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Enterprises to solve the problem of light will occupy the market high ground

LED panel light is a relatively successful LED era of a product innovation, and other LED downlight, LED bulbs can not be considered to create, LED panel light innovation span is relatively large. At that time, “flat light” is the three words I put forward, Tao broadcast flat panel lighting is the first to play the concept of flat-panel enterprises. It is also so that it has laid a leading position in the leading position of Tao Ping Ping Lighting. So that innovation is endless, but everyone’s ideas are not a breakthrough, nor the next effort, and innovation is relatively large, we are reluctant to do so, always want to take ready-made results.

LED panel lights mainly by the lamp beads, light guide plate, diffusion plate, shell and drive a large part of the current technical difficulties mainly in the light guide plate and light distribution, due to take side light, luminous efficiency will be reduced, while there is uneven light problem. Who can take the lead in solving the problem, who will be able to occupy the market high ground.

Fu Jia Electric introduced LED panel lights in early 2013, due to product positioning high-end, and the technical advantages of the obvious by everyone’s attention. On the one hand, the rich light of the light guide plate through its unique laser RBI technology, light uniformity has been greatly improved; the other hand, Fu Jia appliances good at taking different routes, when the vast majority of enterprises are participating in the lighting show, To participate in integrated ceiling exhibition, to the integrated ceiling industry formed a good package.

This year’s competitive focus is not price but innovation

Although many companies this year into the field of LED panel lights, but the panel lights this year, the focus of competition does not appear in the price we usually think of. Because the current main purpose of LED panel lights or do the project, rarely used home improvement. In the market, LED panel lights are now mainly export, the rise of the domestic market also two or three years of history, seemingly do a lot of business, but are around the export market.

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In addition, there are few professional LED panel lights to do business, basically no scale manufacturers in the production, so there is no scale, unlike bulb, professional manufacturers a lot. And now provide OEM business is not much, many brands did not do LED panel lights.

LED panel lights competition this year will not be reflected in the price, especially the light is panel lights, the current companies are still trying to do style, such as segment, atmosphere, Promise dimming. The reason why the bulb will fight the price, because it can not change the shape, the function can not increase, but there are room for innovation LED panel lights.

Inexpensive panel lights to stand out

Because the small round panel lights like a compressed version of the downlight, was introduced to the time, we are on the inside of the downlight to offer, or listed separately offer, behind I think since everyone called the panel lights, we And made a difference between the downlight. But at that time the pace is relatively small, no attention to the panel lights.

Today, with the LED panel light market outbreak, many companies are invested in the field. We are doing the same product, it depends on who walk in front of the market. If you really achieve inexpensive and there are quality assurance, companies will certainly be able to come to the forefront, come to the fore. Therefore, increase product innovation, improve product cost is very important.

Front-end consumer pull back-end large-scale production

Traditional lighting era also has anti-glare lighting product demand, such as in the hospital inside, in some of the absolute anti-glare place, the hospital will add some light film lamp plate. LED panel lights to completely solve these problems.

2013, LED panel lights up, these enterprises are mainly concentrated in Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Jiangmen and other origin, there have been some big brands. Which includes the first category to the concept (brand) to launch – Tao broadcast flat panel lighting, it is dedicated to the main office lighting, and the first to create the concept of flat light; the second category is to produce the main, do better Enterprises have Seoul Man Lighting, Zhongshan Yu Guang and so on.

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