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electricity market growth, two years close to double

LED lighting products online sales growth is more obvious than the physical channels.

Taobao lighting market growth gratifying. January-August 2014, Taobao (including days cat) sales of various types of lighting (including lamps and light) amounted to 7.65 billion yuan, an increase of 137.8%. Which light source 260 million yuan, an increase of 102.5%, lighting 7.395 billion yuan, an increase of 138%.

From the volume point of view, Taobao (including days cat) lamps and light turnover of 3712 million single, up 68.9% over last year, of which 86.4 million light source, an increase of 108%, 28.48 million lamps, an increase of 59.7%.

LED lighting appliances in the online market penetration is higher than the line. The first 8 months, Taobao sales of LED light source of 230 million yuan, an increase of 126%, accounting for 88.9% of the overall light source products, the penetration rate increased by 9 percentage points.

From the order number of view, the first 8 months Taobao sales LED light source products, the cumulative number of orders up to 724.8 million single, up 127% over last year. At the same time, Taobao effective LED light source products increased to 73,000, an increase of 40.2% over the same period last year.

Lamps, the various areas there are some differences, the whole point of view, as of August 2014, with LED as a light source accounted for an average of about 45%, compared with 21.05% in August 2011 more than doubled. From the specific lamp point of view, table lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps and other interior decorative lamps of the permeability is low, about 30% to 40%. Functional lamps such as aquarium lights, stage lights, integrated ceiling modules and outdoor lighting LED penetration is higher, reaching more than 80%.

Overall, the first eight months of 2014 Taobao’s LED lighting equipment turnover of about 3.2 billion yuan.

2. The trend of price declining has narrowed

(1) prices continued to decline in the third quarter

In recent years, driven by technical upgrading and increased competition, LED lighting products prices continued to decline. In the third quarter of 2014, the price of LED lighting products in the entity channel decreased by 9.91% from the previous quarter. Taobao showed that the average price of LED light source products decreased slightly by 6.5% compared with the previous quarter. The price of the whole lamp dropped by 8.08% The decline has narrowed from the first half.

Feedback from the terminal channel point of view, the price situation is more obvious. 88% of the business reflects the decline in lighting prices, 47% of businesses reflect a single quarter decline of more than 10%.

Solid channel, as of September 2014, CSAResearch and large lighting joint research data show that LED lighting products in the dealer channel unit power average price of about 5.95 yuan W, the unit lumens average price of about 88.06 yuan klm. One light source products, bulb, tube lights, spotlights and other products, low power prices. Lamps, such as floodlights, lanterns, stage lights and other products, the price is much higher than the light source.

From the category of view, with the first half of the most significant price of panel lights is not the same, the third quarter of all lamp prices are showing a significant decline. Among them, the tube lamp down the most obvious, the replacement lamp prices fell about 12.78%, integrated tube lamp prices fell 18.33%, flat lights, downlights (especially the ceiling) and spot lights and other high prices of LED Lamps fell more than 10%.

From the market segment, the third quarter and the second quarter showed the opposite trend. The largest decline is home products, a decrease of 14%, compared with the previous quarter expanded by 6 percentage points; commercial products decreased significantly from the previous quarter, from the previous quarter, about 2% to 8%; engineering products, light Category products fell more than the previous quarter, a decrease of about 8% (about 12% last quarter). It is noteworthy that the price stability of the lanterns and lighting prices, the quarter prices also fell sharply, the overall decline of more than 9%.

(2) brand lighting prices slow down

Brand lighting prices and white card lamps still maintain a more obvious spread. Take the bulb as an example, Philips, Panasonic, NVC, Op, Foshan, Aurora and other brands of various models of product prices, dealers at different levels in general price of 4 yuan W ~ 8.5 yuan W, And the emerging brands such as wood Linsen, fireflies, small ghosts and other brand products in general prices in the 3 yuan W ~ 4 yuan W, white and no-name LED lighting prices are basically lower than 3 yuan W.

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And the first half of the brand lamps vigorously lower prices in the second half of the major brands of manufacturers began to significantly reduce the price cut, the price stabilized. From the results of this survey, the comprehensive price reduction of the top few brands can be divided into three categories: First, the emerging LED brand, such as ground, the history of Ford, the higher average price advantage, Large; the second category is part of the high-end professional market lighting brand, its own positioning higher, under the impact of a substantial price decline, but also began to lay down the body to achieve a more substantial price reduction; the third category is the largest number of unknown brands and regional brands , The market average price of 4 yuan W the following, but the price range are more than 20%. In contrast, to Philips, NVC, Op and three male, Yaming, Foshan lighting, Kamei and other traditional lighting strong brand, the second half of the basic price stabilization, price reduction is very small. Long side, billion light and other “price attacker” lower price movements in the second half is also smaller.

In fact, after nearly two years of channel expansion and network layout, most of the lighting brand has been the initial layout of the completion of the continued price changes on the operation of the physical channel dealers caused some trouble. LED lighting prices and traditional lamps have been more close, in the past two years to promote, the general people have increased awareness of the brand, LED lighting manufacturers and dealers profits have declined. In the price down to a certain extent, the basic form of the channel network, the next test is the enterprise brand operations, cost control, quality, service and other comprehensive factors.

(3) three-line market prices fell sharply, single product price competitiveness show

At present, LED lighting market is in the growth period, all levels of consumption are growing rapidly. As the manufacturers channel layout reasons, three or four lines of LED lighting prices and a second-tier cities upside down, third-line market average price higher than the first line and second-tier market. CSAResearch and large lighting joint research data show that the average dealer channel, third-line LED lamps market average price of 7.29 yuan W or so, significantly higher than the first-line market of 6.82 yuan W and second-tier market 5.94 yuan W.

From the acceptance of each market point of view, the third-line market price acceptance is lower than the first-line market and second-tier market. To bulb, for example, the survey shows that the first line of the city’s highest sales for the pricing of 5 to 6 yuan W products, second-tier cities to accept a higher degree of 3 to 4 yuan W products, third- Sales of more than 3 yuan W the following price.

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