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discussion on the development and problems of led panel light

July 27, 2012, “LED flat-panel lamp performance requirements of technical specifications salon” in Shanghai Yaming Lighting Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Yaming”) successfully. Sharon was chaired by Professor Fang Zhirie of Fudan University, China Institute of lighting consultants Zhang Haicong, China Academy of Building Research Institute of Building Environment and Energy Research Associate Dean Zhao Jianping, Tongji University Professor Hao Luoxi, Guangdong Provincial Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center Director of the lighting room, Li Zili, Donghua University, Professor He Guoxing, Shanghai Semiconductor Lighting Engineering Technology Center, deputy director of the Yang Weiqiao, Shanghai Sans Electronic Engineering Co., Ltd. R & D manager Chen root, Shenzhen Green Semiconductor Lighting Co., Ltd. Marketing Manager Tian Chuanjun, Hangzhou Branch photoelectric limited The company’s director of high-tech, such as more than 20 guests attended the salon, and the development of LED flat-panel lamp status and problems, how to determine the performance of LED flat panel lamp, LED flat lamp competitive advantage and application prospects and other issues in depth .

Yaming Li Zhijun, general manager of the salon for the speech, the brief description of the situation of Yaming. He said that Yaming has a 90-year-old as an old enterprise, general lighting and automotive lighting is the focus of the lighting business segment. In 2011, Yaming in the lighting sales of about 20 billion yuan, of which LED accounts for about 15% to 20% of total sales. Hope this year’s overall business can have 10% growth. On the salon of the venue Yaming Lighting Application Center features Li Zhijun also conducted a brief introduction. He said that in May this year has just completed the Yaming Lighting Application Center, the investment of more than a billion in the future with the hope that this platform will be research, development, testing, evaluation of the combination of different lighting products here, different lighting methods Different lighting effects; study the best combination of lighting products and intelligent control system, realize the lighting function, improve the quality of lighting based on mining the largest energy-saving potential of lighting; natural light and artificial light the perfect application to achieve energy saving while creating comfortable Work environment; study the interaction of light and architecture, study the light on people’s psychological and physiological effects, through scientific experiments to really do some real things, for the development of standards provide valuable advice and guidance. The future also hope that with the industry’s peers to work together to promote China’s LED industry to the direction of healthy development.

National Semiconductor Lighting Engineering R & D and Industry Alliance Advisory Minister Wu Mingming at the meeting gave a presentation entitled “LED indoor lighting applications market trend” of the report, the development trend of domestic and international semiconductor lighting industry, China LED indoor lighting application market status, the future Outlook for a detailed analysis. She said, LED flat lamp production and application volume is still small, has not yet formed a more consistent product specifications. As the current LED flat light mainly for commercial applications to replace the T8 and other grille, domestic manufacturers tend to use more power chips to open up the market. According to her, in 2010 China’s LED flat lamp production of about 800,000, the overall market size of nearly 600 million yuan. The proportion of exports in all types of lamps in the lower, about 36.8%, production enterprises are mainly concentrated in Shanxi, Guangdong, Shanghai and other regions, the industry cluster effect.

China Academy of Building Research Building Environment and Energy Conservation Institute, said Zhao Jianping, vice president of the emergence of semiconductor lighting to bring us the lighting of the change and thinking, but also brought some confusion. Flat lamp production increased year by year, many domestic enterprises in the production, but why should the LED flat panel lights? Flat lamp used in the interior, as a function of lighting its role? What should lighting design lighting requirements? Lamps on the lighting design impact evaluation criteria which? These issues are worthy of the industry to think. He said that lighting designers in the election of the lamp, the most important consideration is to consider the light distribution curve, according to the light distribution curve assessment of whether the appropriate place for the lamps. However, LED flat panel lights, the lower the brightness of the LED surface, reducing glare, although to meet the architectural design requirements, but lost the advantages of LED light distribution, because it is almost only a light distribution, Some of its applications, lost the LED small, clever, spiritual characteristics. He said that flat light as a lighting products, we must closely integrate existing applications, give full play to their own performance advantages and characteristics, and architectural designers in close connection.

Shanghai Electric Lighting Inspection Co., Ltd. Dr. Li Weijun at the meeting to do the “LED flat-panel light market situation and problems,” the theme of the report, in-depth analysis of the status of LED flat-panel lights and problems. He said, LED flat-panel lamp because of its ultra-thin thickness, not only can provide lighting, and can add artistic beauty, the use of a unique patch LED as a light source, with light guide plate and diffusion plate, soft light is not dazzling, light Uniform, high brightness. General use in the office, showroom, family living room, luxury hotels, etc., can embellishment environment, creating a sense of technology and fashion sense. But he said, what is the flat light, the current definition is not clear, the market called the flat light, panel lights, flat lights, some people think that the flat light is flat shape lamp known as flat light, this also needs further Clear. At the same time, he pointed out that the production of flat-panel lamps, to avoid a single pursuit of “ultra-thin” should be based on different applications, the appearance of the lamp with aesthetics, comfort and other aesthetic effects and environmental coordination.

“LED flat-panel lamp current situation and development trend” in-depth analysis, he said, LED flat lamp main competitor for the grille (fluorescent light source, T5, T8), grille light (LED light source), office hanging line of class lighting, OLED panels. However, the price point of view, the price of LED flat-panel lamp is higher than the fluorescence, LED grille light, the whole with the hanging line class LED lighting prices close to 3-5 years, OLED flat panel drop ceiling troffer lamp prices much higher than LED flat panel lights. He said that the current flat-panel light way, including direct or side light, in the choice of time to pay attention to the aesthetic appearance and the actual energy efficiency of the balance of the main problems of the market LED flat lamp color temperature is too high, the color rendering index is too low . The future of the LED flat panel lights must be integrated with the building design, in line with bionics design lighting design, focusing on the diversity of lighting design, the new ultra-thin light guide material, combined with indoor architectural lighting shape, improve LED flat lamp price.

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National Semiconductor Lighting Joint Innovation Key Laboratory of Dr. Yuan Changan on the “LED flat panel lamp with performance requirements” in the scope of application, definition, classification, luminous flux, power, color and other content were introduced, and specific projects such as : Brightness uniformity, glare, driven external to the participating experts to conduct a specific discussion.

Shanghai Institute of lighting consultants Zhang Haicong at the conference, said, LED flat lamp as a new type of product, there must be room for its survival. Specific technical specifications should be how to set, should pay attention to size specifications, light distribution curve, the efficiency of the provisions that meet the needs and can be combined with the building. He said that the light distribution is now a single plate, you can try more. For example, the superposition of the combination of lamps, the two flat light arrayed together, one up one down to achieve indirect lighting, the effect of light will be much better.

Tonglai University professor Hao Luoxi also said that LED lighting is now in a time of change, LED development process is a process of exploration, this process will continue to tap the potential of LED out. For LED flat-panel lamp, the definition must be clear, in the end what kind of product is flat-panel lights, in addition to the best with the building and office environment for a good combination to achieve adjustable color temperature lamps.

The participants also discussed the definition, classification, performance index, power, color, chroma, maintenance of luminous flux and power factor in the technical requirements of LED flat panel lamp. And put forward their own views and opinions.

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