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LED panel lights swept the terminal BYD gains gold ball award

Nowadays, LED technology continues to develop, LED panel lights also usher in the rapid development, and quickly become the lighting market, “the new darling”, because LED panel lights uniformity, soft, comfortable, widely used in office, home and other places, Has also become the LED era to replace the traditional grid lamp the best products.

2015 gifted LED Golden Globes officially ended, BYD also with the election project LED panel lights CL-60Q1 gains panel lights Golden Globe Award, also selected as well as Cheng Tai Electric election LED flat lamp.

It is understood that BYD lighting as the BYD Group in the field of new energy in the important layout, has been the concept of brand building brand-oriented, and always adhere to the “technology, quality, responsibility,” three strict demands on themselves, focusing on technological innovation, in a number of technologies Level to meet international standards, some technical parameters even beyond the imported products.

“The award-winning CL-60Q1LED panel light, power 40W, color temperature 4000K, the whole light efficiency of 120lm W, color rendering index 86, the product using light efficiency up to 150lm W and through the LM80 lamp beads, driven by Constant current drive, wide voltage input, and support 0-10V dimming, the product has passed UL, FCC, LM79, DLC and other certification. “BYD lighting sales director Xiao Zhiyong mentioned.

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Xiao Zhiyong introduction, BYD lighting has a strong R & D team, always adhere to the “technology is king, the quality of winning” concept, to ensure product quality under the premise of technological innovation, reduce production costs, designed to bring more users More cost-effective products.

“For example, at present we are more than Yadi lighting products from raw materials selection, product design, product process and product testing in four areas, to create a BYD lighting characteristics of the four fine system to ensure that the product is stable and durable, bright as one. Xiao Zhiyong said.

And then, BYD will be based on the North American market special technical requirements, equipped with professional research and development, testing team, with high quality, qualified products into the North American market to accelerate its brand in the North American market, the rapid spread.

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