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LED panel lights this year will achieve double growth

This year, LED panel light production enterprises is showing a geometric fission. Because the LED panel lights is a new class of things flow, so the amount of large, there are consumers pulling, so the back-end large-scale production is inevitable. Pamir Optoelectronics is the end of last year to LED panel lights as a new project launch, the goal is to do this year 30 million. And was also taken into account the LED panel lights are circulation products, large, is the trend, and the structure of the panel lights has become mature.

Early panel lights are a form of integrated ceiling, in the integrated ceiling solution, the lamp is only part of it, and now with the development of the industry, panel lights began to become mainstream products. Including Jie and optoelectronics itself is also OEM OEM started. At present, we are hoping to make the industry’s brand, but also strive for more for some big brands to provide product supply, to achieve brand and OEM synchronization development.

In 2012, LED panel lights sold up, especially exports. Now, including the Guangdong Provincial Science and Technology Department is also working to develop LED panel lights standards, many companies is to see this piece of the market to enter the field.

I think the LED panel lights a lot of market, because the replacement market is great. For example, Dongguan City, 2012 and 2013 is the main push of outdoor street lighting transformation, and now has completed the vast majority, I heard this year, Dongguan City Science and Technology Bureau will focus on indoor lighting project transformation, which will undoubtedly lead to the outbreak of indoor lighting needs, While the LED panel lights as part of the market will also be released.

From the current situation, this year’s LED panel lights will be two major changes: First, the market demand will double, because the direction of the government involved from the outdoor to the interior; Second, more and more stylish fashion, LED panel lights Will slowly replace the ceiling, because the panel lights are integrated, the lighting effect will be better.

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LED panel lamp awareness will be greatly improved

The development of any law are spiral up the wave of forward, LED panel lights are also large areas of homogeneous competition, and even vicious competition are very likely to appear. As the Seoul into the field of LED panel lights earlier, relative to other enterprises have the initiative, but with the market environment changes, enter the enterprise increased, this advantage has gradually diluted, with the market price competition pressure is also growing. It is in such a grim competition background, in order to ensure product advantages, we continue to research and development in the large panel lights to achieve a breakthrough in the industry – the lamp body from the four aluminum stitching, upgrade to die-casting forming, And the structure of the two major breakthroughs.

Relative to 2013, with the LED panel light products and the popularity of the application, this year we have the awareness of the panel lights have also been greatly improved. With the maturity of the domestic market, this year will be more concerned about the domestic lighting market, and will increase the brand through the operation of the domestic market development.

LED panel lights as a technology innovation products, LED panel lights large-scale production and market development in the country are no precedent to follow. Therefore, to carry out a good LED lighting industry, from the strategic development of new industries, to compete with others must grasp the high-end core technology, or is for others to make wedding dress.

And the fact that good things can stand the test of the market, at this stage is led capacity rise, but in the rise of the product in many manufacturers to step up the pace of production, there are other issues need to be carefully considered, because many manufacturers To join the production, in the future will make this product also entered the scope of price war, so that although consumers will benefit, but the price war also means that the product yield is reduced, the frequency of defective products once the rise of the market and Consumers are a double-edged sword, how to grasp the new product market, many businesses need to seriously consider the issue.

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