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LED flat panel lighting business development direction and trends

With the accelerated development of LED industry, emerging LED lighting companies are also actively layout LED energy saving, environmental protection and other obvious advantages, but the glare problem has been to LED manufacturers headache. How to solve the problem of LED glare, for consumers to create a comfortable lighting environment has been the focus of research and development enterprises force. In this context, LED flat lights have obvious advantages. As LED LCD TV backlight technology derived from the LED panel lights, LED patch as an illumination source, plus light guide plate or diffusion plate, can effectively disperse the light directly to the formation of uniform light, no glare, fine structure, high efficiency And other characteristics, has been a lot of people love. 36-watt panel lighting efficiency is twice that of energy-saving lamps, three times the fluorescent lamp, ten times the incandescent lamp, energy-saving effect is very obvious. As a new type of light, LED panel lights have begun to replace the common grille, etc., more suitable for high-end hotels, offices, viewing balconies, corridors and other places.

According to the statistics:

2012 LED panel lighting in the building lighting market penetration rate of up to 56%

2012 LED panel lighting in the field of industrial lighting applications only about 6% penetration.

2012 LED panel lighting in the commercial lighting market penetration rate has reached 15%.

2012 LED panel lighting in the residential lighting market penetration of about 13%.

2012 LED panel lighting in the outdoor lighting market penetration of about 1%.

2013 global LED panel lighting market scale to maintain 30% growth rate should be expected, in 2020 the global LED panel lighting output value will reach 420 billion yuan. LED panel lights more and more widely, the growth rate is also much higher than other categories, more and more LED companies want LED panel lights in this sub-market share. As of November 2013, China has been engaged in LED panel lamp manufacturers have reached more than 2200 (APFE Conference statistics), LED flat light market prospects unlimited!

LED panel lights high efficiency, energy saving, fine structure, no glare, uniform light and other characteristics relative to other lighting lighting is obvious. As the LED panel lamp manufacturers, the use of existing market channels and brand advantage full LED panel lights this lighting products market penetration is hierarchical, hierarchical grading depends mainly on the user’s price sensitivity, energy urgency and so on. From the lighting application segment market point of view, a long time office lighting, commercial lighting demand is always the first outbreak of local lighting applications quickly penetrate, and ultimately gradually to the family lighting. Residential lighting is the largest application of the global market, LED panel lights to light bulbs quickly cut into the residential lighting market, replacing the traditional light bulbs, but the consumer for the price of high sensitivity.

At present, the constraints of LED panel lights quickly penetrate into commercial lighting, industrial lighting, architectural lighting and residential lighting the biggest factor or price.

samsung led flat panel lighting

The right is the best, how to manufacture LED panel lights in the process of manufacturing costs will be LED panel lights manufacturers focus on the issue.

“The third Shanghai International Backlight and Panel Light Technology Exhibition (APFE)” to backlight modules and panel lights manufacturing technology as the main line, a comprehensive display backlight module, panel lights, ultra-thin light box manufacturing materials and technology, the exhibition will Held in Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall from May 20 to 22, 2014, will solve the following related problems for LED panel lamp factory:

One: select the appropriate stable light source suppliers: with 3014 lamp beads, 3528, or 5050 other? LED panel lights all the optical performance to the supplier to solve.

Second: many aspects of consideration is the use of silk screen guide plate, laser engraving light guide plate, nano-printed light guide plate, or even light board? Which manufacturer’s original board? What kind of material guide plate?

Three: what material of the diffusion plate? PS, PMMA, PC or other? To single-sided matte or double-sided matte diffusion plate? Do you want to use 3D diffuser?

Four: light guide plate, the diffusion plate cutting with cutting machine, laser cutting machine or laser cutting machine? Which is more effective?

Five: with laser engraving machine, marking machine or laser marking machine? Which is more appropriate?

Six: polishing of the plate with which manufacturers of polishing machine is better?

Seven: high-end light guide plate manufacturers will show you a high-end technology of the light guide plate, the light guide plate to the light function and diffusion function integration, no longer use diffusion plate.

Eight: panel lights how to deal with the heat problem? Panel lights detection problems

Nine: constant current power supply or constant voltage with constant current power supply?

In summary, LED panel lamp factory in the face of competition in the industry and other lighting industry lighting competition, should be broken down market, hierarchical breakdown of the customer base of the market price sensitivity and energy urgency, select the appropriate suppliers and Equipped with precision production equipment, the development of market acceptance of LED panel lights. I believe that a few years, with the outbreak of home lighting and manufacturing costs to reduce the market demand for panel lights will continue to increase, promising future.

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