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Home lighting Ying burst LED flat lights will be unlimited scenery

With the accelerated development of LED industry, in recent years, traditional lighting companies have begun to focus on the development of LED, emerging LED companies are also actively layout, look forward to seize the market. However, compared to the LED production enterprises in full swing, the public for LED technology defects have been worried about.

LED has energy-saving, environmental protection and other obvious advantages, but the glare problem has been to LED manufacturers headache. How to solve the problem of LED glare, for consumers to create a comfortable lighting environment has been the focus of research and development enterprises force. In this context, LED flat lights have obvious advantages.

As a relatively new type of lamp, LED flat light has begun to replace the common grille, is suitable for high-end hotels, offices, viewing balconies, corridors and other places.

LED panel light LED patch as a light source, plus light guide plate or diffusion plate, can effectively disperse the light direct, making the light is not glare, and uniform light, high brightness. The LED flat lamp relative to other categories of light, the obvious advantages, the current range of applications are constantly increasing.

Take LED lamps, the current market is almost all of the LED lamps are used LED flat lights. Because the LED lamp for the eye is very high demand, and LED flat light just to meet this demand, it is widely used.

Home lighting market broke out

With the expansion of the scope of LED applications, indoor lighting is the focus of many enterprises. According to statistics, 2012 LED flat panel lighting in the building lighting market penetration rate as high as 56%, but also because the market tends to mature, growth has slowed down. Outdoor lighting is to benefit from the government to create market demand, making LED flat light lighting applications slow growth, 2012 LED flat panel lighting in industrial lighting applications penetration rate of only about 6%.

LED flat light lighting in the application of commercial lighting, it is from the early functional lighting, and gradually turned into the main lighting applications, because the commercial lighting high turnover rate, long time use, making LED flat lamp lighting penetration and market size growth, 2012 Year LED flat panel lighting in the commercial lighting market penetration rate has reached 15%.

Residential lighting is the largest application of the global market, LED flat light lighting to light bulbs quickly cut into the residential lighting market, replacing the traditional light bulbs, but consumers are sensitive to the price, so 2012 LED flat panel lighting in the residential lighting market penetration Rate of about 13%, has yet to be improved.

Office lighting to energy demand, LED flat light lighting is to replace the traditional fluorescent tube-based demands, cut into the office lighting market, but the LED tube must also face the price of T5 fluorescent tube competition, so the 2012 penetration Only about 11%, there is also a lot of room for growth.

led panel osram

Such a large interest in the temptation to enable more companies to target production to home lighting. With the improvement of public spending power, many people are willing to choose LED lighting, and the current purchase of the main body is 80, 90 young generation, their recognition for the LED is still very high, the future of home lighting market should be the public competition Focus.

This led to LED flat lamp lighting prices continued to decline, the rapid expansion of the number of scale, ITRI Industrial Economics and Trends Research Center Energy Research Group leader Lin Zhixun pointed out that in 2013 the global LED flat panel lighting market to maintain the scale of 30% growth rate should be Period, in 2020 the global LED flat panel lighting output value of 65.8 billion US dollars. In view of this, LED flat lamp application more and more widely, the growth rate is also much higher than other categories, more and more LED companies want LED panel lights in this sub-market share.

More importantly, the current home indoor lighting applications or LED flat light, because it is soft, to create a comfortable, warm environment popular with consumers. , And LED flat lamp design, light body simple and elegant, you can play the role of decorative interior decoration. LED panel lights three primary colors can also achieve brightness, grayscale, color continuous conversion, so as to meet the different needs of consumers in different atmosphere of light.

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