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Flat-panel lamp side light and back light LED panel light

It is understood that the LED panel light by light-emitting methods are mainly side-emitting LED panel light and back-emitting LED flat panel lamp (direct type) two. Side light LED panel light mainly by the frame bracket, diffuser, reflector, light guide plate, drive, light bar composition, the use of light guide plate technology to the front side of light-oriented. Side-emitting flat-panel lamp due to the LED around the light guide plate down through the light guide, resulting in lower overall energy efficiency; and light guide plate higher quality, reliability is relatively poor.

Compared with the side-emitting LED flat-panel light, the light source can be very evenly distributed in the back of the diffuser, back directly according to the backlight LED flat-panel light will have more advantages: The first is due to LED flat light emitted by the diffuser direct exposure Out, thereby greatly improving the energy efficiency of the lighting system; the second is the back light LED flat panel light guide plate eliminates the need for light weight; the third is the elimination of the light guide plate to make the lamp lower cost, and internal larger Space, the design is more flexible; the fourth is the fewer components required, higher reliability, better quality.

However, due to the need to ensure the lighting effect, back light LED flat panel lamp LED light source and the diffusion plate must have a certain distance between the light-emitting point to prevent visually see, it can not be done too thin, so these two LED panel light each have excellent Poor, designers or users can make the appropriate choice according to their own needs.

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How to choose LED panel light manufacturers?

LED flat-panel light nowadays occupies a great advantage in the market, more and more businesses or consumers feel the energy-saving and convenient LED panel light, but the face of fierce market competition, the pressure for the customer to choose a quality Good LED panel light manufacturers is essential.

First, the product passed the relevant certification: the choice of LED panel light manufacturers depends on whether they have the relevant certification, look at the product material workmanship is refined, and the products have passed the national quality system certification standards.

Second, examine the scale of production of the factory: before deciding to buy, it is necessary to go to the related LED panel lamp manufacturers to carry out the related field investigation, inspecting the manufacturing capability of the manufacturer, whether to sign the contract or not, and the competent factory delivery time will not be delayed, There are contracts to guarantee the shipping date.

Third, after-sales service: choose the problem of failure If LED flat panel lamp manufacturers caused by the responsibility to be able to fulfill the return, but usually because of the manufacturers caused by the return, manufacturers should come pick-up service.

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