%Rh or below

    Also called as led flat panel light, 2×2 led ceiling lights, illumination led light bar, led light board manufacturers, led sheets, led light sheet panel, led light sheet panels, slim flat celling led sheet panels lighting board.

    LED panel lights are a lighting source created from flat-sheets with illumination produced by light releasing diodes. The light is distributed equably via the panel¡¯s light allocation structure. As a semiconductor, a LED switches electricity into light utilizing less energy. In addition, LED lights are effortless to manage, and because they save energy as well, they last longer. LED panel lights can be found in varying designs, colors, sizes, and functions. The LED panel light for interior usage can supply an effective and comfortable work ambiance. Stunning home and office settings can be fashioned utilizing LED Panel Lights. They can also be utilized for under shelf lighting, retail displays, office lights in drop-ceilings, and ornamental accents for an enhanced sophisticated indoor appearance. Moreover, they can also be used generally for outside all season around.

    This csp tcob LED flat panel ceiling lights from wanban is a modern and fashion top updated lighting solution for replacing fluorescent flat panel recessed downlight suspended tube lights. Designed for drop-in ceiling installation or suspension mount. Panel led light ceiling is 1ft by 4ft, 1ft by 2ft, 2ft by 4ft, 4ft by 2ft etc, and the light installation remove guide panel is 2mm thick. Ideal for use in offices, schools and universities, conference rooms, libraries, and other hospitality facilities. Available in bright white and cool white color temperatures from 3000K-6000K.


    Meets the general and decoration lighting environment such as:

    Hallway & lobbies
    Meeting Rooms
    Commercial LED Usage
    Residential LED Usage
    Governmental Buildings & Offices Lighting

    Easy to Install – Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fixtures., Commercial and Industrial Grade, Check with local lighting panels ceiling led drop with tcob mcob csp wanban company for information about rebates (up to $200 per panel in certain areas), VDE tuv ce rohs are Approved., Operating Temperature of -40¡ãF to 104¡ãF, High Efficacy – meaning, more brightest lumen for your watt (or bang for your buck), 50,000 hours life span, more than 26 years based on 5Hrs/day average, Runs cool with minimal heat output, the best solution and choice for your commercial hosehold factory offices shopping malls building replacement fixtures of led panel lights.

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    Red led tube lights if sections 1, three, and four are flashing crimson on the led ceiling lighting panels, this signifies a common hardware failurethe first factor that might correct the error is to simply restart the xboxif it is nonetheless blinking crimson in the same mixture of lights, you will want to shut down the console, unplug the console from the wall, unplug the av cable, and then firmly reconnect all cablesif you have finished all of these steps, and the xbox is nonetheless not operating, shut it down, and eliminate the difficult generateyou ought to now turn the console on to see which lights are blinkingif the xbox is no longer blinking red, shut it back off, reinstall the hard generate, and now the console ought to be working correctly., ce rohs etl 9w panel led lights led panel manufacturers led panel red p10 waterproof single color.

    Now there is the need of the wholeyou may discover it out or you can create itthose are exactly where you will location the bracket you purchasedto make an entire you require some deices you can buy these from the store and make the holethere may be 3 pieces to your mount of the televisionthe two little brackets will attach to your televisionnow you can hang your tv more than the fireplace remove any screws plugging the holes if importantnumerous tvs producers plug their mounting holes with screws during assembly. laser dot plexiglass ultrathin light guide panel, high quality 30x1x40lm w light led panel ul plastic light fixture covers.

    Led 2x2ft surface mounted troffer retrofit kit optilumen ceiling light kitchen lamps for ceiling, computer flat panel residential 30×300 2x2w with 50 pcs.

    Trade assurance competitive price 60×600 led panel light since drop ceilings hang from a grid system, the panels require to be relatively mild excess weight in stylebecause of this, numerous led drop ceiling lights panels are produced of plastic and sometimes acrylicthe panel has to be mild enough to not put stress on the grid or surrounding panels and to not fall to the floor more than time., all these traits designed primary metropolitan areas in us and europe change from the standard types to led street lightsinitially, they struggled to make higher high quality led gentle and ended up not in a position to swap the much more energy consuming lights, but the technological know-how grew to become exceptional with time and in new situations most of the substantial cities are creating use of led gentle methodsthis not only saves a great offer of money, but also improves the superb of illuminationequally these attributes have saved an entire lot of cash for the customers of this kind of designs. long hanging lights.

    If you want your friend nevertheless to display the custom bobble head on an office desk, make sure that its foundation has a specialized adhere-on materials designed for glass surfacesin this way, the custom bobblehead can be displayed securely on a desk with glass surface. fabric covered ceiling tiles, i would recommend first beginning with one hundred watt to 600 watts of leds and see how you like themthe ufo led lights for instance are great however the much more rectangle panels appear to provide a better light footprint which works wonders in grow tents and cupboards. failing led panel.

    led panel 30x30

    Iron ceiling lamps best led flood light bulbs, wifi touch remote control 60x60cm 2x2ft rgb led panel light spot downlight led.

    Led panel light bangladesh home depot express 2x4w square panel light for home and kitchen from china approved ce rohs, 2×2 year warranty wide voltage lowes ceiling lamps.

    100 watt equivalent dimmable led bulb using security lights on your bicycle might appear like a no brainer, but unfortunately i’ve read that most cyclists do certainly trip at night without security lightsthe peak time for bicycle fatalities is between 3-nine pmthere are 85 million bicyclists in the united states, and two years in the past there were 784 fatalities, of which 92%25 concerned motor vehicles., flat led lighting strips office lighting 48w 2×2 tcob vs smd2835 130lm w led panel light.

    Bright light bulb outdoor lighting fixtures home depot, growing up during the magnum p.iand simon & simon years i have to think about myself a security gadget enthusiastback during those times becoming a p.i(personal investigator) appeared like the most thrilling job on the earthit is not shocking that i discover myself drawn to all the latest house safety gadgets. fitting led lights in bathroom.

    Etl ce rohs 6w best china manufacturer supply round ultra slim led panel light for canada and usa amazon good supplier india market 595×595 ultra thin led panel light, indoor flood light replace glass.