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LED bulb was “foreigner” favored export market recovery

Participated in the Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair, the reporter felt the difference with the mainland lighting exhibition. Hong Kong exhibitors are relatively quiet, no action and activities. Many exhibitors to reporters, every year there is no change in Hong Kong exhibition, very interested buyers less and less, not many days late to receive the intention of relatively high buyers.

Of course, there are exhibitors affirmed the effect of the Hong Kong Lighting Fair, such as Jixing Zhongsen. Jixing Zhong Sen is the second time to participate in the Hong Kong Lighting Fair, booth staff feel this year’s exhibition is much better than last year, because there is only one standard booth last year, this year’s booth area is three times last year. Traffic is almost the same as last year, coincides with the exhibition in Frankfurt, Hong Kong transit business will go to Hong Kong Lighting Fair to see.

Hong Kong Spring Show

LED indoor lighting products to play a leading role in a single product

Hong Kong Spring Lighting Fair only two museums, the reporter around the two laps and found that the whole show are basically LED home lighting, LED commercial lighting products, and are basically lamps and lanterns, light source or accessories category exhibitors less. If only from the outside of the booth, it seems that each exhibitor’s products are similar.

Reporters interviewed some of the LED indoor lighting business, for LED indoor lighting to play the leading role, product homogeneity of the situation, they all agree that the product is relatively single, more targeted, but at the same time, the competition is more intense.

At the show, the reporter found several exhibitors only show the LED panel lights or LED fluorescent tube, from Guangdong Zhongshan Huizhuo is one of its focus on the LED panel lights. Has set up four years of Huizhuo exhibitors only show the LED panel lights, this year to participate in the Beijing International Lighting Fair, Hong Kong Spring and Autumn Lighting Fair and Guangzhou Guangya show are ready to focus on displaying the same series of products, the past two years will focus on LED panel lights, because only a series of products, accurate customer groups will come in the booth, behind the staff will be able to follow suit. It is reported that Hui Zhuo 2013 began to focus on human and material resources in the LED panel lights, other products have been slowly do not do.

But there are some business owners LED manufacturers according to several major series of products, mainly for LED fluorescent tubes, LED bulb, LED panel lights, LED flood light, LED downlight spotlights, LED track lights and so on. To export 90% of the total sales of Topopales, for example, it was established in 1996, and then from 2007 to engage in LED home lighting business, the main LED fluorescent tube, the current product line has been extended to the LED panel lights, LED bulb field The Tuobang LED lighting division Bruce Lee said that the future extension of the state or LED fluorescent tube-based products will not do very complicated.

And then look at another export of more than 90% of the LED business – Jixing Zhongsen, the enterprise to LED panel lights, LED flood light, LED downlight, LED track lights, LED lights, but the LED lights did not show Out of the exhibition to the main indoor lighting, LED panel lights which consult the most people, because the size of the product is the most decoration works, because the product line is relatively complete, the guests said that some have.

Respondents generally believe that: products are more specific, quality and price are more advantages.

Export market recovery growth significantly

In addition to the product more consistent, the reporter also found that the respondents have a common ground: compared to last year, sales growth this year, as low as 10% growth, up to an expected increase of 70%. Export market this year, there are signs of recovery, combined with incandescent delisting for export enterprises to provide a large blank market.

Dongguan State Energy Technology Co., Ltd. executive director Wang Jiaxuan said that the first quarter of this year, LED fluorescent tube, LED bulb than last year, an increase of more than 10%. To extension state, for example, Topbon increased by more than 30% in the first quarter of this year, which, LED fluorescent tube demand increased significantly, had not set a minimum order quantity, this year began to require, 200 small orders can not Then

Dongguan Kay Chang Tak electronic product manager Liu Qianrui said that 2014 will be the outbreak of LED home lighting, especially the United States, the United States this year has been prohibited incandescent sales, according to market demand estimates, this year Kay Chang Tak’s sales will grow 70% The

Although the market demand is growing, but the product prices have also been affected. Tuopang LED lighting division Bruce Lee believes that the current foreign prices are also chaos, the main reason is too much competition, the Chinese manufacturers in foreign countries also fight the price, buyers are “shop around”, the pursuit of maximum profits. To this end, Topen for different markets to introduce different prices for the domestic market development of civilian products, prices fell by 15% – 20%, for the European and American market prices fell by 10%. However, there are also companies that little impact, such as Jixing Zhong Sen, Jixing Zhong Sen booth responsible person said this year’s product prices did not much difference with last year.

led garage lights home depot

LED bulb, fluorescent tube by the “foreigners” favor

In many booths, the reporter found a lot of “foreigners” stop in the LED bulb before the light, touch, look.

In fact, regardless of product status, product display, or sales growth, LED bulb and LED fluorescent tube are among the top three. Topband is a typical example. The current extension of the annual sales of more than 8000 million, of which LED bulb sales accounted for 60% -70% of total sales, sales in the United States the best results. In foreign countries, the largest LED bulb, LED fluorescent tube followed, LED bulb sales accounted for about 15%, usually asked the largest number of LED bulb customers, the exhibitors are more European customers asked LED fluorescent tube The

Dongguan Guoneng Energy Saving Technology Co., Ltd. Executive Director Wang Jiaxuan said exhibitors are more concerned about the indoor lighting products, mainly LED fluorescent tubes and LED bulbs, because they are mass consumer goods, consumer groups, the most common and most commonly used products. Dongguan Kay Chang Tak electronic product manager Liu Qianrui also agreed that LED bulb in the global coverage of the largest, now Kay Chang Germany flagship LED bulb, sales accounted for 80%.

Thermal plastic plus aluminum bulb bulb become the mainstream market. Ceramics is the last two years of popular trends, Kay Chang Tak also exhibited the product at the show, but the market is really popular hot plastic plus aluminum shell, Liu Qianrui told reporters that customers are more interested in certification, the current plastic plus aluminum ratio Ceramic popular, because it has a number of advantages: shape design is better, thin, good heat, the cost is also cheaper about 20%. From metal to ceramic, and then to the thermal plastic plus aluminum, which is precisely a LED bulb development process.

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