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led flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps market penetration rate amazing how companies can force to win

Transition in the industry competition in the development of the homogenization of the product has evolved into an indisputable fact. LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps market demand continues to increase, but many manufacturers do not earn pours, increasing income does not increase the shadow of the lingering. Smaller, more efficient, the greater the wattage, the lower the price has become the future development trend of LED flat light. So, LED flat lamp will make out which “killer”, it seems that the field of LED war “imminent.”

Market penetration rapid increase at an alarming rate

Cakes big, no one is envious. LED flat lamp market demand is growing, from the market distribution, the top three provinces are Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, in the regional market reputation good Op, NVC, three male Aurora, Teyou Shi, Panasonic And other brands, and local consumers more recognized only products and prices. Lighting companies should be rational view of the status quo of the industry, only keep up with the pace of the times, to change their traditional business concepts, accurate analysis of the industry situation, good planning, to find their own advantages for products, compression product line, In the tight encirclement, to win the market.

At present, LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps exports in all types of lighting in the lower proportion of about 36.8%, production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Shanxi, Shanghai and other regions, industry agglomeration effect. From a technical perspective, LED flat-panel lights are essentially electronic and electrical products, in addition to the choice of materials, devices, the need for rigorous research and development of rigorous design, experimental verification, production control, aging detection system measures to ensure product eligibility and stability.

Development prospects, can not be ignored

1. favored by customers, the future of many traditional lamps may be replaced by flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss to use. LED flat panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps field has been at the forefront of the leader still make a useful attempt, and access to market recognition, such as Op, NVC, three male and so on.

lithonia led troffer 2x4

Favored by customers LED flat light

2. Demand is not reduced, the outlook is optimistic. Consumer trends tend to 80, 90 aesthetic taste, not only for lighting needs, more is to highlight the charm of personality art.

Highlighting the art of personality LED flat panel lights

3. R ​​& D and manufacturing. Can better meet consumer demand, to the user to bring lifestyle improvement and change.

LED flat lamp structure

4. Product positioning and price leveling. Different lighting areas of LED flat-panel lighting differences, such as located in Guangfo deep regional product pricing higher; Zhongshan and other places in the lower prices of enterprises, largely with the enterprise and product positioning are closely related.

Inexpensive LED flat panel lights

LED flat-panel lights from the future

1. Application of energy efficient light source. In recent years, with the promotion of energy-saving lighting technology, energy-efficient lighting design has become the lighting manufacturers are most concerned about the problem, and its awareness of the lamps and lanterns to achieve energy efficient, energy-saving light source should be the first to promote energy- Followed by the size of energy-saving light source shape, well-designed lamp optical system to improve the effective utilization of lamps and decorative effect.

2. Multi-functional miniaturization development. With the development of compact light source, a variety of new technologies, new technology has been widely used, ballasts and other small electrical accessories, LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lampss are small, practical, multi-functional direction. In order to adapt to the modern building indoor size changeable, versatile and flexible requirements, as much as possible the use of architectural space to facilitate people’s lives, multi-functional combination of lamps came into being.

3 lamps integrated technology. With the integration of lamps and lighting development and application of electronic ballasts as the representative of the rapid development of electronic lighting technology, a variety of integrated devices and computer control systems for lighting and lighting systems has made significant progress, Lighting and lighting systems in dimming, remote control, light color, etc. have been greatly improved.

4. Lighting and decoration and development. From the “lit up” to “pretty up” in the transition, more emphasis on decorative and aesthetic effects. LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps design and production The use of modern science and technology, the classical shape and sense of the times combined, reflecting the modern lighting technology.

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