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household led lighting or commercial blue sea into the terminal dealer

With the increasingly fierce competition in the LED industry, and ultimately demonstrated not only the product of competition, it is the competition in the field segments. The home lighting as an important subdivision of the field, some people think that the field will become the mainstream of the future, some people disagree.

According to industry estimates, the next few years, home lighting LED lighting will become the fastest growing segment of the field, household led lighting this huge market, no doubt more attractive to their business investment channels, but also more attractive to dealers Concern, the future is considerable. household led lighting or commercial blue sea into the terminal dealer.

Share increased

Reporters visited the store found that some do traditional home lighting dealers have increased investment in household led lighting.

Qunfu lighting has always been dominated by home lighting, but last year’s situation, household led lighting products accounted for only about 20% of the overall. And this year increased investment, household led lighting products more than 35%.

E home lighting official told reporters recently E home lighting launched a number of new home lighting, including LED flat panel lights, LED ceiling lamps and LED crystal lamps and so on. Among them, LED flat lamp price is low, is acceptable to consumers. E home lighting the future direction of sales will be led to LED products.

Ouyue lighting also increased the household led lighting products, according to Ou Yue Qin Yi, director of lighting introduced, Ou Yue household led lighting products are mid-range prices, consumers can be accepted, such products are relatively popular. Reporter He Xingling

Reporter visited several large stores in Chengdu and found that the overall market share of LED lighting is on the rise, although the slow growth, but still make dealers see hope.

And household led lighting in the low-end price allows consumers to accept, the best-selling mid-range products.

The past two years, home lighting companies significantly increased the R & D investment in the introduction of traditional new products also launched a number of LED products. Including LED ceiling lamps, LED kitchen and toilet lights, LED downlights and spotlights, LED crystal lamps, etc., to accelerate the pace of LED into the home lighting.

End products in the dominant

It is understood that some dealers said they do not know how to choose household led lighting brand? Which price of household led lighting products to sell? The survey found that many terminal businesses in the choice of household led lighting brand, the first will consider the style is good, new The introduction of fast brand, generally believed that the new product is relatively easy to sell. At the same time, more biased in favor of those good quality, affordable brand.

Guangdong into the United States lighting dealer Chen Jianzhong told reporters that the lighting products into the United States point of view, the end of the price of LED downlights sell better.

led panel light home depot

In fact, sales depends on several aspects, store location, brand agency, quality and price. Take the Chengdu market, some dealers have several stores, located in various lighting city, not every store’s profits are the same, and sometimes need to take a little better store sales performance to subsidize another store.

LED now seems to have become a “trend”, if the store does not seem to be out of tune with the market LED. LED to be accepted by consumers, the most can not be ignored is the price, the store almost every shop in the sales of LED products, but the price is mixed confusion.

It is understood that so far in the end of the household led lighting brand product sales is more ideal; upscale product sales difficult; and low-end “cheap” is not easy to sell, consumers have their concerns. Now the terminal dealer to do the majority of retail channels and distribution channels, the end of the brand more in line with the needs of the Chengdu market.

Reporter learned from a number of dealers there, consumers tend to mind or energy-saving lamps, household led lighting products, more than 40% of traditional energy-saving lamps is difficult to accept. Therefore, the mid-range of household led lighting products sales better, the market is relatively stable.

Investment should be cautious

There are two types of terminal dealers involved in household led lighting: the first is to do traditional lighting, the last two years began to transform household led lighting; one is from the outset to get involved in household led lighting. These two types of dealers in the household led lighting awareness there are differences.

From the traditional lighting transition to LED dealers to follow the needs of market development, and gradually get involved in the LED, the beginning of the store LED products, see the situation in a timely manner to increase; from the outset to get involved in the LED dealer is more bold, spotted Market demand, the LED put more money. The latter is relatively more risky.

The past two years, the traditional home lighting brands are beginning to push the household led lighting products, such as the group of rich lighting, Honor lighting, Guanhua lighting, rectangular lighting, Marantz lighting, wood Linsen lighting, thousands of Thai lighting, household led lighting Of the market share is on the rise.

But the terminal channel to increase efforts to put household led lighting should also be “cautious”, can not blindly input. Just like Zhongshan Yue Yue Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. CEO and marketing director Lei Si-fu told reporters that the sentence: “step is too big, but die very quickly.” Therefore, the terminal dealer or should win steadily.

Although the household led lighting is optimistic, but also steadily forward, but the household led lighting products you want to capture the market or to see the quality, quality is the key to victory. If the enterprises and dealers just to meet the market, leading to a large number of immature, substandard products into the market, it will undermine the LED lighting in the end market brand image, the ultimate counterproductive.

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