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led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights market potential unlimited who can seize the opportunity

The current global energy shortage, energy conservation is an important problem facing the future of mankind. 2016 is the “13th Five-Year Plan” in the first year, the Government and the market will be regarded as the most important energy-saving emission reduction, the state and government departments at all levels have introduced preferential subsidies to encourage the development of energy-saving environmental protection industry. LED as a new type of green light source products, driven by the state and the government to further develop, LED lighting market demand is rising. In the current lighting market, there is a class of LED lighting products market share is growing, play an increasingly important role – led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights. LED flat-panel lights in recent years has become a business and popular consumer favorite lighting, is a dark horse attitude in the global lighting market attention.

According to the research shows that, Guangdong as the country’s largest LED product exports, LED flat-panel lamp exports in 2015 ranked third, exports $ 949 million, accounting for 11.15%. Thus, LED flat-panel lamp rapid development of the situation, the market prospect is extremely broad.

The rapid rise of flat-panel lights

With the development of society, people’s living standards, ordinary lighting is not suitable for people’s needs, people began to pursue a green environment of life, the emergence of LED flat-panel lamp to meet the growing consumer demand for change.

First of all, LED flat panel lamp with energy saving features. Its high luminous efficiency and brightness advantages, flat light at work, LED electro-optical conversion efficiency of 30% to 50%, three to five times the traditional incandescent. That is to achieve the same brightness effect, the flat-panel lamp energy than traditional incandescent lamp more than 60%, and LED and incandescent lamp in the same energy consumption case, the brightness of flat-panel lamps higher. LED panel lighting technology is a green lighting technology, the product does not contain mercury, less waste, the manufacturing process is almost non-existent pollution.

Second, LED flat-panel lamp can not only provide lighting, and add artistic beauty. LED flat-panel lamp using a unique SMD patch as a light source, coupled with light guide plate and (or) diffusion plate, led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights with its ultra-thin design for the public favorite, both good lighting effects, but also give people Bring the feeling of beauty.

Finally, LED flat-panel light as the appearance of light, heat dissipation complete, with less heat, long life characteristics; and through an external controller for a variety of dynamic process control, such as color temperature regulation and regulation of light and shade; And glare generation, but also to protect eyesight, light color is more moderate, and stable performance, low maintenance, cost-effective, convenient transportation and installation to save space.

LED flat-panel lamp performance advantages and product features to launch soon after the general public accepted, LED lighting has just risen, the traditional fluorescent light-based T5, T8 grille for the LED flat-panel lamp’s main competitor. With the price of LED flat-panel lamp has been close to the traditional grille, led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights market competitiveness has been fully reflected, more and more affirmed by the market and consumers.

Side-emitting and back-lit LED flat-panel lamps

It is understood, LED flat-panel lamps by light-emitting side of the main categories are LED LED flat-panel light and back-lit led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights (direct type) two. The side-emitting LED flat-panel lamp is mainly composed of a frame bracket, a diffuser plate, a reflector plate, a light guide plate, a driving light bar and a light guide plate to guide the side light to the front side. Side light-emitting flat-panel lamp as the LED placed around the light guide plate through the light guide down, resulting in lower overall energy efficiency; and high quality requirements of the light guide plate, the reliability is relatively poor.

Compared with the side-emitting LED flat-panel light, the light source can be very evenly distributed behind the diffuser plate, and the down-illuminated LED flat-panel lamp will have more advantages: the first is that the light emitted by the LED flat panel will be irradiated directly through the diffusion plate The second is a light-emitting LED flat-panel light eliminates the light guide plate, so lighter weight; the third is to eliminate the light guide plate so that the cost of lower lighting, and the internal has a greater Of the space, the design is more flexible; the fourth is less required components, higher reliability, better quality.

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However, due to the need to ensure that lighting effects, back-lit LED flat-panel LED light source and diffusion plate to have a certain distance between the visual point of view to prevent the light, so can not do too thin, so the two led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lightss have excellent Poor, the designer or the user may carry on the suitable choice according to own demand.

How to choose led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights manufacturers?

LED flat-panel lamp is now in the market occupies a great advantage, more and more businesses or the public feel the consumption of LED flat-panel light energy-saving and convenient, but the face of fierce market competition for customers to choose a quality Good led flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp lights manufacturers is essential.

First, the product through the relevant certification: LED flat-panel lamp manufacturers in the choice of the time to see whether the relevant certification, look at the product material is exquisite workmanship, and products have been certified by the national quality system standards.

Second, the inspection of the scale of production manufacturers: decided to buy before the relevant LED flat-panel lamp manufacturers must conduct relevant field visits, inspection manufacturers of manufacturing capacity, whether to sign the contract, the strength of the manufacturers will not delay delivery, There are contractually guaranteed shipping dates.

Third, after-sales service: choose the problem of failure if the LED flat-panel lamp manufacturers can cause the responsibility to fulfill the return policy, but usually because the manufacturers cause the return policy, should be pick-up service from the factory door.

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