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Japan LED lighting market trends Lighting Japan

2012 due to the earthquake in Japan, led the LED bulb market demand. Unlike other countries, Japan’s LED lighting in the first rapid development of the housing market, and a large number of the overall market demand. 2013 lighting manufacturers continue to promote LED products, the goal for the overall indoor lighting market, including residential and commercial lighting, the introduction of the lamp, panel lights and ceiling lamps. LEDinside continues to observe the development of the 2014 commercial lighting market, commercial lighting continues to expand, lamp, flat lamp and niche products candle lights are becoming mature. Works and order as follows:

Commercial lighting

Lamps and flat lights continue to develop, Toshiba to improve the size of fluorescent lamps, introduced 160mm, 5200lm lamp. Emphasis on the volume of traditional fluorescent tubes is more reduced, the illumination increased, the relative reduction in consumer power, about 3.5 years to recover costs. Ceiling light for the table and living room lighting, more demanding color rendering, the current Toshiba product color rendering up to Ra90, optical design using the reflector to achieve full effect of light.

Iris Ohyama was originally a Japanese grocery distributor, in the active layout of the lighting market, a substantial preemption of market share. New integrated lighting efficiency of up to 160 lm W, compared with the previous increase by 33%. Iris Ohyama Thin Downlight Get Good Design Award, as long as three steps: installation of the floor, wiring power, assembly lamps, and multiple sets of lamps can share a power supply.

Overseas manufacturers through Lighting Japan 2014 to promote their products, to seize the Japanese commercial lighting market share. For example: South Korea quite well-known packaging, modules, lighting products manufacturers Lumens, 2014 Lumens for the development of the three target groups at the same time both.

Shenzhen, China Poly Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in August 2003, the same year, LED products into the Japanese market to its own brand COLLESUN straight on the shopping malls channel. At present, gathered in the LED indoor lighting in Japan more than 700 large chain stores.

lithonia flat panel led parking lot lights

Shenzhen Zhong Ming semiconductor lighting in 2003 began selling products to Europe and the United States, and in Europe and the United States market established Civilight and V-light two brands, red, green and blue photoelectric company for the packaging plant. The exhibition shows Ra95 lamp and Ra97 commercial lighting products.

Commercial lighting niche market one: LED candle light

After the traditional incandescent candle lights are disabled, LED manufacturers turn to the development of the whole week in order to achieve the effect of alternative incandescent candles, DEC Light TE Opto (crystal power and Toyota synthesis joint venture company) candle filament (Filament) made of incandescent Light, to achieve the effect of both sides of the light, as the product light and light effect is good, the exhibition is quite high degree of inquiry.

Commercial lighting niche market two: small spacing display

Guanglei showcase P3 (3nm) small pitch display, mainly used in indoor commercial lighting market. Compared with the market competitors, the chip brightness compared with the general product, to enhance more than 50%. 2. With the customer requirements to do the curved surface (Curved); 2. Right angle seam small; 3. For the former repair module design, easy to replace. Although most of the customized services, the current display lead time also takes only three months.

Commercial lighting niche market three: OLED lighting

Panasonic current production of OLED lighting, luminous efficiency of 30lm W, the thickness of only 2.22mm, weight 38g, quite thin. In addition, the advantages of heat generated only 30 ℃, mercury-free, more in line with green lighting materials. Panasonic OLED using panel light and thin and light advantages, the development of different modeling lamps.

As the OLED luminous efficiency can not be compared with the LED, manufacturers mainly use OLED lighting in decorative lighting space. Lumiotec combines OLED lighting with a hotel layout to create a comfortable and elegant space.

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