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led lighting industry development in six directions to break the existing situation

With the gradual improvement of the requirements of lighting products, consumer demand diversification, personalization and refinement of development, lighting companies must market demand, deepen the blind spot of the needs of users to meet the diverse needs of consumers.

LED lighting industry development in six directions to break the existing situation

In addition, China has the world’s largest consumer market, the current consumption structure of urban and rural residents is from the survival of consumption to the development of consumption, from material consumption to service consumption, from traditional consumption to new consumption upgrade. Different groups, regions of the rigid demand for light industrial products and upgrading the demand for industrial development to provide a broad space.

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Light Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)” (referred to as “planning”) to guide the next five years of innovation and development of light industry to promote the “light industry” to “light industry” . Lighting industry as one of the light industry, the planning of the lighting industry, what is the development of guiding significance?

Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued the “Light Industry Development Plan (2016-2020)” (the “Plan”) to guide the implementation of the National Outline of the 13th Five-Year Plan and the “China-made 2025” Light industry innovation and development, to promote the “light industrial power” to “light industry power” change. Lighting industry as one of the light industry, the planning of the lighting industry, what is the development of guiding significance?

1, green transformation of cleaner production

“Planning” that the light industry to strengthen energy-saving environmental protection technology, technology, equipment, promote the use of the full implementation of cleaner production, and take the road of ecological civilization; In addition, from the supply side and demand side of the force, promote intelligent and green manufacturing, optimization Industrial structure, construction of intelligent, green, service and internationalization of the new light manufacturing system for the building of manufacturing power and services to build a well-off society laid the foundation for the goal.

Green transition as one of the key industries, lighting industry in the clean production, green transformation of the task is more important. Through the implementation of green lighting projects, energy efficiency labeling management, environmental labeling certification, energy-saving product certification and energy-saving products, energy-saving products, energy-saving certification, energy-saving products, energy-saving products, Civil engineering, and improve the proportion of green energy-saving products market.

2, intelligent lighting into a potential growth pole

“Planning” clear, on the one hand, we must focus on promoting the smart manufacturing, to strengthen the standard needs to promote intelligent manufacturing research, establish and improve the integrated system of intelligent manufacturing standards; the other hand, the development of intelligent products and equipment, around intelligent product standards, , System integration and scale application of four areas, co-ordination to promote smart home, service robot, smart lighting appliances, wearable equipment and other products, research and development and marketing.

At the same time, the “planning” to develop a key industry technological transformation projects, covering LED lighting and application of new materials and enhance the intelligent lighting system; and key equipment manufacturing level upgrade project includes tube LED lights automated assembly equipment, led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights automated assembly equipment. Can be expected, the future, intelligent lighting, or will become an important growth pole of the industry, is an important opportunity for the development of lighting business.

In recent years, many lighting companies have been actively layout smart lighting, the industry is a topic of intelligent lighting to start a big discussion. However, the real smart lighting is what? The future of intelligent lighting will be how to develop? At present, the intelligent lighting in the lighting industry has not yet completely erupted, but the industry prospects for intelligent lighting and trend recognition is no doubt.

Wang Yicheng, president of Hongyan Electric said earlier, whether it is a single product, or a systematic product, the real popularity of not many reasons, the industry’s understanding of the wisdom of lighting is still fragmented, and his “smart lighting” this segment The future of the industry shows great optimism.

3, innovative design enhance quality

“Thirteen five” development of the guiding ideology, to improve the quality and efficiency of development as the center, to the depth of adjustment, innovation and upgrading the main line to the enterprise as the mainstay to enhance innovation, quality management and brand building capabilities focus. With the level of LED technology continues to improve, lighting companies only continue to enhance their innovative R & D, design capabilities, enhance product quality, in order to maintain the fierce competition in the market development and enhance their core competitiveness.

“Planning” clearly the key tasks of enterprises:

On the one hand, to further improve the industrial innovation system, to promote enterprises as the mainstay, market-oriented, political science, industry and research combined with the light industry innovation system, to 2016 “Lioness Cup” Nanhai Lighting Design Competition, for example, it is Foshan High-tech Industry Development Zone Management Committee, lighting associations, institutions of higher learning to participate in the contractor, cooperation, the lighting design talent to participate in the competition.

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On the other hand, we will strengthen the basic capability of light industry, accelerate the development and industrialization of key core technologies, and promote the construction of basic innovation platforms. We will adopt a new mode of enterprise-led collaboration, multi-investment and sharing of results, build a number of innovation platforms, Product joint development.

4, cultivate well-known brands to take the international strategy

By strong manufacturing advantages and industrial clustering advantages, China’s lighting industry in the global market occupies an important seat, by building a strong brand, and gradually become international, has become a large number of Chinese lighting business strategy. In the future, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in a clear development plan, “along the way” strategy and the international cooperation capacity support, more conducive to China’s lighting enterprises to implement international strategy.

“Planning” clear, to strengthen the brand development and competitive awareness, cultivate well-known brands, establish and improve brand management system, brand development work to enhance the core competitiveness; promote the international brand, improve lighting appliances, household appliances, hardware products To support the construction of brand service platform, to support a number of brand cultivation and operation of professional institutions, brand management consulting, marketing, etc. to promote the development of brand-name products; service.

5, urbanization Yun large demand

With the deepening of the new urbanization construction, will fully release the great potential of urbanization, but also for the sustained and healthy development of the lighting industry to provide lasting strong power. In fact, in recent years, many lighting companies have gradually in-depth three or four lines of the market, the market channels to further sink to quickly seize the huge market demand for three or four lines.

“Plan” that should actively explore the rural consumer market, expand with the new rural construction, rural infrastructure, supporting the production of light industrial products; use of e-commerce platform to promote the combination of online and offline rural marketing network and after-sales service system ; Combined with rural housing projects, to encourage enterprises in rural areas according to the use of the environment and consumption habits, to provide for the rural market of household appliances, furniture, metal products, lighting equipment, bicycles and other products to guide rural consumption upgrade.

6, increasing varieties to meet diverse needs

“Planning” clear lighting business development, we must first promote personalized customization, focusing on household appliances, lighting appliances, metal products and other industries to develop personalized custom, crowdsourcing design, cloud manufacturing and other new manufacturing model; Secondly, the development of green, Healthy multi-functional high-end products to support key enterprises to speed up efficient lighting products, smart home appliances such as development and marketing.

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