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LED panel lights “different” protruding sales battlefield fear “damage”

Through the October 18-21 held during the 12th ancient town of light Fair, the project panel found that the current town of Light Fair main venue suddenly there are many LED panel lights, LED flat lights finished products and accessories business Cut a striking figure, which is much beyond the reporter expected. During the exhibition, the reporter interviewed several of the main LED panel lights finished products and accessories business, the respondents are all that LED panel lights this year, sales rose straight up. Therefore, in order to explore whether the LED panel lights “Following the LED ceiling lamp, a new generation of sales of the king,” the problem, after the show, the project panel by visiting the market, market research and interview business executives, found LED panel Lamp sales are indeed more than ever.

Sudden emergence

LED lights so much, why LED panel lights can be sudden emergence? Reporter analysis, there are five reasons:

First, so far, LED home lighting market outbreak, LED home lighting has become the focus of many companies focus. Many LED indoor lighting have developed, such as LED ceiling light, LED ceiling lamps, LED panel lights are no exception. And LED panel lights have gradually converted its role, from the early functional lighting gradually into the main lighting, so LED panel lights can act as LED ceiling light, but also as the role of LED ceiling lamp.

Second, LED panel lights as a newer product, has begun to replace the grille lights. The main LED panel lights and light guide plate Dengli photoelectric told reporters that due to the characteristics of the product, replacing some of the old products, and LED panel light material environmental protection, power consumption, light and other advantages are relatively strong, and more energy efficient, Environmental protection and beautiful, so the regional alternative to the traditional grid lights and other products.

Third, LED panel lights with high efficiency and energy saving, luminous uniform, ultra-thin ultra-light, stable and durable and other product features, more advantages. LED panel light to LED patch as a light source, through the light guide plate or diffusion plate, can effectively disperse the light of the direct, making the light is not glare soft, and uniform light, high brightness, the appearance of its streamlined for high-end hotels, offices, schools , Hospitals or residential and other places. Data show that in 2012 LED panel lights in the architectural lighting market penetration rate as high as 56%.

Fourth, LED panel lights can be stereotypes, can be shaped, the application continues to expand. With the LED lighting in the commercial lighting and home lighting market popular, LED panel lights design, according to the size or shape of the different, used in LED kitchen and toilet lights, LED lamps and other LED lamps.

Five, LED panel lights gradually replaced the LED ceiling, LED ceiling lamp part of the market. The end of last year to the first half of this year, LED ceiling lamps are more popular, but the second half of this year, LED ceiling lamp sales trend has declined, the other hand, LED panel lights against the market. The main LED panel lights dragon star general manager Long Shuai that LED ceiling lamp and LED panel lights there is a difference between: ceiling lamps more rigid, more mature, consumers contact for a long time, Shenmeipao, panel lights, although the style is not very much , But wins in the product novel, consumer demand suddenly increased.

It can be seen, LED panel lights become a lot of LED companies concerned about the new bright spot, but also understandable, become a new generation of home lighting LED sales can not say that the king can not say.

Sales performance is not ideal

The LED panel lights in the market more popular, but by visiting the market, market research and interview business executives, the reporter found that LED panel lights for many LED companies are still very strange, and even LED panel lights with other categories of LED lamps Confused, and the main LED panel lights the number of enterprises is very small, even if there is production LED panel lights, but also as a matching. In many LED companies, LED panel lights and did not get attention. Some of the respondents also said that LED panel lights sales were more stable, sales share was flat.

The reason is that LED panel lights there are some disadvantages: the price is more expensive reasons, LED panel lamp market penetration is still relatively low, there are data show that in 2012 LED panel lights in industrial lighting applications penetration rate of only about 6 %, 2012 LED panel lights in the commercial lighting market penetration rate has reached 15%, 2012 LED panel lights in the residential lighting market penetration of about 13%. Compared to LED ceiling light, LED ceiling lamp, LED panel lights are more novel, the market share is still relatively low, so LED companies generally not immediately launched, such as the industry’s leading LED lighting brand DTL, in June this year, DTL side launched LED panel Light, but will be pushed to the country next year, the current market in Guangdong alone, this is because compared to other markets, Guangdong economy is more developed, the market is more mature, consumer acceptance of LED panel lights are relatively high.

In order to replace the traditional lamp market and occupy part of the LED lamp market share, the price factor will be LED panel lights current and future threshold. There are respondents told reporters, LED panel lights this year, although the price has been falling, but the price decline is not very obvious, the high-end brand prices remain high “water level”, 15W LED panel lights from 100 yuan to 800 yuan have. And small businesses have begun early low-cost war, the market also appeared for the price of 20 dollars a few pieces of 15W LED panel lights phenomenon.

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The same is the LED panel lights, the gap actually reached several times, there are interviewed business owners that this is the product positioning and market development of the results, but also know the boss but I do not know why. LED panel lights in the quality control, the light guide plate is a very critical component, many manufacturers in the material “big fuss.” Sheng Naisi LED lighting person in charge that the light guide plate in the choice of great effort, light guide plate design must meet the requirements of this paragraph LED panel lights, must use the best products, not map cheap, after all, a penny A sub-goods. Another diffusion plate, reflective film, heat and other links must also be done.

In summary, LED panel lamp sales is the fact that the board is stapled, but whether it is LED home lighting field of the new generation of sales of the king can not determine its sales rose also told the industry a message: LED panel lights may be LED business A new battlefield.

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