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COB light source broad prospects for manufacturers to compete

In general, commercial places for lighting products, refers to the illumination, color temperature, light efficiency and so have a higher demand, because high-quality lighting effects can enhance the quality of goods and can stimulate the desire of consumers to buy. LED lighting, especially the rise of COB light source, the lighting applications in the commercial field quickly channeling, as the window of the dominant light source.

Compared with ordinary LED light source, one COB light source can solve the problem of light spot uniform, and effective secondary optical matching, more suitable for commercial places focus on lighting application requirements; Second, COB light source of the thermal performance advantages are obvious to meet the commercial premises long Time lighting requirements; Third, COB light source can change the light area and size, to meet the commercial places on the diversification of lighting products, personalized appearance needs.

Therefore, the past two years COB has become the LED packaging business battleground, the international manufacturers are more attempt to high-quality high-efficiency COB products opened with the gap between domestic enterprises, to seize the large share of the market. The domestic flip-chip technology leader Crystal Electronics application mature flip-chip gold-plated packaging technology developed COB light source products, with high reliability, low thermal resistance, high current use, light color uniform and other technical advantages to the business The field to bring unprecedented light quality to enjoy, highly competitive market.

It is understood that Crystal Branch has been launched in the previous two years COB products, but only used in commercial lighting, hotel lighting and other conventional projection lamp products, and this year will launch a small luminous surface, large luminous flux output of the series, which the main push 5050 and 7070, specifically in the small power that is less than 12W COB products will take two directions. 5050 and 7070 these two products are mainly aimed at domestic customers; small luminous surface, high luminous flux products are exported to the market lighting projects, and more concentrated in the North American market.

Although the product has just launched the market soon, but the market response is more enthusiastic, Jingke Electronics Director Wei Wei can reveal that the current COB line to 5KK month capacity, after all, small power and high power production capacity difference.

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In addition, its customer feedback is also better, the feedback point is mainly concentrated in two aspects: First, compared with the traditional light source, can achieve a smaller volume; the second is used to replace metal halide lamps, halogen lamps and other light sources, There will be a clear advantage.

In fact, in the early stage of research and development, Jingke Electronics also encountered some difficult problems, “because the COB is used in the spotlight, the need to solve the optical angle, reflective cups and other supporting problems, in order to achieve better lighting effects in this area The development of the time spent more. “District Wei can say frankly.

He added, because the customer in the application of the traditional metal halide lamp light color, LED imitation of light color lighting effects and metal halide lamp there is a certain difference, the future will focus on the quality of light, light color Aspects to enhance, with customers to do product optimization, will do some customized products. Because the application of products with particularity, and the user for the beam, light color preferences are different in the product will have different requirements. At the same time Jingke also focus on close contact with customers, through customer feedback to further improve the product, to meet market and user needs.

LED into the field of lighting, bulb, flat lamp, lamp and other general-purpose products have come to the relatively mature stage of technology, but COB is still increasing the proportion of the application stage, its market growth in the next two years There is a clear increase. “With the small and medium-power LED is significantly different, LED will go to standardization, and COB on the contrary, will be to the custom, personalized market, the overall market will gradually increase.” District Wei can COB products for the future prospects Optimistic.

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