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LED lighting market and channel analysis analysis

In the second half of 2014, the external environment unfavorable factors, the overall domestic economic situation weakened, the upstream real estate industry slowdown and reduce the project. But the LED lighting industry is still maintaining high growth momentum, further accelerate the penetration, the price decline narrowed, the three-line market growth gratifying, corporate channels continue to sink, business growth, home start, the overall benefits of dealers, inventory operations stable. The domestic market to maintain 25% growth rate, the annual growth situation clear.

First, the first half of 2014 LED lighting market operating conditions

1. LED lighting products to achieve rapid growth in sales

(1) the third quarter of the market continues to grow rapidly, but the heat slightly faded

2014 is the LED lighting products in the domestic market began to penetrate the first year, the retail sales to achieve rapid growth. According to CSAResearch joint large lighting channel survey data show that in the first half, the domestic market entities dealer channel LED lighting product sales growth rate of 27.8%.

Into the second half, by the national economic slowdown and the impact of real estate shrinking, LED lighting products, the growth trend has slowed. The first three quarters of the domestic market entities dealer channel growth rate of about 25.5% year on year, the chain slightly down 3 percentage points, but still much higher than other industry growth (according to the National Bureau of Statistics data, 2014 Q3 China average GDP growth rate 7.3%). Among them, the chain, the third quarter sales increased by 20.99% over the second quarter.

From the specific business level, there are still more than 85% of the dealers reflect the 2014 LED lighting sales in 2013 to achieve a more significant growth, but to achieve high-speed growth of businesses (that is, more than 30% growth in business) accounted for only To about 20%, compared with the previous two quarters decreased by 10 percentage points. Overall, the third quarter, compared with the previous two quarters, growth has slowed.

LED lighting penetration rate has become the direct engine of this year’s market outbreak. As of the end of August, the overall channel LED lighting products, the overall penetration rate has been as high as 68.44%, compared with 45.7% at the end of 2013 increased by 22.7 percentage points, while the chain, the third quarter penetration rate than the second quarter also increased by 10 About 100 percent, the overall penetration of nearly 7 percent. Volume and price reduction, the market heavy volume driven by accelerated growth in retail sales.

From the volume and price contribution rate, LED lighting prices this year, a comprehensive decline in the environment, the overall sales are still maintained as high as 25% growth rate, we can see the growth in sales growth contribution to the huge contribution rate. According to CSAResearch joint lighting research data show that the third quarter of 2014, the bulk of the retail channel LED lighting prices fell 9.91% quarter-on-quarter, coupled with the overall decline in the second quarter of about 8%, LED lighting products prices fell by about 18% , While sales rose 27% over the same period, which means that sales growth on the overall market growth rate of 120%.

(2) the three-line market broke out, the central region market is starting

LED lighting market by the huge profits of the temptation, manufacturers and distributors of LED lighting products to promote efforts to increase, one, two market has long been into the popular stage, three, four markets also followed.

From the market level and channel point of view, compared to the first half of the secondary market outbreak of the third quarter since the third and fourth line of the outbreak of the market has become the highlight of the second half. (Second-tier cities, third-tier cities in accordance with the basic economic strength and status of the provisions of the division). According to CSAResearch joint lighting research data show that as of August 2014, three-line, four-line market penetration increased by 19 percentage points, and its sales also increased by 26% over the same period last year.

Reflected from the dealer, more than 95% of the third-line market dealers have achieved growth, of which 35% of the dealers to achieve high-speed growth (that is, sales increased by more than 30%). With the brand to strengthen the channel development and sinking, three lines, four lines of urban growth on the overall market growth contribution rate of more than 40%.

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From the specific market point of view, the main growth point of the three-tier market is indoor lighting, especially business, hotel, office and other commercial lighting growth rate of more than 30%, while outdoor lighting development is relatively slow, in addition to home lighting market is gradually open The Third-line market, the fastest growing lighting products are all kinds of light, the growth rate of up to 40%, the average growth rate of flat lights up to 30%.

And three, four lines of the city relative to the first-tier cities by the real estate growth slowdown dragged down and manufacturers channel sink the role of diversion, growth has begun to slow down. From the data point of view, the first-tier market, one-third of the dealer sales showed a significant decline over the same period last year, medium-sized (annual sales of 500,000 yuan to 500 million) affected by smaller, and small dealers (Annual sales of 500,000 yuan in the following) and large wholesale-based distributors (sales of more than 500 million) affected by the largest, nearly half of the dealer sales decline. Which is the most obvious decline in the category of light and ceiling, but the average price of more than 300 yuan of ceiling lamps still maintain a 24% growth rate.

From the regional point of view, the fastest penetration in North China, the average penetration rate of up to 75%, some shops LED sales accounted for even more than 80% or more. Midwest region permeability is low, especially in Chongqing, Hubei, Guizhou and other places less than 40% of the infiltration.

The central region and the east coast of 2014, the fastest growing LED. Central region has been particularly prominent this year, the overall penetration rate increased by 23 percentage points over 2013, channel business turnover increased by 4% over the same period last year, especially in Henan, Hunan and other regions.

Third-tier markets, the central region’s growth rate is mainly affected by several factors. A few years ago these areas of the LED penetration rate is low, the market has not really opened this year, the major lighting brand manufacturers began to strengthen the layout of these markets, billion light, sunshine, wood forest, Kamei, the United States, southeast, Panasonic Brands have held regional distributors in these areas meeting, and quickly promote the popularity of LED lamps in these areas.

The direct promotion of the manufacturers makes the three-line market consumers directly benefit: First, the distribution of distribution outlets and channel level flat, (many brands around the regional level in the three-line market direct distribution) makes the dealer to reduce the cost of imports to drive prices down; Is a lot of enterprises in the three-tier market preferential policies to further promote the enthusiasm of dealers.

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