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LED panel lights market in the low-end dominant

Benefit from the technology is mature, quality improvement, price decline, coupled with the efforts of many LED lighting business hard, the next few years LED indoor lighting will still maintain a rapid development trend. As an important component of LED indoor lighting, LED panel lights future market potential can not be underestimated.

Over the past two years, Chengdu terminal market has also emerged a variety of panel lights, LED lighting products series of lighting more than half of the panel lights are sold, lighting exhibition LED panel lights are also increasing the market share The rate increased significantly. Which has NVC, Tao broadcast, Op and other more common panel lights brand, more is anonymous small brand.

According to the survey, the Chengdu area currently sold on the market better LED panel lights models 8W and 10W (300 * 300) and 15W (300 * 600). 40W LED panel lamp sales are relatively small, different models of different wattage between the price difference is also very far.

cree 1x4 led troffer

Price constraints

Reporters visited the terminal market found that the current Chengdu 10W (300 * 300) LED panel lights priced from 50 yuan to 150 yuan range, 40W (600 * 600mm) LED panel lights retail price from 220 yuan to 800 yuan Not even, even with the same brand will be different, especially between the high wattage price gap is obvious, the entire terminal market price is more chaotic.

“Now LED panel lights sales are not so optimistic, and sometimes even a month can only sell a few panel lights, mainly by the price constraints.Although last year, LED panel lights after a few years,” said a dealer, Round prices, the average price cut about 30%, and some brands even down to five percent, but the overall price is still high.

Panel lights are usually sold through the project channels, the project more goods will not be preferred goods, “brand name”, but a comprehensive consideration of the price and quality, the choice of low-end brand is relatively large probability. But unlike the bulb, the LED panel light is not the lower price of the more popular, those affordable, high quality panel lights more favored by consumers.

“We usually also at the same time several brands of panel lights, according to the needs of consumers recommended, comprehensive low-end brand to see more advantages.” During the reporter’s visit, many dealers mentioned this.

Value the quality

With the consumer awareness of LED products to improve the price is no longer the only factor to decide whether to buy, some consumers pay more attention to the quality of the product.

“Our product positioning in the high-end, 40W LED panel light wholesale price of 220. Li Baoan LED panel lights focus on quality, our products using side luminous technology, refers to more than 80, lamp life design for ten years. Light color uniform no dark area, very suitable for office lighting. “Shenzhen Li Baoan electronic regional manager Chen Junchao told reporters.

According to the current purchase of consumers, dealers believe that those who are affordable, the quality of the LED panel lights are still more market.

“Although the impact of the price is obvious, LED panel lights or the brand route to go, so the quality is more assured.With LED technology updates, raw material prices, flat lamp prices will be reduced, the future market space will be greater. “US home lighting dealer Chen Lida said.

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