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LED panel lights are LED era of successful innovative products

LED panel lights due to soft light, beautiful appearance, has been widely favored by European and American merchants, a large number of foreign investors are buying good quality, good service, good price of panel lights products and suppliers; it seems only a simple lighting, but because of Its high market positioning determines the customer’s quality requirements for this product is extremely harsh, coupled with the product itself involves materials, optics, structure, hardware, electronics and other fields, the general company does not have a complete development team and sufficient development Experience and follow-up of the supply chain management capabilities, it is difficult to really successful development, coupled with the understanding of the market requirements are not clear, so a lot of development costs cast in exchange for only a customer does not recognize the product.

Panel lights currently in the market products are positive luminescence and side light two practices. Side light type panel light through the middle part of the three components: diffuser, light guide plate, reflective film, the most important is the light guide plate material, light transmission must be very good job, LED surface and light guide plate Of the immediate close and in the center position in order to use the effective light as much as possible. Ortho-type panel lights, similar to the structure of the side light, but the light source is evenly distributed in the back of the acrylic plate, can not do very thin, light source and light guide plate focal length can not be too close, the two factors such as poorly considered Particle light source, affecting the appearance. The solution is to thicken the size of the whole lamp, so the whole is higher than the side shot cost. But the brightness is higher than the side-mounted panel lights.

As the general panel lighting utilization is not very high, light loss is relatively large, especially the side light type, so the general power of the panel lights are relatively large, for example, the market 600 * 600 panel lights are generally done 50 ~ 60W or even Higher, to replace the same size of the grille, there are many companies are directly to the daylight to do light, such as: NVC, goods, Yaming and so on.

Summary The current LED panel lights have the following advantages

1, LED panel light is the use of LCD backlight technology, a unique thermal design to ensure that the LED high efficiency, low light, long life

2, no ultraviolet and infrared, harmless to the object.

3, the surface smooth bright uniform light, soft not dazzling.

4,100 ~ 240VAC input voltage, high power efficiency. Start time is short, not flashing.

5, easy to install, environmental protection, safety, pollution.

6, stable performance, low maintenance rate, versatility, easy to install space savings.

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The current use of panel lights still need to consider the issue, LED panel lights, although there is no glare, luminous uniform and many other advantages, but now want to replace the grille light to be time, the problem is:

1, light efficiency: because the use of backlight form, the light efficiency is low, the ordinary light guide plate light efficiency of 50 to 60%, so to achieve the brightness requirements are bound to high power, high power and no energy.

2, the price: As to improve the brightness, so the number of LED to more heat can not be too small, plus the light plate itself, the price is high, so the price above is not much advantage.

3, the weight: the want to, raw materials are solid price, certainly not light

So I think that LED panel lights want to use a lot of time also need a little time, but because of its uniformity and aesthetics, follow-up will become mainstream.

Industry point of view

LED panel lights after full competition, the price will be close to the market a large-scale use of the critical point. But if its market is not in place the popularization of work, technical bottlenecks have not been an effective breakthrough, product innovation is not enough, will greatly affect the LED panel lights on the traditional grille and downlight replacement. Face up to the current LED panel light industry development, can effectively promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry.

I do a very long time to do LED, LED in the face of the direction of the transition to the lighting in 2008, I began to think about what kind of LED lighting products can be welcomed by the market, how to successfully convert the LED into lighting. Now the LED tube, LED bulb, do not need to think, is to change the light source, this replacement did not create any value. And I want to do relatively new, more able to meet the mass consumer products. Finally, we according to the computer and television screen principle, developed a LED panel lights.

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