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large leaf university research and development of new led bulb dosage halved more environmentally friendly

Associate Professor Li Hongbin and Shengwei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. jointly develop new LED lamps, not only low glare, good heat dissipation, light bulb consumption as long as half of the relevant technology to obtain subsidies for the Ministry of Science and Technology, and through patents Application.

▲ Associate Professor Li Hongbin, Department of Materials, University of Okayama (center) Cooperate with Shengwei Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. to develop new LED lamps

In this case,

▲ Professor Li Hongbin (left), Department of Materials, University of Okayama University, introduces the difference between the new type of LED lamps and traditional lamps.

In this case,

▲ University of large leaf research and development of new LED, light bulb dosage as long as half

osram led panel

Materials Department of Li Hongbin pointed out that they use the tilt and reflection of the design, so that LED light through the aluminum plate reflected as a mist light source, the same brightness and tradition, but the light is softer to improve glare and glare problems. The new LED lighting arrangement is not as close as in the past, can reduce the use of one-half of the bulb is not only more environmentally friendly, bulb spacing also allows the expansion of thermal conductivity, heat better, can reduce high temperature LED consumption , To extend lamp life.

Li Hongbin, associate professor, said the current accounting for a large number of indoor lighting T5 T8 fluorescent lamps, LED lamps have been gradually replaced by white LED trend. There are two major existing LED lighting, one is LED flat-panel light, but the high cost of commercial LED flat-panel ceiling drop troffer lights lamps, promotion is not easy. Another is the replacement of LED light bar, can be directly parallel with the traditional fluorescent tubes, the price is moderate, for the current main products, is also the cooperation of the project Shengwei main products.

Participate in the research and development of graduate student Huang Liangjun said, poor heat will make the lamp temperature, resulting in reduced efficiency of LED grain, phosphor defects such as early deterioration. Laboratory research and development of new LED, through the nano-array anodic aluminum (nano-array anodic aluminum oxide, NAAAO) technology to improve the LED heat dissipation.

Senior student Li Su Er said that the optical test, they found that when used as the base of the aluminum substrate has a direction, LED light source is not uniform, and tried for three or four months before the success through the heat treatment to improve the problem . To successfully complete the research and development step by step, great sense of accomplishment, look forward to early to see R & D results listed.

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