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led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamp sought after by consumers

Zhaoyuan no professional lighting market, shops are mainly concentrated in the integrated market, lantern brand stores hard to find, big shop positioning is not high, mostly in circulation and strong products. Zhaoyuan from the lighting market as a whole, the most take the amount or led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps, popular consumer sought after.

Yifeng Times Square in Zhaoyuan is a new integrated market, there are more than 10 lighting shops, the brand brought together three male Aurora, Honor, TCL, St. Jiali Bai Li. One of the largest is the Ou home, with a total area of ​​5,000 square, the main St. Jiali Bai, South and some free integration of the brand. Flat light display area is relatively large. Liu Kai, general manager, said Ou home building is a supermarket lighting, the main Mingmingtiaoxia, based Zhaoyuan, radiation surrounding the county. It is understood that Ou home on July 16 opening, will become the largest Zhaoyuan area lighting shops.

Actually home

Jinhui home building materials square

lithonia gtl led troffer

Home, Jinhui home building materials and Nan Platinum million decorative city has more than 20 lighting shops, convergence NVC, Op, Autran, Wang Kwong, Qi Hao and so on. And actually the home of the three lighting shops, whether it is atmosphere or brand, are better than the other two markets.

Zhaoyuan Wanjia lighting

Wanjia Lighting is located in the home, with a total area of ​​800 square, Main Philips, Qi Hao and so on. Proprietress Wang Guijie, said Wanjia lighting mainly works mainly in business, just business Qi Hao lanterns soon, but sales have been very good.

Zhaoyuan Shilipu Lighting City is located in Jincheng Road, an independent store, the upper and lower three, with a total area of ​​more than 1,000 square meters, the main NVC, Australia Keshi, flat light area accounted for a large area. Manager Yang Shaoliang said Zhaoyuan customer groups are mostly in the low-level income, spending power is not strong. Therefore, the flat lamp is very popular, very good sales.

Hedong Road and Hexi Road, there are more than 20 lighting shops, shop area is not large, mostly light, LED, according to business, home lighting and other relatively strong circulation of products, dealers are to Linyi getting goods.


Zhaoyuan a lot of larger lighting shops in the low-end multi-positioning, sales focus on quantity to win, but the profits are not. Many dealers admitted that there is a lantern demand, but demand is not large, and the loss of high-end customers serious, led to do not dare to let go lantern monopoly. In addition, although Zhaoyuan hundred counties, but the overall spending power is not strong, consumer attitudes are also conservative.

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