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led bulb lights and led flat panel lights into a hot non isolation solutions are increasingly rich

With the growing awareness of energy saving and environmental protection, the world significantly accelerated the pace of phase out incandescent. LED to replace the traditional light source has come. Global LED lighting market this year is expected to grow 90%. In the overall policy favorable environment, the next few years the prospects for domestic LED lighting is also highly favored. LED lighting as the world’s major production base, China’s LED lighting market will usher in explosive growth. LED lighting for the development of the market and intelligent control, dimming and other hot topics, the reporter interviewed the core micro-electronics vice president of Yi Yang Bo, Dr., and to understand the core of the micro-electronic LED driver IC, the latest products and technologies.

Bulb lights, flat-panel lights into a hot non-isolation solutions are increasingly rich

The global LED lighting market scale

Bulb lights, flat-panel light into a hot core Peng Peng launched a complete series of non-isolated new products

According to the “phasing out of incandescent road map” that China will be October 1 this year from the ban on the import and sale of 60 watts and above the general lighting incandescent, which will lead to LED lighting in the field of household lighting outbreak. Dr. Yi believes that this year’s LED lighting market is expected to more rational than the first half of 2013, more quickly extended from the commercial to the home lighting, including the domestic home market growth will be very rapid. The 3-8W LED bulb replacement market and 12-40W LED flat-panel lights are hot. “There are two market trends in 2014 worth noting, the first is the rapid expansion of new demand for flat-panel lamps, and the second is the ball bulb program to quickly switch to non-isolated architecture.”

led panel light philips

LED lighting market for these trends, the core micro-Peng introduced to meet market demand for a full range of non-isolated products. Dr. Yi told reporters that, for the LED flat-panel light driver IC development, the core of the micro-electronics 12-41W non-isolated drive chip built-in MOS PN831X series focuses on how to 24-40W BOM more power program to do more streamlined , Program costs decreased significantly. The biggest difficulty in bulb lamp driver IC is to be more mature 5-12W program has done more perfect, core microelectronics launched 3-12W non-isolated buck driver IC series PN831X 833X, valley fill PFC and APFC optional , Reduce BOM, increase the protection function. Especially for the recent popular filament bulb also introduced a series of very small volume of the solution.

SCR dimming will eventually eliminate the digital intelligent dimming will emerge

LED lighting market gradually expanded, but also led the intelligent control and dimming the development of the market. Dr. Yi believes that intelligent control is still in the initial stage, the current focus is to cultivate customer needs. “We will have some advanced integrated digital control of the LED driver chip is being developed in the future will support the smart phone APP control.Currently, the core microelectronics is working with customers related to the definition of new products and early development.” In addition, he also said, LED Dimming market is currently concentrated in North America and other regions of the controllable blame dimming alternative applications, “We believe that SCR dimming long-term view is going downhill, the next one or two years will be digital smart dimming will emerge, then will Lighting and lighting designers to provide a broad space, will further expand the LED lighting of the home and commercial market application requirements.This is also the core of the microelectronics LED lighting in the next step will be the area of ​​concern.

Reliability Technical reserves are abundant

At present, the development of LED lighting has gradually transition from the early stage of the disorder to a more standardized stage, and enhance the quality of LED lighting is still one of the bottlenecks drive power. Dr. Yi said that as a leader in home power chip, core micro-electronic friends have accumulated years of high temperature and humidity environment of professional power IC design experience. “We believe that to improve the IC cost should be two-pronged approach, first, reduce the number of external components, each component means a certain inherent failure rate, reduce the component is to improve reliability; Second, IC provides more intelligent and strong protection Function, so that processing components in the Weld tin does not cause physical damage to the IC, so that the use of environmental degradation encountered in the process can start a reasonable protection to avoid death lights. Core micro-technology in this area rich in electronic reserves, relative to other Only LED-driven manufacturers compared to more adequate. “Looking ahead the domestic lighting market, LED lighting market penetration will continue to increase. With the growth of technical strength, the domestic drive IC products gradually close to the international giant level of technology, cost will continue to increase.

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