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led panel lights will soon become the mainstream of future lighting

LED light bulbs, LED light bulbs, LED panel lights, and so gradually play a leading role in the show. LED lighting, LED downlights, LED ceiling light is no longer thriving, LED light bulbs, LED panel lights gradually play a leading role in the show. It can be seen, many LED manufacturers for October this year, one by one market incandescent light to make the market space is full of expectations.

ceiling light panel lowes

LED manufacturers believe that in the future, LED flat panel lights will definitely be a mainstream lighting in the future, it will replace the traditional fence lights, because the illumination of the fence lights, uniformity is not enough, it shines down there, and LED panels Lights down there will be no shadow. Therefore, compared with the traditional fence lights, LED panel lights is definitely an advantage.

LED flat panel lamp has the following advantages:

1, high light efficiency, 80lm W, low light failure

2, with professional light design, light uniformity of 95%,

3, external isolation switch, constant current drive, no strobe

4, ultra-thin ultra-light, the thinnest up to 6.5mm

5, high-strength aluminum shell, the surface of the use of anti-static thermoplastic spray, corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidation Installation of diverse: embedded, lifting, ceiling

6, the life of up to 40,000 hours.

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