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Home lighting market LED flat light is no longer out “cold”

Office lighting to energy demand, LED panel lighting is to replace the traditional fluorescent tube-based appeal, cut into the office lighting market, but LED lamps must also face the price of T5 fluorescent tube competition, the 2012 penetration rate Only about 11%, there is also great room for growth.

The temptation of such a big interest so that more companies will shift their production goals home lighting. With the improvement of people’s spending power, many people are willing to choose LED lighting lighting, and the current purchase of the main body is 80, 90 generation of young people, their acceptance of LED is still quite high, the future home lighting market should be all enterprises compete for Focus.

This led to LED flat panel lighting prices continue to fall, the rapid expansion of the number of scale, ITRI Institute of Industrial Economics and Trend Energy Research Group Leader Lin Chih-Hoon pointed out that the global LED panel lighting market in 2013 to maintain a 30% growth rate should be Term, 2020 global LED flat panel lamp lighting output value of 65.8 billion US dollars. Seen in this light, LED panel light more widely used, the growth rate is also much higher than other categories, more and more LED companies hope that the LED panel light in this market segment share.

More importantly, the most widely used home interior lighting LED flat lamp, because of its soft light, creating a comfortable, warm environment is very popular with consumers. , And LED panel light design, simple and elegant light body, can play the role of adorning the interior. LED panel light of the three primary colors can also achieve brightness, grayscale, continuous color conversion, so as to meet the different consumers in different light on the different requirements.

“Price” is no longer a problem

Reporters visited several major lighting city in Shenzhen found that in many LED lighting stores, LED bulb, spotlights, lamps occupy a leading position. Although the LED panel light in some stores also have, but are sporadic, did not account for the mainstream, and some stores did not even sell LED panel light.

Reporters found that the market price of LED flat panel lamp is very large difference, there are seven or eighty yuan, there are thousands of dollars, but the average price is generally concentrated at 300 yuan. The LED bulb, the lamp is relatively much lower prices.

And the price difference reflects the uneven quality of products to a certain extent. According to the survey, LED panel light prices are declining, like a 36W panel light, the previous price is more than 300, slowly dropped to more than 200 now, every year to maintain the decline of about 15%. And 36-watt panel light effect is double the energy-saving lamps, fluorescent lamp three times, incandescent lamp ten times, energy-saving effect is very obvious.

LED panel lamp technology there are some shortcomings. However, from individual manufacturers provide flat panel light distribution curve, LED panel light as the main lighting is not ideal, if in order to ensure uniform illumination area, it is bound to increase the number of lamps and improve their lighting power density.

Personalization needs additional features

The future direction of the development of flat panel lamp panel tends to be ultra-thin design in the ultra-thin, even worse when it is needed to be a light source, not when the ceiling is the curtain wall wallpaper.

With the improvement of living standards, people demand more and more for interior lighting, lamps and lanterns not only need to have the lighting function, but also need fashion personality, can reflect the owner’s own unique taste. Under such circumstances, the product design is an important factor for many designers to consider.

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