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LED light board lamps

Government actively promotes the goal of energy-saving and carbon-reduction toward a nuclear-free home. Apart from developing low-carbon electricity sources, the immediate way to promote this goal is to expand energy-saving applications. R & D and manufacturing base in Taiwan, the leading electronic ballast giant Kim Jong Electronics, launched the system luminous efficiency of world-class level 140-160lm / W LED light panel lamps, and LED flat panel lamps, T5 light steel frame lamps and T9 Compared with the light steel frame lamps, they can greatly reduce power consumption by about 50%, 68% and 75% respectively. It is an excellent choice for newly installed or refurbished energy-saving lighting at commercial buildings, factories, hospitals, stores and warehouses.

Under the leadership of Chairman Lin Kunde’s solid technical research and development capabilities, KINO Electronics Co., Ltd. has been cultivating lighting energy-saving technologies and power supply drivers in Taiwan for 20 years. Under the leadership of MIT Taiwan Manufacturing and promotion of industrial upgrading, KING Electronics transformed to LED Lighting System Factory 4 years ago , Integrated a number of related technologies, to escape the shackles of traditional lighting tubes and light bulbs and to exert the three major characteristics of high efficiency, long life and easy control of LED. The LED light panel combination luminaire with luminous efficiency of 160 lm / W has been developed. Exceeds the regulations that will come into effect in 2017 – V4.0, the latest technology from DC, sets luminous efficiency requirements at 130-140 lm / W. At present, many enterprises have installed and are estimated to help small and medium-sized enterprises save hundreds of thousands to millions of electricity bills annually. Large enterprises save millions to tens of millions of electricity bills.

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In the development of intelligent ultra-high light-efficiency lighting system, the leading industry in the development of gold Jin Electronics owns our patented low-voltage distributed lighting control system – addressable control components, in line with the cloud management, central servo controller. The traditional lighting control system mode need to distinguish between the power line and control signal line construction of the two circuits, the new electronic control system Jinjue combination of power lines and control signal lines, integrated into a loop (a multi-core line).

LED should be high-tech products, the annual performance continues to improve, but the price war in the market today, but at the expense of the product’s high performance and durability, the product life-long decline, resulting in consumer distrust of LED lamps and market confusion. In order to resolve the myth of purchasing LED lamps and lanterns, Jintao Electronics looks forward to new thinking of LED lighting and suggests that the industry should adopt a long-term macro perspective on total cost of ownership (Total Ownership Cost, total cost of procurement, refurbishment and operation) Correct economic evaluation.

Appropriate procurement guidelines, based on the number of lumens, and then select the low wattage, on behalf of more energy-efficient; depending on the product for the asset rather than consumables, choose high life and high warranty, from the power saving to buy the amount of light recovery; choose high luminous Efficiency, the better the effect of carbon reduction on behalf of electricity; high energy efficient representatives, simply by price considerations will be misled. Coupled with the need to have high performance, low glare, no flicker, is the quality of LED lamps.

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