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LED business in the end do not make money

Recently this week, whether it is business, the media or a circle of friends, just brush the “friendship of the boat that turned over”, “Bryant retired” again, today’s topic tomorrow’s cold soup. But there is always an eternal topic, in the LED industry continues to heat up, that is – LED industry in the end is cold or warm or hot, LED business in the end do not make money.

Most listed companies in a quarterly annual report, high-profile announcement “earned”:

Foshan lighting in 2016 net profit of 108 million yuan an increase of 8.34%;

Sunshine in 2015 net profit of 372 million, 2016 in the first quarter by 29.00%;

Million profit in the first quarter net profit by 240% -290%;

Lehman shares: expected quarter earnings growth of 15% to 45%;

Lian Ji Optoelectronics in the first quarter net profit by 92.86% to 118.33%

Hongli Optoelectronics first quarter net profit rose 110% to 140%;

Riad first quarter net profit by 120% to 150%;

Long side lighting: the first quarter net profit is expected to increase by 77.69% to 105.03%;

Remote optoelectronics first quarter net profit by 20% -40%;

Cathay Pacific first quarter net profit by 0% -10%;

Jing Sheng Electromechanical: expected quarterly earnings growth of 3 percent to 6 percent …

LED chip factory production?

April 13, Crystal Power Chairman Li Bingjie said that crystal, the United States CREE from the second half of last year, respectively, cut 25% in an attempt to stabilize the chip price, but the land plant does not follow up, still does not help improve the supply and demand situation , Crystal production is expected to cut, this year’s output will drop 25%.

Li Bingjie said that since the second half of last year, there have been crystal power, Cree drastically reduced, Cree in the high-power chip also cut production by 25% in an attempt to stabilize the chip price, although there are two major plant production, but Li Bingjie That the mainland three security, Hua Can and other land plants did not follow up the plan, the production capacity of the situation continued to help. 1, De Hao Run up to increase the code

lowes led troffer

De Hao Runda 15 announcement, said the company intends to not less than 5.43 yuan per share, to no more than 10 specific objects, non-public offering of not more than 368 million shares, the proposed fund-raising total amount of not more than 2 billion yuan, LED flip chip, LED chip-level packaging project. After the completion of this project, the company will increase the proportion of LED business, the company’s industrial chain structure will be further improved. Dehao Runda said that the construction of the project will be conducive to the development of the company to play the advantages of technology, talent pool, to promote the existing technology industry; the same time, is conducive to LED chips, packaging industry upgrades, and further improve the company’s industrial chain structure The

2, Lehman acquisition surplus side, Rio Tinto “LED + sports”

April 12, Lehman shares announced the acquisition of Shenzhen Iron and Steel Investment Co., Ltd. 100% stake in the transaction, that Lehman shares controlling shareholder Li Man iron will be held by the Swiss surplus Sports Media Group’s original equity into the listing the company. It is understood that the surplus is the world’s second largest sports marketing company, is the world’s largest sports media production and broadcasting company, has formed a fusion of rights and interests of sales, television signal and program content production, event operations, brand promotion, sponsors Services and online entertainment, such as all-round one-service platform.

3, Australia Yang Shunchang: acquisition of power lithium assets

Ouyang Shunchang announced that it would acquire a 40% stake in Jiangsu Greenville Jiangsu Tianpeng (Sanyuan Power Lithium Battery Business) held by Hong Kong Green and Suzhou Yipengyuan in cash of RMB 600 million Capital increase, the total made Jiangsu Green Wei Jiangsu Tianpeng 47.06% stake. The acquisition of ternary materials power lithium assets, improve the layout of new energy automotive industry. After the completion of the transaction, the company in the auto parts metal logistics business, drive and charge the core power device business, lithium-ion battery business three aspects will form a good synergistic effect.

New business opportunities

LED light treatment, business opportunities

ITRI ​​generous in the 2016 Taiwan International Lighting Technology Exhibition set up three pavilions, and vigorously promote the new applications of LED and OLED lighting, which LED for light treatment of intelligent hospital lighting, people due to emotional adjustment of the project are the most business prospects Applications.

Liu Junting, vice president of ITRI, according to IHS and ITRI IEK report estimates that in 2015 the global LED lighting market size of 40 billion US dollars to 2019 market size will reach 92.3 billion US dollars, the market penetration rate of 58.6%; Which integrates the system, software and services of intelligent lighting will become the market focus.

According to Liu Junting pointed out that the ITRI’s “LED intelligent lighting theme museum” show the use of LED lighting in intelligent hospitals, including intelligent LED panel light for light treatment and intelligent care to improve the efficiency of hospital care shift VLC positioning system, which Intelligent hospital care shift VLC positioning system has been introduced to Changhua Christian Hospital this year.

For the light treatment of intelligent LED flat lamp has been working with the hospital to discuss cooperation, has not yet turned out. Liu Junting pointed out that skin patients with the general light will produce pain, but if the use of LED light source with intelligent system, can make light treatment focused on the affected area, rather than a large area of ​​regional light, and even for different bacteria use wavelengthless lighting treatment.

In addition to light treatment, Liu Junting said, including museums, art museums personalized tour, or hypermarkets and senior merchandise stores can use intelligent LED to increase business opportunities.

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