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From the vassal status to the industry’s new favorite LED flat lamp counter-attack is not easy!

LED panel light, the development process can be regarded as a typical “counter-attack.” Simple shape, a single style, relying on “do not rely on the value of color, by connotation,” the strength, with cloth uniform, less glare, energy saving and other advantages in commercial lighting and kitchen plate integrated ceiling “vassal status” gradually developed into single product protagonist .

From the vassal position to the new darling of the industry

Since 2009, the transformation of home improvement from the Yuba home integrated integrated ceiling, the flat-panel light has naturally become the industry’s favorite. On the one hand due to the progress and maturity of LED technology, the popularity of flat-panel lamps play a crucial role in promoting; the other hand, thanks to the LED flat-panel lamp manufacturers its image and market positioning of the publicity.

It is understood that the LED panel light products include side-emitting and direct light, the frame material is aluminum, aluminum, aluminum, cold-rolled steel + PC, etc., in the packaging also have focused, side-emitting flat light with light body Thin, easy to install and transport advantages, the disadvantage is easy to emit uneven. Direct-type flat-panel light has the advantage of uniform light, adequate brightness; disadvantage is heavy, transport is relatively easy to install.

LED panel light structure

drop ceiling light panels lowes

The development so far, the traditional kitchen lamp has been replaced by the basic LED flat lamp, the future of many traditional lighting lamps may be replaced by flat-panel lamp to use. Because now there are many home improvement is to do the whole house ceiling, supporting the integrated ceiling, wall and roof are all gusset plate; some villas are also designed into two tops, three top, hanging out very effective, and easy to install , There is no pollution, flat-panel lamp is very suitable.

Absolute brand has not yet appeared

The current lighting market, high-end brands are occupied by the international market, Philips, Osram, GE and other international companies, Mulinsen, Foshan lighting occupy distribution channels, Op, NVC home lighting, commercial lighting products Hill, only the field of office lighting competition has not yet been Completely seize the huge market capacity and there is no absolute leading brand.

LED panel lamp market share is increasing year by year. According to statistics, the global LED business and commercial lighting market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 30.8% from 129.2 billion U.S. dollars in 2012 to 86.08 billion U.S. dollars in 2019.

According to reports from local stations, it is reported that the brands with good reputation in various regional markets include: Op, NVC, Samxiong · Aurora, Premium, Matsushita and other major brands, while the main wholesale and engineering Dealers are more inclined to cost-effective brands, such as: Sunshine Op, Oupai, backgammon, Kuhao, snow Wright, Langshi, home, Darwin, designers, three Ling, Acer crown lighting.

Due to the large and small brands eyeing this huge “cake”, even if the brand companies will quickly cut through the foundry. Reporter visited the ancient town of Ruifeng accessories found that sales of flat products and accessories accounted for 30% of the market, but according to industry sources, Zhongshan, Jiangmen region involved in this category more than a hundred factories in the number of Domestic channels have less than 5% reputation and brand image

I found in the survey, product technology is uneven, serious counterfeit products and high cost of branding caused quite a mixed bag, the price, quality are very different, resulting in a variety of dealers operating confusion. According to the survey and statistics, the top three difficulties faced by dealers are as follows: too many businesses operating flat-panel lamps, the competition is too fierce, counterfeit products are too serious and the quality is not enough. So many businesses by reducing the library charge, increase the frequency of orders to deal with.

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