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Led Panel 120X30

Led Panel 120X30

SKU: led-panel-120x30

led panel flat led lights drop ceiling lighting led troffer
led panel 60×60 led panel 30×30 led panel 120×60 led panel 30×60 led panel 60×30 led panel 60×120
.Led Panels Drop Ceiling Flat Lights Fixtures
.Top Latest TCOB CSP Packaging Technology
.Super bright 125-135lm per watt by edge-lighting with high quality light-guide plate
.Power Consumption: 32w, 36w, 42w, 45w, 52w, 72w
.Color Temp: 2,700K – 6,500K
.LED Type: csp tcob light sources
.CRI: Ra80+
.Dimmable: No (optional for 0~10V dimmable)
.Voltage Input: 100~277V ac
.Net Weight: 3 kg
.Ultra-slim and low-profile, thickness is less than 1/2
.Energy efficient and long lasting 50,000hrs
.May be installed in drop ceiling or hung as a pendant (hanging hardware not included)
.Aluminum frame; no UV or hazardous materials
.VDE, CE, ROHS certificated.
.Test Report, IES files and Datas best prices are offered by direct manufcaturers

  • Description

    Product Description

    Industrial Led panels drop ceiling flat lights fixtures Replacement Edge Lit wholesalers distributors suppliers manufacturers glare-free CSP TCOB Technology super brightest ultra thin

    TCOB CSP in Wanban Ultra Slim LED panels are thin optical acrylic sheets with high output csp tcob LEDs embedded along the edge of their aluminum frames. The LED arrangement is optimized for each specific panel size to ensure uniform and bright illumination over the face of the panel. With their minimal power consumption, long lifespan, uniform, bright illumination and thin, lightweight characteristics, Wanban Ultra Slim LED panel lights are ideal to replace traditional fluorescent troffers.


    .95% energy Saving in comparison to conventional lighting flat panels.
    .No UV & IR zero emission
    .Environmentally friendly ¨C fully recyclable, no mercury or other hazardous materials
    .Simple and convenient installation
    .Durable with life span of over 50,000 hours.
    .LED panel light Bulbs have a Longer Lifespan than other conventional fluorescent panels
    .Direct Replacement of the standard Light panel ceiling
    .LED Lighting source csp tcob is most Efficient. Energy Savings upto 90% – 98%
    .Mercury Free
    .Low Voltage
    .Eco Friendly

    Technial Data

    Light Source: TCOB CSP MCOB light source chips
    Power Comsumption: 2×2,4×2,1×1,4×1,1×2,2×1,2×4,4×4 ft; 12″x24″,12″x48″,12″x12″,24″x24″,24″x12″,24″x48″,24″x48″24″x12″inch
    Available Color Temperatures: White 5000-6500K | Neutral White 4000-4500K | Warm White 3000-3400K
    Light Output Efficacy (lumen): 135lm per watt | 125lm per watt| 115-120lm per watt
    CRI: 80+
    Beam Angle: 210?
    Input Voltage: 100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
    Operation Temp: -40~ 40¡ã C (-40~104¡ã F)
    Application: Indoor Interior Only
    Installation: Suspension, Wall Mount, Recessed, Ceiling Mount
    Safety Certificate: UL, CE, C-tick, PSE, VDE
    Energy Saving Qualification: DLC
    Life Span: 50,000 hours
    Warranty: 3-5 years
    Dimmable: yes, optional
    Trim Color: Silver, White
    IP Rating: IP20
    Operational Humidity Range: 95%Rh or below

    Also called as led flat panel light, 2×2 led ceiling lights, illumination led light bar, led light board manufacturers, led sheets, led light sheet panel, led light sheet panels, slim flat celling led sheet panels lighting board.

    LED panel lights are a lighting source created from flat-sheets with illumination produced by light releasing diodes. The light is distributed equably via the panel¡¯s light allocation structure. As a semiconductor, a LED switches electricity into light utilizing less energy. In addition, LED lights are effortless to manage, and because they save energy as well, they last longer. LED panel lights can be found in varying designs, colors, sizes, and functions. The LED panel light for interior usage can supply an effective and comfortable work ambiance. Stunning home and office settings can be fashioned utilizing LED Panel Lights. They can also be utilized for under shelf lighting, retail displays, office lights in drop-ceilings, and ornamental accents for an enhanced sophisticated indoor appearance. Moreover, they can also be used generally for outside all season around.

    This csp tcob LED flat panel ceiling lights from wanban is a modern and fashion top updated lighting solution for replacing fluorescent flat panel recessed downlight suspended tube lights. Designed for drop-in ceiling installation or suspension mount. Panel led light ceiling is 1ft by 4ft, 1ft by 2ft, 2ft by 4ft, 4ft by 2ft etc, and the light installation remove guide panel is 2mm thick. Ideal for use in offices, schools and universities, conference rooms, libraries, and other hospitality facilities. Available in bright white and cool white color temperatures from 3000K-6000K.


    Meets the general and decoration lighting environment such as:

    Hallway & lobbies
    Meeting Rooms
    Commercial LED Usage
    Residential LED Usage
    Governmental Buildings & Offices Lighting

    Easy to Install – Ideal for both indoor and outdoor fixtures., Commercial and Industrial Grade, Check with local lighting panels ceiling led drop with tcob mcob csp wanban company for information about rebates (up to $200 per panel in certain areas), VDE tuv ce rohs are Approved., Operating Temperature of -40¡ãF to 104¡ãF, High Efficacy – meaning, more brightest lumen for your watt (or bang for your buck), 50,000 hours life span, more than 26 years based on 5Hrs/day average, Runs cool with minimal heat output, the best solution and choice for your commercial hosehold factory offices shopping malls building replacement fixtures of led panel lights.

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    Tuv approval 1x4w 3x40w 55w thin led panel light this is a scorching subject of debate among flat screen television’s, and everyone has an opinion of which is much betterthis is because there is no accurate solution – both lcd and plasma tv’s are fantastic, and both provide their advantages and drawbacksthe reality is that as technology progresses, the variations between the systems are turning into smaller and smaller sizedstill, you want to make a choice depending on your personal circumstancesthis brief post is created particularly to assist you decide which kind of flat display television you require., led panel 60×60 led panel light 60×600 rgb cct 2×2 led ceiling light factory price 9w led light round led panel light indoor led panel light parts.

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    led panel 120x30

    Mini pendant replacement globes 15w new style dimmable recessed slim high cri led light panel, hot ip44 2x4w led panel light as the consumer is traversing the streets of her neighborhood on her journey to the local grocery shop, the displays on her dashboard are telling her it’s time to gasoline up, and the oil stress in the motor is just good these daysat the local handy shop, the panel meter on the gas pump signifies that today’s fill-up is heading to price her dearlyshe fingers a $50 bill to the cashier, and the led panel light display on the cash sign-up signifies her change because of back is minimal.

    Led battery pack lights exterior recessed can lights, 18 ft flatbed trailer for sale high lumen 2835 tcob vs smd cri 80 6000k 9w small round led panel light.

    Generally, below-cabinet television mounts have been designed so that the screen can be folded against the surface area of the cabinet overheadyou are not restricted to watching tv in the typical residing or family members space but anyplace that is handy to youwhile these might be well-liked, there are othersfor very big rooms, one might opt for a ceiling mountceiling mounts enables your flat screen television to be viewed by a big team of individuals in a space very effortlesslythey are no only a great idea for house use but for sport rooms and movie eveningsyou will sometimes see ceiling mount tv’s in restaurants and bars. replace light bulbs high ceiling, now a working day’s, television’s are not bounded only to a limited kind but it is accessible in several types like plasma, flat led lighting, liquid crystal display, led etceverybody buy pricey television to improve the appear of their residing space but if you don’t have ideal tv stand then you will find that some thing is still astray.television stand retains your tv and gives you a complete enjoyment of viewing movies or something elsesome individuals have to alter their furniture very frequently then for this purpose stands with wheels will be best choice as you move it very frequently. this is turning into an important part of the landscape lights design these days simply because of their simplicity in setting up and their cost effectiveness as nicelyusually they are merely positioned in the ground, nevertheless, there are some that can be hung from hooks or mounted to a flat surfacethey come in numerous various designs and designs and emit various ranges of light whether or not it is white mild or soft ambersome even change color all through the evening and show each color in the rainbow.

    Samsung refrigerator control panel lights ce approved 68w 600×1200 back lit led ceiling light panel with aluminum frame, can be used in patio, bedroom, garage, store room, bathroom, car and so on.can be put in the doorway, refrigerator, closet or cabinet, car boot or anywhere you need instant lighting.led lamp will automatically switch on, when movement is detected.adjustable led brightness.adjustable environment brightness — so that you can control, e.g. if it turns on day and night or night time only, etc. comes with magnetic stand, easy to install.super sensitivity within 6 meters effective distance.selectable lighting time.on/off switch. overhead lighting.

    70w 1×4 with 5 years guarantee led outside downlights, indoor lighting 85 2x26w 36w dimmable no flicker led light panel 60×600 housing downlight trim.