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led flat panel lights which enhance the space

LED flat-panel light is playing an increasing role, flat-panel light, also known as LED flat-panel light, is a variety of LED lighting, lighting in the current mall, the flat lights into everyone like a lighting, dark horse Posture in the global lighting mall was attention.

lithonia 2x2 led troffer

At present, the development of LED lighting malls popular, and promote the rapid development of flat lamps and other lighting. This is mainly because the country on the increasing emphasis on energy-saving emission reduction, and introduced a related policy to support the development of energy-saving industries.

Flat lamps and other lighting fixtures in the field of operations and home lighting has an excellent use. According to the survey: LED lighting can save at least 75% of indoor lighting, LED lighting and thus become the first choice for all businesses and users.

Flat lamps and other lighting in the next 10 years, the estimated brightness can be increased by 20 times, while the cost will be reduced to the existing 1 Together with industry experts estimate that with the incandescent lamp to accelerate the pace of screening, the global LED lights will be a welcome investment in shopping centers is good, it is estimated that in 2015 China’s LED lighting production will reach 500 billion yuan, accounting for more than 30% of the mainland general lighting shopping malls.

Flat-panel lamps have a higher light efficiency than. Traditional incandescent lamp in the operation, 80-90% of the energy into heat, only about 10% of the energy into light energy. The flat-panel lights in the operation, LED electro-optical conversion power of 30% to 50%, three to five times the traditional incandescent. This means that, to achieve the same brightness, LED flat-panel lamp energy than traditional incandescent 60%. From the brightness perspective, LED and incandescent lamps in the same energy consumption case, the brightness of flat-panel lights higher.

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