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LED panel light: the market competitiveness has been fully reflected

Technological innovation and economic development have unwittingly changed people’s lives. Today’s protagonist to be introduced is one of: LED panel light.

LED panel light with a unique SMD chip as a light source, coupled with the light guide plate and (or) diffuser, LED flat lamp ultra-thin design not only provide lighting, but also add artistic beauty.

At present the main use of LED panel light office lighting, classroom lighting, hospital lighting, hotel lighting.

In the newly emerging LED lighting, the traditional fluorescent lamp T5, T8 grid LED lights for the main panel of the main competitors. With the price of LED flat panel lamp has been close to the traditional grid lights, LED panel lamp market competitiveness fully demonstrated. LED panel light as a traditional grille and opal lamp replacement, more and more welcome.

First, the classification of LED flat lamp

By shape:

LED panel light can be divided into square, rectangular, round, round and other foreign. (Generally speaking, the same with the traditional shape of the grille lamp, to say it is replaced?)

According to the specification size:

300mmx300mm, 300mmx600mm, 300mmx1200mm, 600mmx600mm. (These are the basic modulus of space.) What is the modulus?

According to the installation method:

Mainly flat-type (T-keel), embedded (hole), buckle-mounted (triangular keel); hanging and ceiling. (咦, What is the keel? Really want to know please leave a message, the next article introduces keel and modulus.)

By light way:

There are two main side-emitting LED flat panel light and back-emitting LED flat panel light (direct type). (That is, side-in and straight-down, uh, banning associations.)

The following gifted gifted Milky Way Galaxy series products as an example to take a look at several installation methods:

There are different ways of light, take a look at the difference in appearance, followed by a special introduction of pros and cons:

Second, the advantages and disadvantages of side-emitting and back-emitting LED panel light

1, side-emitting LED flat panel light

Side-emitting LED panel light mainly by the frame bracket, diffuser, reflector, light guide plate, driver, light bar composition.

At present, the main light-guiding materials are polystyrene (PS), PC (polycarbonate) and PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) acrylic.

Side of the lack of LED flat panel lamp mainly as follows:

First, energy efficiency is low. Not difficult to imagine, to place the LED light guide plate down around the guide, the export efficiency is lower than the direct type, resulting in lower overall energy efficiency.

Second, the quality requirements of the light guide plate higher. If the design is not good, there will be light in the middle, dark on both sides, or into the bright side of the light, or different angles of brightness inconsistencies and other phenomena affect the lighting quality. (Workers want good things, we must first sharpen its products to be done, materials to be in place, Tong Ren Tang couplet how to say?

Third, the reliability is relatively poor. As the light-emitting panel side light guide plate, reflective ink and reflective film is always at a relatively high temperature, it is easy to aging yellow, resulting in lower light rate, greatly reduced lamp life.

2, back light LED flat panel light

Back-emitting LED flat panel lamp, is the direct type, is the light source evenly distributed in the back of the diffuser, directly down the photos.

Back-emitting LED panel light relative to the side-emitting LED panel light has the following advantages:

First, energy efficiency. The light emitted by the LED is directly irradiated by the diffuser, which improves the system energy efficiency of the lamp. (The benefit of going straight is efficiency.)

Second, the cost is low. Eliminating the cost of the light guide plate, making the lamp cost reduction, large internal space, the design is more flexible.

Third, the light is light. Light quality, because eliminating the light guide plate.

Fourth, high reliability. We know that in the lamp design, the performance of each component and the material used will determine the performance of the lamp, increase the components and reduce the reliability. So if the use of better quality (attention Oh, this is the premise) diffusion plate, lamps and lanterns to ensure a longer life expectancy.

Is there really only the advantages of products without disadvantages? That everyone is using the straight type is good, what side-entry type? As the saying goes: sugar cane does not have two sweet.

cree 1x4 led troffer

Backlit LED flat panel lamp main drawback is that can not be done too thin. the reason is:

First, there must be a certain distance between the LED light source and the diffusion plate, otherwise the light-emitting point will be visually seen. (So ​​straightforward is often unacceptable.) This will inevitably lead to an increase in the thickness of the lamp, so that the cost of the lamp housing increases. (That thin as the cicada’s future, can not stand the cost of demolition.) And increased thickness, it increases the optical transmission, so that the energy efficiency of lighting to reduce the need to find ways to overcome.

Second, because the lamp beads are fixed on the back plate, the cost will be high if the back plate is made of a piece of aluminum plate. If using a strip of aluminum, fixing and positioning is another problem.

Third, LED flat light should be transported Prospect

Finally, we use one sentence to look forward to the future.

No, I want to say three things:

First, the market acceptance gradually increased, and the sales of the market gradually expanded. LED flat lamp because of the thin, sought after by the market. LED panel light should use the LED’s own characteristics and advantages, to meet the practical needs and maximize the energy efficiency of light under the premise of ultra-thin lighting, personalized appearance design, so as to be the future of general office lighting and commercial lighting market Lieutenant will occupy a place.

Second, a variety of customized LED flat panel lamps will appear. With the use of LED drive technology advances and the development of intelligent systems, LED panel light will also diversify. For example, dimmable LED panel light, LED panel light and a series of new products will be gradually sought after in the market.

Third, the problem of maintaining difficulties will be solved. Different from the traditional fluorescent grille light, LED lamps if the light source is broken, the entire lamp have to be replaced, the maintenance cost is relatively high. This is a common problem faced by all LED lamps. I believe that as technology advances, there will be a corresponding solution.

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