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led panel light market survey in chinese lighting

At present, LED panel light market has become a major brand competition for the huge “cake”, but companies want to long-term possession and continue to expand this a “cake”, from the price, materials, technology and channels, effort.

1, where your price?

In recent years, LED panel light market demand continues to expand, LED panel light market is also increasingly popular, and its market share in the rising. With the LED panel light technology is maturing, LED chip prices continue to regulate and decline, LED panel lights prices from the initial few hundred dollars to today’s 200 yuan. And for now, LED panel lights are still “tall on” mean? The domestic 12 brands of LED panel lights for the price statistics and analysis.

1, the overall high terminal prices.

In the investigation of 16 different power LED panel lights, the terminal price of more than 100 yuan to occupy the majority, accounting for 75%. According to research in the country more than the market that, at present, the major brands of LED panel lights are generally high prices, and the recent decline is not large, and even consumers called “tall” products, such as Op lighting, the at chinese market Star Power, Akinobu LED, Yongke Optoelectronics and other brands of LED panel lights prices are high.

Among them, Op lighting LED panel lamp price is relatively high, the side light 20W panel lights and direct type 36W panel lamp prices are 407 yuan and 550 yuan, is one of the few high-end market price. In addition, the Wing Branch photoelectric direct type 25W LED panel lights priced at 450 yuan, the price level and Op lighting compared to comparable; Wing Branch photoelectric direct type 9W LED panel lamp price of 130 yuan, for many consumers Words are still high consumer goods.

2, the side of the direct-type light-emitting more expensive.

At present, in the domestic lighting market, the market share and popularity, the side-emitting LED panel lights compared to direct-type LED panel lights to be higher prices. Statistics show that the survey of 12 brands, the production side of the LED panel light brand has 10, the production of direct-type LED panel light brand only seven. Zhaoxin LED indoor lighting division general manager Zhang Linsen introduction, side-emitting LED panel light quality light weight, easy installation and transportation advantages, welcomed by the market.

It is understood that side-emitting LED panel lamp price is relatively straight price is more expensive, because the side-emitting LED panel lamp technology is relatively complex, which is determined by the side of the product structure, Board these three optical originals.

Guangzhou Yong Branch photoelectric marketing director Dr. Tang Zhengning introduction, the product structure determines the side-emitting LED panel lights than the direct type of technology and processes to be complex, leading to product yield and product uniformity are more difficult to control.

3, product positioning and price is proportional to.

According to the survey, China’s different lighting areas of LED panel light product prices are quite different, in Guangzhou, Foshan, Shanghai and other places of higher prices of enterprises, such as the at chinese market Star Power, Akinobu LED, Optoelectronics, Etc .; in Zhongshan and other places of the relatively low prices of enterprises, such as Ao Kete, the Asian lighting, green-volt lighting, and so on.

Among them, the same side-emitting 18W LED panel lights, the country Star Power, Acer letter LED terminal prices were 187.5 yuan and 150 yuan, higher than the Okot and Illuminations of this product several times the price of the product . The Op Direct lighting type 36WLED panel lamp price of 550 yuan, is the same as the direct type 36W Friends of Ka 7.33 times. In addition, in the survey of the Zhongshan area of ​​Ocote lighting, lighting, green lighting, three green lighting, the 18WLED panel lamp terminal prices are below 50 yuan, largely, or its corporate positioning and product positioning is different .

2, where the technical difficulties?

LED panel light structure includes frame, diffusion plate, light guide plate, lamp beads, drive power, aluminum plate and other components. The part of the brand of the framework, diffusion plate, light guide plate, chip, power and other components of the statistics, and compare them.

1, frame: frame strength affect durability.

LED panel lights frame material used in different, the thermal performance is not the same. According to statistics, the use of different brands of frame materials are mainly aluminum, steel, PC, A6063, aluminum, steel and other materials. Among them, the statistics of the 16 products, the frame material used mainly to aluminum products, 13, accounting for 81.25%; frame material mainly used in two steel, plastic one. at chinese market Star Lighting Division Xu Zhenfeng, general manager, said the framework is an important part of panel lights, high-intensity framework to make panel lights more durable.

LED panel light frame material use

2, diffusion plate: different materials, different light transmittance.

The role of the diffusion plate is to light the light guide plate evenly shed, but also play the role of fuzzy outlets, the use of materials are mainly A Lectra, PC, PS and so on. It is understood that the acrylic light transmittance of 92%, PC 88%, PS probably also 80%, acrylic light transmittance higher than the PC, and the lower cost, while its anti-aging performance is weak; and PC material expensive, But strong anti-aging properties.

LED panel light diffusion plate material use

According to statistics, in the survey of products, the use of acrylic materials, there are three, the use of PC 3, the use of PS 6, the use of PP and PMM respectively 1. Can be seen from the data, acrylic, PC, PS LED panel lights become the mainstream material diffusion plate.

3, light guide plate: a great impact on the light effect plate.

The light guide plate functions to refract light rays in the direction parallel to the light transmission plate to be perpendicular to the direction of the light transmission plate and to reflect the light reflected from the light guide plate to the back surface of the flat lamp by the reflection paper. In this process, but also as much as possible to reduce the light failure, in general, light guide plate light efficiency depends largely on the network design, followed by the choice of sheet. In the survey of 16 products, there are five products selected acrylic light guide plate, accounting for up to 31.25%.

Guangzhou Yong Branch photoelectric marketing director Dr. Tang Zhengning introduction, translucent plate light transmittance relative to the whole light effect of the smallest, if the whole light quality is relatively fly, then, in addition to these, in the assembly process also need to light board and guide Light board side, accurately aligned, or else will greatly reduce the light effect; the same time, we must pay attention to light-emitting paper, light guide plate, translucent plate to work closely with, otherwise it will leave gaps affect the optical path.

4, power: constant current power supply mode high efficiency.

At present, the LED lamp has two kinds of drive power mode, a constant current power supply, this model high efficiency, PF value up to 0.95, cost-effective; Another is to use constant voltage with constant current power supply, stable performance, High cost, the general use of this power is mainly exported, the other certification requirements, the need to use the safety of the power supply. According to reports, the family is very safe to use constant current power supply, because users are difficult to access to power, while the lamp body itself is safe to use low-voltage.

Day photoelectric commercial lighting operations center, general manager of Dr. Lu Ting Song, the photoelectric focus only on the LED panel lights, and its products have been 3C, CE, UL, TUV certification. LED panel lights mainly by the lamp beads, power, light guide plate, diffusion plate and other components, the assembly process in the assembly will have a lot of instability factors, LED panel lights is not a simple “assembly”, with rich LED panel lights Manufacturing process of enterprises in order to ensure product quality.

3, the region who is the most fire?

1, NVC, Op, three male aurora ranked three.

Through the 15 provinces in the country LED panel lights in the regional market visibility of the top three brands to investigate and statistics, the data show that NVC lighting in nine regional markets in the top three list, the highest frequency of the brand, and the Op lighting, three male Aurora respectively in 8 and 7 regional markets in the top three.

Part of the LED panel light brand at chinese market market heat

Chengdu Dian Liang Liang, general manager of lighting introduced Ma Yuan, NVC and three male Aurora, the sun lighting in the local LED panel light market are doing well, with LED panel lights use more and more widely, NVC and other brands in the market performance is more eye-catching. It is understood that, in 2014, NVC lighting operations center in Guangxi’s annual sales of up to 300 million, of which LED panel lights up 15%; Inner Mongolia NVC lighting agents, Hai Sheng Tak Trade’s annual sales of 1.5 million yuan , LED panel lights accounted for 8%.

Op lighting LED panel lights in the regional market is also doing well, its visibility in the at chinese market market is also ranked second. According to reports, Op lighting brand awareness, and its many at chinese market distribution outlets, supermarkets in the country are located in a prominent position. According to Op lighting operations center in Guangxi, the 2014 LED sales of 300 million, LED panel lights accounted for about 3%, an increase of 15%.

As the three traditional lighting brand three male Aurora is also outstanding, appear in many regional markets LED panel light brand awareness in the top three list. Among them, three male · aurora, with annual sales of 700 million, LED panel lights accounted for 9%, ranking the Sichuan market LED panel light brand awareness first. In the Anhui market, three male Aurora in the promotion of LED panel lights, has been very good feedback.

In addition, the history of Ford lighting LED panel lights in Beijing, Ganqing Ning, Henan, Shanxi and other markets a strong performance, the industry fully affirmed. Foshan lighting industry with many years of precipitation, LED panel lights in the country market is also very popular. Kamei lighting, sunshine, wood Linsen, Tao broadcast, a cry and many other brands in the regional market performance is more prominent, accounting for a certain LED panel lamp market share.

led ceiling light panel lowes

2, unknown brand sales.

NVC, Aoxiong, Aurora, and other major well-known brands in the lighting market has a high visibility, but according to the at chinese market market sales survey, the country more than the LED panel lamp market share for a large extent unknown brand Possession.

Part of the regional LED panel lights comprehensive visibility of the top three brands

According to the Shanghai survey data, NVC, Op and other brands of LED panel lamp sales well, Shanghai consumers are still price-oriented, some unknown brands of LED panel lights occupy about 80% market share. It is understood that consumers in the choice of flat light, the more value on the price, while the major brands of LED panel lights higher prices. According to Henan market research and analysis, Henan, the largest market sales of the brand is mainly located in Zhongshan, Guangdong and Jiaxing, Zhejiang small and medium-sized brand products, and local consumers more recognized only product prices, quality second. Similarly, many businesses reflect the Hubei, Zhejiang Jiaxing some unknown brand of LED panel lights larger sales.

4, choose you understand?

Through the visit to the lighting industry professionals around the country, “how to choose a good LED panel light” method of collection and collation.

1, dealers and consumers to the quality of the benchmark, choose large manufacturers, big brands, this is the premise of choice LED panel lights, but also enterprises to protect consumer rights and interests of the most effective protection;

2, do not blindly to price-oriented, should be more from the product of the light effect, the appearance of materials, energy-consuming life, quality and other considerations, the choice of cost-effective products;

3, the choice of LED panel lights, the consumer should first consider the safety of the product, whether the product is a variety of safety certification;

4, to understand whether the manufacturer is simply processing and assembling LED panel lights, whether the ability to control the LED panel light industry chain of resources enterprises;

5, consumers should be based on their actual needs, such as indoor lighting needs, and then choose their own needs for products;

6, good quality LED panel lights should be luminous uniform, efficient, energy saving, non-glare, good heat dissipation, light and small appearance of exquisite products;

7, consumers can also work from the LED panel lights when the relevant parameters, such as whether the standard life to measure, select stable performance of the product;

8, consumers can choose to independent innovation, with continuous research and development, production capacity of the brand name products.

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